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Celebrating More Faerie Fun From Michelle L. Levigne

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of  SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE , the third book in Michelle Levigne's magical romantic comedy fantasy series All's Fae In Love And Chocolate.

A story addict since an early exposure to Dr. Seuss, award-winning author of over 30 novels and novellas, Michelle Levigne has been creating her own stories, heroes and adventures since junior high. She ventures into many sub-genres of science fiction, paranormal, romance and fantasy, including Greek mythology, Narnia spin-offs and her futuristic universe, the Commonwealth.

Michelle writes something for everyone! After all, since she likes to read all over the board, why not WRITE all over the board?



All's Fae In Love And Chocolate Book Three

Sophie's doctoral thesis stated magic was a psychosomatic phenomenon. Few took her seriously...she had a family reputation for strangeness and pointed ears to live down. In her research, she ran into Kevyn at a science fiction convention. When strange things happened, she slowly realized that she wasn't going insane...magic was real.

Kevyn was a Fae trying to avoid family traditions. He lived on the run in the Human realms, making his living as a day actor, staying under the radar. On an acting gig at a convention, he met up with Sophie and realized that she could not only see through his magic, she had magic. When Hunters showed up to drag Kevyn home and make him become an Advocate, he let Sophie capture him and take him home for research, thereby rescuing him from a fate worse than death...respectability and responsibility. Somewhere along the way, the lines between researcher and lab rat became blurred, then switched places, and the two of them discovered a magic of their own, and rescued each other.


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  1. HAPPY RELEASE DAY Michelle!!!

    Love your All's Fae In Love And Chocolate Series and so excited to see your next release available. - I mean Romance, Magic and Chocolate - how could you go wrong?

    For those not familiar with your series, can you tell us a bit about this world of yours and how this books fit together?

    This is book three in the series - up next is your forth all new story. When is that one coming out and will that one be the last in the series?

    Have fun today with your party and thanks so much for being so generous to send EVERYONE who stops by today and leaves their email a faerie bear and some goodies! You're the best!

    Hope the new release is your biggest seller yet!

  2. Michelle is one of my favorite authors and All's Fae in Love and Chocolate is one of my favorite of her series. It's a perfect blend of romance, fantasy and humor--with chocolate!

  3. Congratulations on your newest release!

    What inspired you for this particular book/series? Something you saw or heard?


  4. Happy Release Day !! love this new series :)

  5. Hi, everybody!

    Thanks for visiting.

    The "series" started when I read a call for submissions for a publisher who shall remain nameless because they're no longer in business. I honestly can't remember WHAT the requirements were for the story, but what I ended up with was a Fae who was a daycare teacher, with malfunctioning mgic -- and matched her with an exterminator who was under a curse put on the men of his family line centuries ago, by a Fae who was seriously ticked at his ancestor.

    Why an exterminator? Well, I decided that Glori's malfunctioning magic would invite bugs and other vermin into her daycare, instead of keeping them out. That led to needing the hero to be an exterminator -- and then I decided the perfect curse would make him something he exterminated. I originally started with making him a human-sized cockroach, but my editor who originally published the Fae stories said that would be a turnoff. She was right!

    So I made Lance turn into a mouse at the dark of the moon -- a cute, Disney-esque mouse. And of course, that irritated him even further, because he would have preferred to be something that would get a little respect, or at least some fear. Like a big, ugly rat.

    And of course, the only way to break the curse was the kiss of a Faerie princess. Unfortunately for Lance, there were no more hereditary royalty among the Fae.

    And in the original story, "Day and Knight" (their names were Glori Day and Lance Knight) Glori and Lance had to work together to solve each other's problems.

    When I offered the short story to another publisher, I started brainstorming more stories featuring Fae living among Humans, malfunctioning magic, and problems that would be slightly silly. In "Smoke and Mirrors," the hero is facing a magic-less life, and hides in Las Vegas, where weirdness won't be noticed at all. He needs to get a job to support himself, and ends up working for a magician, who is half Fae and hiding from her snob relatives. They solve each other's problems, of course.

    In THIS story, "She Blinded Me with Science," Kevyn doesn't want to be an Advocate (lawyer) and hides at a SF convention, doing day actor work. Until he meets Sophie. Who has some magic-related problems of her own, and doesn't even realize it.

    I just have a lot of fun playing with the idea of malfunctioning magic, overblow bureaucracy, strange names, and general silliness -- I mean, it has to be silly, among people who use magic and who use dark chocolate as medicine, and get drunk on diet cherry cola!

  6. I am not familiar with your series but am glad I found this site from a posting on facebook. The series is right up my alley and I look forward to reading the books!

    How long have you been writing? How many books overall have you written?

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    books4me67 at

  7. Your series is new to me .I cant wait to read it it sounds great I love paranormals its my addiction I read one everyday :) .I cant wait to get my hands on this serise .Have a great weekend

  8. Welcome, Wendy and Wanda -- always glad to meet new friends!

    It feels like I've been writing "forever."

    I started writing seriously, hoping for publication, in high school. In college, I started writing fan fiction -- Trek, Highlander, The Phoenix, Beauty and the Beast, Starman, Stargate. I have over 40 stories published in fan magazines, and even published a fan magazine with a friend for a few years.

    My first professional sale came in 1990 with the Writers of the Future Contest. My short story, "Relay," is in Volume VII.

    After that, it was another 10 years before my first book contract. "Heir of Faxinor," which is at the third house to publish it, is still in print, 11 years later.

    I'm heading toward 50 novels and short stories that have been published, and most of them are still available -- all electronically, with some publishers offering paper print editions as well.

    My biggest series is The Commonwealth -- a sprawling SF universe with a huge history, and books scattered through that history, and more coming.

    The All's Fae stories sort of overlap with a new fantasy series I've started at Uncial Press -- -- called Neighborlee, Ohio. It's a funky little town that's a combination of Roswell, Eureka, and Buffy's Sunnyvale -- but without the vampires or weird science.

    Besides the 4 All's Fae in Love and Chocolate stories (the 4th story will be released September 15) I have 2 books where Fae also show up. "Divine's Emporium" came out in November last year, and "Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas" was released in December. Both deal with a shop called Divine's Emporium, where magic happens, and a Fae named Maurice gets exiled there for 2 years, with shrunken magic and body, and wings stuck on his back, until he learns some moderation, as well as sensitivity. Maurice and Angela, the proprietor of Divine's, help various couples with their lovelorn problems. And Maurice falls in love as well.

  9. HI Michelle. Congrats on the book. I love the title. Do you get to pick your titles?debby236 at gmail dot com

  10. Congrats on your new release! I am sorry to say I have not read any of this series but I will have to start looking for it because I just love the titles of these books. Thanks for sharing.


  11. I too haven't read this series. Do the books have to be read in order?

    1_trouble AT msn DOT com

  12. Congrats on the new release, Michelle. Is there any genre that you haven't tried your hand at and would love to someday?

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  13. Okay, I'm going to try to answer the last few questions. Forgive me if I skip any -- unintential!

    Yes, I pick my own titles, and my publishers let me keep them. The only time a title was changed from the working title was when a book was re-released. "The Dark One," originally published by LTD Books, was picked up by Amber Quill when LTD closed down, and re-released as "The Dreamer's Loom." And that was partly my idea, since I made some changes/rewrote the beginning.

    You don't have to read the All's Fae stories in any particular order -- at least, until you get to the 4th, new story, because people you meet in the previous 3 show up in the 4th story.

    Also, since the stories tie into "Divine's Emporium" and "Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas," I would recommend reading those, so you meet some characters there, first -- but again, you DON'T HAVE TO. It's just more fun to be in on the jokes.

    As for other genres ... well, I'm trying to get a women's fiction/suspense series going. I have to find a publisher, or at least an agent willing to handle it. The series, "Quarry Hall," ties into my Tabor Heights series, which is inspirational romance.

    I think I can safely say that any genre I want to write in, I am already. SF, fantasy, YA, romance, historical, women's fiction.

    I have a 20-book series that I rough drafted years ago -- more than 15 years ago now -- and I keep playing with the idea of taking them out, polishing them, and maybe releasing one every 3 months on Amazon ..... but that would still be 5 years before they're all out. And that's a LOT of work. Still hoping to find a publisher to pick up the books and take care of all the formatting and cover art and marketing for me.

    I go between calling the series "The Rehdonayan," for the world the stories start on, or "Wildvine County," for the mythical county in our world where a lot of the exiles from Rehdona come to live. It covers many generations. These books are so old, when I wrote them, there were no cell phones, very little Internet communication, and 2000 was in the future!

    But someday .........

  14. Ooh, what a fun series, Michelle! Thanks for celebrating with us! You've been writing a while, which is terrific for those of us who appreciate a healthy backlist ;) How you feel the industry has changed for writers since e-books are so much more prevalent now? Is it easier/harder/the same to get published? Would you define your success as a writer any differently now?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  15. Hi Michelle :)
    Congrats on the release of She Blinded Me With Science.
    I LOVE your All's Fae With Love And Chocolate series. So when is the next All's Fae book coming out and who are the hero and heroine?

    Mindy :)

  16. It's getting late -- for me, anyway -- and it's been a long day online, editing, some other writing chores.

    The Indians are playing the Twins and I'm going to sign off. For a few hours, anyway.

    I'll get online tomorrow, harvest the email addresses of everyone who participated, and pick a winner for the T-shirt.

    If you're getting on here after I sign off, leave questions and comments anyway, and I'll try to respond to them tomorrow.

    If you left a comment AND your email address, and you don't hear from me by tomorrow evening, asking for your postal address, contact me through my web site:

    THANKS, everybody who participated in the Cyber Launch today.
    I hope you learned something and had some fun!

  17. Hi, Michelle!!

    What's your favorite chocolate?

    Good luck with the new release!!


  18. That's weird -- Mindy's comment didn't show up until after I posted my "farewell."

    The next All's Fae story is "Death by Chocolate," and comes out September 15.

    Kevyn and Sophie make a guest appearance, along with Kevyn's buddy Guber, who is the hero, and Epsibellah, who makes a guest appearance in "Have Yourself a Faerie Little Christmas."

    Basically -- the new Fae queen is dead from eating poisoned chocolate. The search for who poisoned her and how, and some political shenanigans bring Guber and Epsi together, to save each other's life. And have some silliness with super-soakers loaded with fake chocolate, and some industrial espionage. Sorta-kinda!