Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebrating Two New Menage Releases For Cheryl Dragon

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating two new menage releases for Cheryl Dragon -THREE-WAY GAMES, a hot menage short, and RED HOT PARTY a new book in  Cheryl Dragon's Lucky Springs Series with Resplendence Publishing!


RED HOT PARTY by Cheryl Dragon

Book 3 In The Lucky Springs Series

Being secretly in love with your brother’s boyfriend's sister is problematic enough…but when Hamilton Meriwether is caught at a sex party by that same beautiful woman, he's got some explaining to do.

Lolly Martinez grew up sheltered, but being an EMT and working with the brave firemen of Lucky Springs gets her away from her overprotective family. Wanting Ham was nothing new, but suddenly, she has a chance to act on all her fantasies with him and a couple other volunteers Lolly thought were just friends who haunted her naughty dreams. The three hot firemen want her body tied to the fire pole and a lot more. But deep feelings and family pressure complicate the fun for the quad. Risking their lives for each other has always been part of the jobs, but now it's their hearts on the line and that might be the most dangerous situation of all.


THREE-WAY GAMES by Cheryl Dragon

An Erotic Gems Short Story


When the lights go out secrets are uncovered. Steph has a phobia about the dark and runs across the hall into the arms of her gay best friends.

This sexy pair of gamers have backup power and her naked form programmed into their latest video creation on a huge TV screen. Their secret lust for her revealed, the passionate exploration heats up.

Safe in the dark with her men, Steph doesn't care if the lights ever come back on!


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  1. Good morning Cheryl and super congrats on the new menage releases!

    RED HOT PARTY just released and sounds "RED HOT" indeed! Loved the excerpt, what a great intro to the characters.

    For those not familiar with your Lucky Springs Series, tell us a bit about it and how the books fit together. Do they need to be read in order?

    And tell us about THREE-WAY GAMES - loved the excerpt - sounds like a great quickie! Where did the idea for it come from?

    Enjoy your party and I hope your new releases are both best sellers for you!

  2. Hey Everyone!!

    Thanks for stopping by:)

    I work during the day so I'll pop by after work and answer questions!!

    Lucky Springs is a town in the middle of Lousiana. It started with a party and neighbors. Yes, a sex party. Lucky Springs is far from a big city where people could go to a toy shop or swingers club. So the parties help couples (trios, quads etc) keep things interesting.

    The Lucky Spring series is about menage + or poly. 4 or 5 people (depending on the book).

    Book 1 included Ham but we always knew he needed his own group. You really don't have to read the books in order--but it might make the experience more fun to see the relationships grow.

    They can stand alone, but you'll find the characters overlapping. Cassie, the heroine in book 1, shows up in book 2 & 3. So hopefully you'll want to check out their stories as well:)

    The Lucky Springs series is just getting started. There's one more coming in 2011 and more in 2012 so if you haven't stopped by, or if you're a frequent visitor...

    Welcome to Lucky Springs!!!


  3. congrats on your new releases!! i really love the lucky springs series and im so happy you have more coming out :)

  4. Cheryl, as you know, I just LOVE your books! I can hardly wait for Moonlight & Mustangs!!!! And more from Lucky Springs? *girly squee*

    My question is this: Where do you get your inspirations from? Not just your M/F menage, but your MMM as well.

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  5. I have waited for Ham's glad it is out...i knew it was the lil sister keeping him at the station from the it!

    so how many more do you plan in the The Lucky Springs Series?

    Congrats on new releases

  6. sounds like some good stories... can't wait to read them!

  7. Goodness, Cheryl! Happy congrats on your newest releases--can't wait to pick them up! And LOL, could you write not hot if you tried? ;) Thanks for the fun and the celebrating with us! Yippee!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  8. Congrats Cheryl! The Lucky Springs series is intriguing. Since you mention having a day job, when do you find time to write? What was the last book that you read and enjoyed?
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  9. Hi Cheryl!
    I love your books! Can't wait to get started on another!

    How old were you when you started writing

  10. Congrats Cheryl on the new releases.You are one busy lady.

    You write so many didn't types of books.Is there one type/genre you haven't written yet but might like to try one day?

  11. Wow...both books sound so good. Hard to decide which to start with. Congrats on the 2 new releases.
    Was it hard to first tell people that you wrote erotic romance? (Family, friends)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  12. Wow, you write some any good books. You must have some sort of special formula to get them done and so wonderfully. Care to share?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  13. Are you going to revisit any of the short stories and turn them into novel length?


    I will never look at an EMT or Fireman the same way again.

    They all look amazing!


  15. Hi again...

    sorry I'm so late! i went from work to the hospital. my grandfather had been in a rehab unit and apparently developed a touch of phneumonia (sp??). so he's on antibiotics and admitted.

    and i'm back. yikes, what a day!!

    okay, so now to your questions while i have a questionable dinner of cookies:)


  16. Thanks for all your nice comments:) I love Lucky Springs too!!!!

    to answer the question, how many more will there be??

    right now there are 5 more in the system. doesn't mean it'll end there.

    December is the next one:)


  17. What's my inspiration??

    do i need it:) with men like that...I just wish they were real...

    menage is one of those things, you get or you don't. i tried a few stand alones and they worked great. but series are more fun!

    lucky springs characters inspire me to make the town singles find their group.

    mmm...i've only done one. that is a lot of male energy!

    the characters are what inspires me. my september release has a quirky heroine who just screamed menage! it turned into a series of its own so there will be no shortage of menage + from me;)

  18. Time to write??

    evenings, weekends....i type fast and zone out everything else. when i'm going good, i can write 1500 words/hour.

    now that means a lot of editing later on because i don't go back and tinker.

    Is there a formula to writing fast??

    the only formula i have is i work out my basic plot points before hand. i outline a book or two ahead (so i'm not outlining and then writing the same book and it feels boring). i outline by chapter, whose pov am i in for that scene, what changes/what is accomplished. do that for the book and when i go to write it, i don't need to figure out the scene. i have a roadmap.

    does the map change?? sure! if something isn't working i adapt. but this works 90% of the time.

  19. Read??

    i wish i had more time to read. working full time and writing so much doesn't leave the time.

    when i travel, i read on the planes etc. lots of waiting.

    with grandpa in the hospital i might get one read this weekend!

    i think the last one i read was a tattoo shop mystery...i don't read what i write when i'm writing. i don't want to feel influenced by another author in the same genre.

  20. how old was i when i started writing??

    hmm, i've always been writing sort of. making up stories and in school.

    but writing to publish came after college. i got a degree, got a real job, and hated it! i still hate it;)

    but i knew i couldn't stop writing. it was always a cute hobby but my family thought i should be more career focused.

    so i've been writing as a 'hobby' lol for a long time.

    as far as telling my family and friends i write erotic romance??

    i've told my good friends and they know me. they aren't really shocked and some of them read my stuff:)

    my family, doesn't know. they aren't literary types (i'm the black sheep or quirky niece). so they aren't that interested. makes it easy to long as i have the day job.

    if i tried to write full time, then i'd have some explaining to do:O)

  21. new genre??

    i've tinkered in many. i think my niche for erotic romance is menage and light bdsm.

    i'd love to do more regency set erotic romance but my voice is a bit modern and it takes a lot of effort to get in the jane austen tempo. maybe if i wrote full time but i'm booked up for now!!

  22. turning shorts into a longer books??

    shorts like the 5k? those really don't have the plot to do that. at least for mine. some writers have a very hard time doing them because they can't develop and deliver a story so tight.

    when i was asked to do one, i thoughts thru the plots carefully and pitched them to my editor. i did the menage first and i have two light bdsm scheduled for later in the year. but a couple ideas i had would clearly run too long and not fit.

    could you take those characters and build a complex around them?? sure, but some my short which is about friends who are afraid to cross that line....that's not a big big story. at most it could be a novella. the video game adds some heat and breaks the you advance the romance/sex thru the intense plot points.

    to me they are a good way for readers to try a new author for under $1 and if you like my style, my writing style is the same overall and you can feel better about buying a novella length.

    that's why i'm doing shorts in the genres i write novellas in. menage and light bdsm is what i offer in longer stuff.

    so that's the thought process on the short shorts.

    but if i was writing a short and it was too big, went in bigger directions....then it can always be a short story or a novella:0

  23. thanks again everyone!! i will check back in the morning if anyone else chimed in or has follow ups.

    normally i'm a lot better at replies and being on after work!

    have a great night. thanks for stopping by!!

  24. HI Cheryl,
    Congratulations on the new release. I'm always so excited when you have a new book out.

    How do you find the time to write so much? It seems like you have so many books out and there's a new one coming out all the time...which is great for me. lol