Friday, December 27, 2013

Celebrating A New Release In Fantasia Virtuoso's The Hidden Series

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the Horny Devil Publishing release of DARK SHADOW, book two in Fantasia Virtuoso's dark and sexy world of The Hidden.

DARK SHADOW by Fantasia Virtuoso

The Hidden Book Two

She never planned on dying at eighteen, much less awakening to live in the world as a creature of the night. Still, Noel doesn’t complain. She embraces who she’s become, even through the dark loneliness she feels at times.

Have you ever have dreams so alluring you couldn’t get them out of your mind?

Jett knows they're only dreams, but they feel real to the point that he closes his eyes during the day just to embrace them again. No matter the danger to his soul if such a beautiful nightmare does exist. It goes by the sweet name Noel.


Fantasia Virtuoso is the result of the collaboration of penned authors who work together to create the world of The Hidden. An erotic paranormal series set in Memphis, TN.

As part of the Bible Belt, and just a few hours away from the Protestant Vatican, Memphis is home to more than 2,000 churches. With all major religious beliefs and denominations being well represented  in the city itself (including Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims), a faction of Vampires can virtually go unnoticed.


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Monday, December 23, 2013

Celebrating Some Evernight Publishing Releases

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Evernight Publishing and some of its latest releases! 
The Year of Stars, 1
Hatori’s life changed forever when he discovered that his real father was a lycan, as his frequent illnesses suddenly made sense. After achieving his first shift into wolf form, he hoped the last remaining clan of lycans could offer him some relief after a lifetime of suffering.
Yet nothing goes as planned when he travels east to meet with this clan. Since his first full shift, Hatori’s sensitivity to—and craving for—vampire blood has been a great burden. Surrounded by very tempting vampires and confused by what the lycans have to tell him, Hatori doesn’t know what his next move should be. But when one of the vampires tastes Hatori’s blood, it becomes obvious the fates wanted Hatori to travel east for a very different reason.
Shades of Love, 2
Part-time firefighter and full-time rancher Seth Coulter will do anything to save the family ranch. He applies to take part in a TV reality show featuring emergency service personnel in the hopes of winning the grand prize.
TV producer Maya Franklin is so jaded by years of living in LA that she can't quite believe Seth is as decent as he seems during his audition, so she rejects his application. The insane sexual chemistry between them leads her to his hotel room that night but a call from the studio, telling her they want Seth for the show, forces her to leave before anything can happen.
Seth and Maya are reunited on location and, this time, she's his boss. Despite her intention to keep him at arm's length, she underestimates Seth's determination to get what he wants, and what he wants is her!
Ivy’s revenge on the people behind her family’s downward spiral is simple and it’s working. There’s no need to long for help from the wealthy business owners who turned their backs on her father. Ivy may be worn out, but she’s finding herself again after joining the local BDSM club.
 Seth has it all. He has homes around the world and the little red speedster he dreamed of as a little boy, but none of the things he can buy satisfy him, not the socialites hanging on his arm or the submissives falling at his feet. Then, he hires Ivy to plan his next event.
Seth and Ivy enjoy each other’s company in and out of the planning stages for Seth’s charity event. Their playful bets lead them to a first date. When their secret kinks are revealed, the pair fall deep, but it’s not meant to last. Past hurts come back to haunt Ivy. Now, it’s time for Seth to use all he’s learned, regardless if he can win back the girl.
Alien Experiment, 2
Grath and his twin brother, Zlade, have tackled many obstacles to obtain passage to Earth to find their mate. When they finally arrive, they don't find one man but identical twins. With the same tempting blood, they know they must keep both.
James and Adam are at the end of their rope when they discover an alien craft deep in the woods outside their camping ground. When they're abducted by two of the sexiest men they've ever seen, they aren't sure what to expect. The offer presented to them is tempting, especially when the alien men try to prove themselves through sexual favors. Should they be afraid or aroused?
Can the foursome learn to love each other or is a potential relationship destined for failure?

The Fighters of Absinthe, 2
There's fighting, and then there's bare-knuckle, hold nothing back fighting...
Sunny McGrieve has lived around fighters her whole life. With her dad training ruthless men who excel in MMA and fight in the underground circuit, she is no stranger to violence. But her father has warned her about that breed of male, and that means the man she wants, London Stein, is out of the question.
London enjoys women like he does his fights: hard and fast, and with no regrets. Then there is Sunny, the girl he wants but can't have. When he finally has her, London knows that he has no intention of letting her go. But her dad and Mack, the big Russian that sees her as a little sister, aren't his only problem, not when he has been challenged by a no rules fighter, "The Lion".
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrating Veronica Tower's Release Day

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Veronica Tower's release day!!

 NEW YEAR'S WISH by Veronica Tower

As the year comes to a close, Mary has taken stock of her life—and she doesn’t like what she sees. She’s too shy, too complacent, and she’s done letting life pass her by. Ready to make a new start, Mary attends her friend’s New Year’s Eve party, determined to grab some fun, embrace her sexy and usher in the New Year properly.

Handsome and flirty, Reid seems like the perfect man to aid in Mary’s reinvention. Every touch, every kiss, encourages her to toss aside her shy reservations and embrace the woman she wants to be. As the heady mix of alcohol, Reid’s delicious mouth and the holiday spirit strip away Mary’s insecurities, she’s sure of just one thing—there’s no way she’s going to be satisfied with just a kiss to ring in the New Year.


Veronica Tower was married to her high school sweetheart for five deliriously happy years and ten far less wonderful ones. Now she is taking the time to make up for lost opportunities. In addition to returning to school to pursue a degree in psychology, Veronica has committed herself to fully exploring her fantasies, both in writing and in person…


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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrating Flossie Benton Rogers' Magical New Wytchfae Release

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a new release in Flossie Benton Rogers' magical and sexy Wytchfae Series with Secret Cravings Publishing!

MIND YOUR GODDESS by Flossie Benton Rogers

Wytchfae 3

Razzle dazzle -- cool jazz and hot kisses

The Goddess Epona is breathless over a lover’s tryst with Eshigel, the dark Guardian of the Between. Before she can meet him, she must hear the pleas of her Dark of the Moon supplicants. Strange requests originate from a captive little girl and a succubus seeking revenge. Then, Epona is attacked and abducted.

Epona awakens stranded in the human realm in the Roaring 20’s. With her powers nullified, she assumes the guise of a flapper in a speakeasy. Knowing the little girl is nearby, Epona seeks to save her.

Eshigel rushes to find his missing Goddess. To gain information he undergoes a dangerous rite involving a half woman and half serpent Lamia. After locating Epona, he vows to protect his flapper Goddess from the demons set on her destruction. Can a Goddess and her dark Guardian overcome misfortune and reclaim their love?


Flossie Benton Rogers is the author of the paranormal dark fantasy romance Wytchfae series from Secret Cravings Publishing. A fifth generation Floridian, she is a former teacher and library director who enjoys spending time with family, including two Snickerdoodles ages 6 and 4. Her writing buddy is her 14-year-old Basset hound, Daisy Josette. She began writing fairy tales as a child and is grateful for the opportunity to again pursue her passion by writing about faeries, demons, angels, goddesses, witches, dark guardians, ghosts and other magical beings. Wytchfae – Runes, Guardian of the Deep, and Mind Your Goddess are the first three novels in the Wytchfae series, to be followed by: Time Singer, Lord of Fire, Demoness Dreams, and Soul Weaver.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Celebrating Missy Martine's New Wind River Pack Menage

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a new release in Missy Martine's sexy shifter ménage 12 part series!


The Wind River Pack 2 

New York Officer Katherine "Kati" Mathews took a bullet in the line of duty and is now hiding out in a small town in Tennessee to recover. The head of a drug cartel wants her dead for killing his son and he has planted a spy in the area watching over her.

Synia Wind River and Kinnith Kowana were adopted into the Wind River Pack when they were young boys. Despite the fact one of them is a wolf, and one a falcon, they’re mates. When their alpha asks them to protect Kati, as a favor to a friend, they’re shocked, and pleased to discover she’s also their mate.

Things are going smoothly until Kati’s brother is kidnapped to lure her out. Will she discover out who she can trust before it’s too late to save his life?

This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 19th.


Missy Martine is an erotic novelist who began her new career late in life, after she had retired from nursing. She's written contemporary ménage, paranormal erotic romance and is the author of the Wolfen Heritage books, a trilogy of wolf shapeshifter romantic thrillers.


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Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrating Tim Smith's New Christmas Romance

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating bestselling author Tim Smith's new Christmas romance with eXtasy Books.


Two lonely souls get a chance to make their Christmas wish come true.

When Tom Harris won back his freedom after a bitter divorce, he looked forward to getting a fresh start in life. What he didn’t realize was that his former wife had taken their mutual friends as part of the settlement.

He feared that he’d be alone forever until he met Jessica Mays, who was recovering from the loss of her one true love.

Can these two broken souls find some common ground to make a relationship work? Will Tom discover that there really is life after divorce?


Tim Smith is an award-winning bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He is also a freelance photographer. When he isn’t pursuing those two careers, he can be found in the Florida Keys, indulging in his passion for parasailing between research and seeking out the perfect Mojito.


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Celebrating Kate Richards' New 1Night Stand Christmas Menage

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a new 1Night Stand Christmas romance from Kate Richards!


1Night Stand Series

 Lauren is in trouble. Only the adoption agency lady knows the heartbreaking decision she’s making. But every baby deserves a father and Lauren’s ex isn’t stepping up to the plate. Without a dad for her child, Lauren doesn’t feel she can give her baby what he or she deserves. When her mother sends her to the Castillo resort in Castle, Alaska to help with a holiday celebration, Lauren jumps at the chance to forget her worries.

Jorell’s career is soaring. In charge of development for the Castillo Resorts Caribbean region, the only thing on his mind is pursuing a vice presidency. Not romance. But a forced transfer to the frozen north throws him—and his prospects off-kilter.

Zachary lives near Castle, Alaska, but the fishing guide has had little success finding a social life and fears his interest in both men and women may be too wild for the wilderness.

Two men and one pregnant woman…in charge of the holiday activities at the Christmas Extravaganza at Castle Lodge. Friendship and intense attraction blooms between them. But Madame Eve has her work cut out for her…will Jorell and Zach provide enough reasons for Lauren to change her mind?


Kate Richards is a SoCal dweller with a beach-loving family. She spends as much time as she can in the Pacific waves, but when surf’s not up she enjoys writing, reading, and growing vegetables in her garden.

Writing erotic romance is a dream come true. Kate’s first release, Finally, My Love, was a loose, very loose, adaptation of when she met her beloved husband online nine years ago. Since then she has sold several other books, but Finally will always be close to her heart.


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrating A Sexy Christmas Story For Anne Kane

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Anne Kane's latest release with Changeling Press.


Red Velvet Christmas

When Leonardo Delgado fell in love with a woman who was already engaged, he resigned himself to loving her from afar. But when her fiancé ran off with another woman, he knew exactly what he wanted to make his Christmas merry!

Amanda-Lyn doesn't believe in love anymore. She takes a job as an elf at the local mall, and starts to rebuild her life. A nice one-night stand without all that romantic nonsense is all she wants this holiday season. It might have worked, too, except for her sinfully handsome boss and a jolly old matchmaking man in a red suit and cap.

Anne Kane is a gorgeous supermodel who writes romance in her spare time while jetting around Europe with a string of boytoys in tow.

Hmmm… no one is going to believe that. How about this? Anne is an undercover agent for a super secret government agency, and when not saving the world for democracy and all the good people, she writes romance one-handed on a special mini computer designed just for her by a mad scientist.

Yeah, that sounds way better. So, ignore the people who tell you she’s just an ordinary person with an extraordinary imagination. They’re just jealous because she gets to play with James Bond and vacation in exotic locations.

Honestly! When she's not busy saving the world or writing the next great novel, she likes to kayak, hike, ride motorcycles, swim, skate, practice karate, play her guitar, sing, and of course, read.


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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Celebrating Shane Filer's Debut Novel

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Shane Filer's debut novel, EXIT.

EXIT by Shane Filer

When your mind is your best friend, and your own worst enemy...

"Did you know I spent the whole of my fifteenth year in my room?"

Briar’s impromptu, mid-afternoon confession stirs up distant memories of the lonely time she spent trapped in her home; suffering agoraphobia — fear of open spaces.

Now it’s six years later.

She’s free, but the year's isolation has left serious personality disorders; disorders which will resurface as she relates her own story, and that of those in her orbit; Melodie, a pretty valley girl who Briar desires to be, Justine, her oldest friend, who has her own dark secret, and Dermot, a man who thinks he's the reincarnation of Robin Hood — stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Slowly Dermot begins to draw Briar into his ever-so-exciting world, but who is leading whom on their slow descent into crime? Duel periods of Briar’s life intertwine like a rope around her neck as her lost year begins to overtake the present. It leads her to the answer to one very simple question:

“Is it what I always feared — am I losing my mind?”


Shane Filer writes novels and comics. He lives in New Zealand with a very old Tonkinese cat. He likes oranges, orange juice, and orange furniture — in fact even the color orange. Why? Well, because it's the best color, of course.

While he believes that being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be, he still enjoys ruining his appetite before dinner, and staying up past his bed time.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Celebrating Declan Sands' New A Hoale Construction Mystery Release

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a new A Hoale Construction Mystery for Declan Sands.

OH! HOALEY NIGHT! by Declan Sands

A Hoale Construction Mystery - Building Romance, One Flip at a Time...

Sometimes going home is clarifying. Sometimes it's just plain deadly!

Adam travels to Candlelight, Indiana to visit his parents for Christmas. When he arrives he discovers somebody has killed a man and dumped him in the manger of the living crèche at the local church. Unfortunately, all signs lead back to Adam’s father as the murderer.

A Sheriff with a grudge and a small town more interested in gossip than reality, convince Adam that it will be up to him and the gang to clear his father’s name.

Other books in the series:

A Hoale Lot of Trouble
Hoaley Ill-Manored
Hoaley Inexplicable


Declan Sands writes romantic paranormal/fantasy and mystery/suspense, creating stories that celebrate the joy of love in all its forms. Known for writing great characters, snappy dialogue, and unique and exhilarating stories, Declan has been writing for over a decade under several noms de plume.


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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celebrating Erin McCarthy's New Fast Track Release With Berkley

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we are celebrating  Erin McCarthy's release day for FULL THROTTLE - a new release in her ongoing Fast Track Series!!

FULL THROTTLE by Erin McCarthy

Fast Track #7

Easing into the turns…

As one of only two girls on the tween racing circuit, Shawn Hamby has always run with a fast crowd. But now at thirty-two, she doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. And she definitely doesn’t need a man bossing her around off of the track…

Putting the pedal to the metal…

But after a silly girls’ night at a fetish club, Shawn can’t get Rhett Ford out of her mind. He’s younger than her, and he’s her best friend’s brother-in-law, which should be red flags. Rhett is looking for someone to lead in bed, but he can’t imagine that Shawn would ever submit to him. Boldly surrendering is more her style. And with Rhett behind the wheel, it’s going to be one wild ride…


NYTimes bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book to Kensington Brava through author Lori Foster's website contest in 2002, much to her continued amazement. Thirty-something books later, Erin is entertaining both Brava and Berkley readers with her sassy, sexy tales of contemporary and paranormal romance. Her Las Vegas Vampires series debuted in August 2006, with HIGH STAKES hitting #1 on the Barnes and Noble trade romance list. Erin also writes dark paranormal in her Seven Deadly Sins series and paranormal young adult novels under the name Erin Lynn.


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Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrating Claire Fullerton's Debut Novel

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Claire Fullerton's debut novel, A PORTAL IN TIME.

A PORTAL IN TIME by Claire Fullerton

When we are inexplicably drawn to love and a particular place, is it coincidence, or have we loved before? ...

Enigmatic and spirited Anna Lucera is gifted with an uncanny sixth-sense and is intrigued by all things mystical. When her green, cat-eyes and long, black hair capture the attention of a young lawyer named Kevin Townsend, a romance ensues which leads them to the hauntingly beautiful region of California's Carmel-By-The-Sea where Anna is intuitively drawn to the Madiera Hotel.

Everything about the hotel and Carmel-By-The-Sea heightens her senses and speaks to Anna as if she had been there before. As Anna's memory unravels the puzzle, she is drawn into a past that's eerily familiar and a life she just may have lived before.


 “A Portal in Time” is a 50,000 word Paranormal/Romance novel about a woman who realizes that she has lived before. Employing oscillating chapters that develop the lives and romances of two women in different time periods, the story begins in the years 2000 and 1901 respectively, in the hauntingly beautiful region on the Monterey Peninsula called Carmel, California.

Rich in mystique, foreshadow and character development, “A Portal in Time” introduces the reader to Anna Townsend and her husband, Bill, who check into The Madeira Hotel in Carmel, California in the year 2000 to celebrate their one year anniversary. Not only is Anna lovely, spirited and artistic, she is also conveniently graced with the asset of dependable intuition, which is revealed to the reader as the story of her meeting and eventual marriage to Bill Townsend is told in flashback in order to bring her through The Madeira hotel’s front door.

Subsequently, and beginning in the year 1901, the reader meets Valeria Sienna, who is the eighteen year old daughter of an affluent, Italian immigrant and his genteel wife who enjoy immense prosperity and popularity in turn of the century San Francisco. Valeria possesses an energetic enthusiasm for life that captivates the reader when she begins her courtship with a Norwegian artist named Anders Kristiansen who, much to the chagrin of Valeria’s father, is suitable on every level though he is neither an American nor an Italian.

“A Portal in Time” is an oscillating, liner growth story steeped in the language and social mores of two different eras with characters both central and supporting whose words and actions fit seamlessly together and bridge the time frames like pieces of a puzzle. What drives the story is the climax of a profound, life altering tragedy which Valeria Sienna lives through after her marriage to Anders Kristiansen and Anna Townsend recalls through past life memory on one particular night while staying at the Madeira Hotel. Coincidence, similarities, foreshadow and intrigue ultimately reveal that the site of The Madeira Hotel is the actual house that Anders Kristiansen built for his young bride and it is this fact that triggers the soul memory of Anna Townsend.

Claire Fullerton wrote her own weekly column for The Malibu Surfside News from 2009-2010. She has been published in numerous magazines, and repeatedly in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series. Claire is the 2013 first runner up of The San Francisco Writer’s Conference Contest for her narrative non-fiction essay, “Mastering Ambiguity,” which she is currently turning into a novel. 

“A Portal in Time” is her first novel, and the manuscript for her second novel is under review.


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Friday, November 29, 2013

A Fun New Dead Release For Lizzie T. Leaf To Kick Off The Holiday Season

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a fun new holiday release in Lizzie T. Leaf's popular Dead Series!!
DEAD SANTA by Lizzie T. Leaf

The bat bite received when making Christmas Eve deliveries changed Santa. His life and the holiday he loves may never be the same.

Exhausted after his Christmas Eve deliveries, Santa wakes up with hungers he finds hard to control. A bat did fall out of a tree and take a bite out of him when it landed on his neck, but why would that make him lust for blood and sex?

Tired and sore from her husband’s insatiable desire for her body, Mrs. Claus can’t take it any longer. There is only one thing to do—leave this sex manic that has replaced her gentle husband. His new lust for raw meat is bad enough, but his out of control sex drive has her tired and sore and in need of a break. Venturing into the mortal world to stay with their son, she finds a job with an unusual family that sheds light on her husband’s issues.

Shocked at his wife’s departure, Santa is sure he knows why she left and must find a way to control his overheated libido, and his thirst for blood. His head elf learns of the existence a vampire king, sending him into the mortal realm. In his meeting with Daniel, the vampire king, Santa learns of issues far more dangerous than his.

Will what happened to Santa be the break the vampire king needs to stop a drug war that will turn Los Angeles into the drug capitol of the world?

Lizzie T. Leaf has loved books since she opened her first one and her dream has always been to write them herself. Of course life has a way of throwing us a curve ball and the writing became a distant memory, lost in the hectic day to day world of family, job, laundry and housework. When the twinkling ember did spark, it was usually doused by someone demanding their share of her time.

But life does seem to go full circle. The desire to put the stories that continued to play in Lizzie's head on paper emerged stronger than ever and at a time in her life when there was someone encouraging her to do it. Now she's living her dream; creating stories to share with others and she hopes you enjoy them.

Lizzie's other hobbies, gardening and baking, are now taking a back seat, and as for housework...what's that?

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Celebrating A New Release For Tricia Andersen

All day today at our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Tricia Andersen's latest release in The Black Irish Series, her sinfully sweet series with Sweet Cravings Publishing!

THE TROUBLES by Tricia Andersen

The Black Irish Series Book Three

While Sloan and Abbey are in Las Vegas to celebrate Gordon and Mary’s wedding, a enemy from Sloan’s past nearly kills her. Sloan is forced to do the unthinkable – he files for divorce. He moves Sloan Enterprises to Switzerland far away from the woman he loves to save her.

Three years pass. When Sloan invites Robert to Switzerland to celebrate his fortieth birthday, he learns shocking news – Robert is living with Abbey. Refusing to lose Abbey, Sloan relocates the company to Minneapolis, Minnesota where Abbey is living and makes her the Chief Operating Officer. He fights against his desire for her as he contends with her two new beaus, his own new girlfriend, her hostile family and Amelia, his four-year-old daughter.

When his enemy makes another attempt on Abbey’s life, will Sloan be able to save her – or is this a war he just can’t win?


Hi! My name is Tricia Andersen. Trish for short. But not Trisha. I know – complicated. And a little crazy.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was a child. I used to make my grade school teacher read every little thing I wrote. I got my love of writing from my Mom. I still think she is the best writer I’ve ever read.

I published my first book independently, a children’s book named The Peculiar Princess in May 2011, then followed it with two more children’s books, The Finicky Fairy and My Sunday School Teacher Tells Me.

I began writing romance shortly after I published Peculiar. I signed my first ever contract with Secret Cravings Publishing for my Black Irish series the day after Christmas 2012 (what a Christmas gift!!) Black Irish was released on May 8, 2013. It was followed by Queen of Savon released on June 12, 2013. Heartland, the second of the Black Irish series, released August 6, 2013. The Troubles, the third in the Black Irish series, will release in November 2013. I have a free serial novel releasing every Sunday on the Sweet Cravings website.

I've also taken a shot as a radio deejay with Writer's Online Network. I co-host the radio program Freshly Booked with my close friend, Heidi. You can hear us 8:00 CST on Blog Talk Radio as we interview authors new to the publishing world.

I have loved every second of being a writer. It is an incredible experience I have been blessed with.

I am a Midwestern girl, married to my best friend, Brian, and have three wonderful children – Jake, Jon and Alexandra.

WEBSITE   ***   BLOG   ***   FACEBOOK   ***   TWITTER   ***   YOUTUBE

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Celebrating A New Counting On Love Release For Erin Nicholas

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of BEST OF THREE the third book in Erin Nicholas' Counting on Love Series!

BEST OF THREE by Erin Nicholas

Counting on Love, Book 3...

Sometimes it takes a couple of tries before you get love right. 

Emma Dixon is known for getting in over her head—and having a great time doing it. She’s aware her shenanigans rub Nate Sullivan the wrong way, but getting a rise out of the cocky surgeon is one of her favorite pastimes. Truth be told, exasperated looks aren’t the only things she wants from the guy.

Nate has no intention of taking another trip down the falling-in-love road. Women are carefully compartmentalized—to his bedroom. Women who don’t mind his take-charge tendencies. Women very different from sassy, sexy, independent Emma.

But his usual strategy of arguing with Emma to keep from kissing her goes out the window when his son falls in love with her friend’s daughter. Emma sees a normal teenage romance. Nate sees his plans for the boy’s future ruined.

As Nate tries to derail the relationship, Emma runs interference, putting herself directly in the path of the chemistry that grows stronger every time they butt heads. And that could very well lead to the best surprise of all.

Warning: Contains a guy who knows exactly who he is and what he wants and a girl who’s going to change his mind about, well, everything. Plus inappropriate use of chocolate cake (of course, that depends on your definition of inappropriate).


Erin has been reading romance since her mom first let her into her book cupboard when Erin was about fourteen. LaVyrle Spencer, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber... they took Erin's 'happily ever after' ideas from animated princesses to real people in the real world.

She's been writing romance almost as long. Many a family car trip was spent with her head bent over a spiral notebook in the back seat. She'll confess that her very first attempts at fiction were fantasy and paranormals, influenced by her father's love of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original Alice in Wonderland. If Harry Potter had been around, Erin's sure he would have been on the bedtime story shelf as well.

But it wasn't long until Erin started writing about true love and that's where she's been ever since.

She's so thrilled to be able to share these stories with you and hopes that they make you smile, sigh, maybe even choke up a little. Most of all, She hopes that they help you believe in magical things like first kisses, the spark of passion, and the power of true love.

Erin loves to hear from readers! Please write her at

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Celebrating Gray Dixon's Release Day With Secret Cravings Publishing

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party, we're celebrating Gray Dixon's release day for MASTER MARSHAL, the 4th book in her sexy Masters of Tabu Series with Secret Cravings Publishing!


Book 4, Masters of Tabu

A cowboy and a supermodel ignite unbridled passion in the Texas heat.

Shane Marshal struggles to keep his family’s cattle ranch above financial flood waters. With help from friends, he turns the homestead into a BDSM retreat. He can’t keep his mind on business when a single woman from New York with legs to infinity arrives. To tamp down his lustful thoughts, he goes out of his way to give her grief, but she doesn’t flinch. He needs a new strategy.

Valentina Halston, a high fashion model, changed her name from Sharon Berger to hide her past. After finding her boyfriend in delicato with another model, she books a vacation at a dude ranch with BDSM activities in search of change. Rest and relaxation, fresh air, no phones, no paparazzi, and no cheating boyfriend sounded perfect. Instead, she finds more than she could imagine.


 About the Author
“What’s to tell?” Gray Dixon asked. The nom de plume of erotica writer of hot, sexy stories for the adult crowd loves walks along the beach at sunset, a glass of wine over a romantic dinner, and a night of love.

On the serious side, she’s married to her Dear Heart for many years, has three children, many grandchildren, a dog, a couple of fish, a big yard with lots of fruit trees, two cars, and a house. Ah, the American Dream as she loves to describe it. She likes a lot of different things, crafts, watching the History Channel, reality shows (not all, but some), travel, and of course writing. She’s worked hard all her life in many interesting fields and enjoyed all of them, but she finally found enough time to relax and enjoy escaping into the worlds she created through her stories. She mainly writes erotica with BDSM elements, and hopes readers will enjoy the tales she weaves.

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Master Knight, Book 1 ~ Released February 2013

Master Prince, Book 2 ~ Released April 2013

Master King, Book 3 ~ Released August 2013


Upcoming Books in the Series:

Master Dragon, Book 5 ~ Release 2014

Master Squire, Book 6 ~ Release 2014

Master Tempest, Book 7 ~ Release 2014


* * * *

Cristale’s Awakening ~ Released March 2013
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Celebrating Laura Tolomei's Three Novella Releases With eXtasy Books

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Laura Tolomei's three novella releases with eXtasy Books.

HUNTED by Laura Tolomei

 A vicious predator brings bloody death to a peaceful village. On his hunt to stop the brutal killings, Kendryck will uncover truths best left hidden.

Why is this vicious predator terrorizing the village? Who is Therry, and why does he live deep inside the forest, away from mankind? But mostly, why can’t Kendryck get him out of his mind?

As the hunt progresses, so does his fascination with the most intriguing young man the hunter has ever met, until things don’t add up, and Therry’s dark secrets will have to be revealed…eventually.



Want to know all about Atlantis’s last days? Let the Moon Priestess mesmerize you with her enchanted tale of love and betrayal.

Her nightmares warn of impending doom on her home, Atlantis, but how to ensure her people’s survival?

And why has her lover fallen for a mysterious stranger, bewitched and intrigued to the point he isn’t listening to her anymore, to her who is the only Moon Priestess?


SLAVE FOR SEX by Laura Tolomei

Rydan’s dead lover returns as a green faerie, seducing him into passionate sex and submission, but will he trust her enough to change his destiny?

Alone, having lost the love of his life, Rydan has visions of a mysterious creature in the forest. Who is she? And what will happen when he finally meets her in the flesh to learn about the secrets of sex and passion? But that’s not all she’ll reveal, and the truth about his world will blow his mind away.

Will he trust her enough to believe her or will he surrender to the sensual attraction of burning desire neglecting his duties?


Meet Laura Tolomei.

If you really want to know, I was born in 1965 in Rome, Italy, but soon started my travelling career. At the age of five, my parents took me to Lagos, Nigeria, where I grew up free and hot like I've never been since. I loved it there and still think of it with nostalgia. Anyway, it was also where I learned English.

After my African experience, I was ready to tackle the US. I lived in Atlanta, GA, five teen-age years, attending the Crestwood High School, where I started my writing career by publishing a short story Nostalgia on the Crestwood Journal. Very thrilled about discovering my new talent, I went ahead during college, writing for the Emory University journal The Phoenix. Three articles mark my first-and last-steps in journalism, "The peace Corps", "WAMM, Women Against Military Madness," and "Lesbism".

After my American experience, I moved back to Rome, but still kept living from time to time abroad, spending several months in Mumbay India, a country I always felt very close to me in more ways than one.

Today, I write both in Italian and English, mostly fiction of various genres, from fantasy erotica, to mysteries up to plain ordinary life stories.

In English, I write erotica in various genres, mostly fantasy, sci-fi and paranormal, sometimes trespassing into contemporary. Feel free to look over my current and future projects by clicking here.


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Celebrating Kathy Kulig's Kinky New EC Release

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Kathy Kulig's kinky new Taboo release with Ellora's Cave!

SUMMER SINS by Kathy Kulig

 Master Adrian knows how to bring exquisite pain or pleasure to a woman’s body. Before he’ll take on an inexperienced submissive, he expects her to pass a series of seductive tests of increasing intensity to see if she’s receptive to his unique and dark skills. Under his command and relentless determination, she’ll relinquish control to him.

Emma is known to thoroughly research her articles for the tabloid magazine Scandal. Her latest assignment to write about Dark Odyssey, a new BDSM club, is her chance to indulge in her taboo desires for the sex she craves as a submissive. With her job and future career on the line, she has to write a lurid, gossip story. But her heart isn’t in it because she falling for Adrian.

Raw and hot passion draws them past guarded limits, but when secrets are revealed, trust will be the final test for true love.


Kathy Kulig is the multi-published author of paranormal, contemporary and erotic romance. In her worlds, gutsy heroines and hunky heroes face the unexpected and overcome formidable odds, because with courage, true love can find a way. These are the stories she loves to read and the stories she’s compelled to write.

When not immersed in her next story, Kathy enjoys traveling, relaxing by the beach with a book, mountain biking, movies and dinners out. She lives with her husband in a 100-year-old Victorian house in Pennsylvania. For more information visit her website.


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