Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celebrating A Summer Reissue Of Some Bad Boy Stories

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the reissue of BAD BOYS OF SUMMER featuring sexy stories from Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy and Amy Garvey.


Lazy days. . .sultry nights. . .and sizzling guys with rippling muscles doing what they do best . . .

Luscious by Lori Foster

Bethany Churchill just quit her lousy job, dumped her lousy boyfriend and moved into a new apartment. She's not looking for love, but her hot new landlord, SWAT officer Lucius Ryder, aka "Luscious," is determined to change her mind. Before long, Bethany is tempted to find out if he's really as delicious as his nickname. . .

It's About Time by Erin McCarthy

County prosecutor Trish Jones has had it with smooth-talking, under-performing suits. And though she's never had a thing for big, brawny guys, one look at Caleb Vancouver makes her think she might have been missing out. One Harley ride later they're back at her place, and she realizes she has been missing out. . .on quite a lot. . .

Wish You Were Here by Amy Garvey

Photographer Mackenzie Pruitt knows exactly what she wants her future to look like, and this summer that means renovating a dilapidated shed into a studio. But when hunky carpenter Leo Dawson shows up, she'd much rather have his capable hands on her than on a hammer. . .

"A Lori Foster book is like a glass of good champagne—sexy and sparkling." -Jayne Ann Krentz

"McCarthy will have you giggling on page one, fanning yourself by page twenty-five and rooting for the hero and heroine the whole way through" -Romantic Times Book Reviews


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  1. Good morning ladies!!!

    Super congrats on your anthology being reissued into mass market paperback!!

    Love the Bad Boy anthologies and love the new cover for this one!

    And since we're celebrating Summer today - tell us what you're up to this summer.

    Best of luck with the new release - hope it outsells it's first printing!

  2. Lori - Love your books, rereading Jamie for the millionth time. Are you going to be continuing the SBC or Visistation series?

    Martha T

  3. Lori, how are you able to continually come up with such different story lines and heroes? I love reading your books!

    Mary Alice Gibbons

  4. Lori - I love your books!! :)

  5. I love these ladies. You know your stories are good when they get reissued. These ladies write wonderfully hot, heartwarming stories about men and women we would love to have in our lives. Thanks so much for the party.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  6. Love y'all books..am wondering do y'all ask your friends questions so you can play off of true stories on occasion?

  7. Forgot to write the question!! Do you see certain people in your head when you come up with heros/heroines or just generalities like hair/eye colour and the sort?

  8. WOW ladies sounds like some good stories...love those bad boys...can't wait to read it!

    debr97 at yahoo dot com

  9. Lori i love the visitation series and the SBC! Any plans to start a new series?


  10. Lori,, just love all your books.. now i have my friends hooked on them too.. keep them coming.


  11. Oh I can't wait to read this! OK, here's my question: Who is your favorite movie bad boy of summer?

    avery@averyflynn.com (fingers crossed!)

  12. Woo Hoo! Love Lori Foster books!


  13. sweet! sounds great! love anything by Lori!

  14. Love your books Lori! Is there any character you have written that holds a lot of your own qualities?

  15. I love these authors! And I'm a sucker for any books with bad boys. I can't wait to read this!

    ~Cindi Lynn (cklynn123@gmail.com)

  16. Love Lori and Erin! I have never read this one but that will change real soon!

    sheriemd12 at yahoo dot com

  17. I love a GOOD..Bad Boy of Summer...
    Congrats on the re-release..


  18. Hi Martha, and thank you. As of right now, I'm not working on those series. I have other books in mind that I want to write. But "some day" I'd enjoy writing stories for Joe's kids. :-)

    Hi Mary Alice. I'm thrilled to know that they DO seem different to you! After 80 some books, that's always a worry. LOL Life is filled with inspiration. I see something - even something small - and it launches a whole series for me. :-)

    ebmw - I ask research questions, if that's what you mean. But I avoid using any real life situations (at least that'd be recognizable) from friends or relatives. ;-) That could get dicey!

    Terry, I always see characters completely, and that makes it tough to really like cover models, because they're never quite my vision. Dare, from When You Dare, was maybe the only one that totally fit my idea!

    Elizabeth, I just had the new "Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor" series, and soon I'll be starting a new set of characters - but no idea yet what that'll be called. LOL

    Avery, I will always love Hugh Jackman!

    Love, I am soooo boring, that if I tried to write "me" none of you would be interested in reading. LOL. So no. I did borrow some writerly insight for Molly in "When You Dare," but just as an abstract. I wish I was as successful as Molly! (Or as busty!) LOL 99.99% of my readers are amazing, but like Molly, I have heard from a few scary folks. Once, a forensics team had to come to my house because of things I'd received from a reader. So... Yeah. In that respect.

    Thank you everyone!


  19. Hi ladies! Of course any book with Bad Boys in the title is gonna get my attention, lol! Cant wait to read this one.

    My question for Lori is are you planning on doing any more Men Of Honor books. I Loved Dare, Trace and Jackson so much. Of course all of your books rock!

    Have a wonderful day!


  20. A question for all the authors, what's your favorite guilty pleasure summer song?

    I'll tell you mine, Summer Girls by LFO. :)


  21. love this book; congrats on the re-issue!!!

    Erin...are there more Fast Track books in the works??


  22. Thanks Alina. I've already turned in a story for Arizona and Spencer. It should be out in Apr or May 2012, titled, "A Perfect Storm." :-)

    Bridgett - anything by Kid Rock! :-)


  23. Lori I love your bad boys series, well the ones I have anyway. I cannot wait to read A Perfect Storm though! Way to go on the rerelease!

  24. I ADORE your anthologies Lori and Erin! The first romance I ever picked up was Bad Boys to Go and I was hooked.

    My question is how do you decide what to write about? Not just in anthologies (which would be difficult enough to coordinate) but in general. Where does your muse come from?

  25. I love Lori, but my daughter is OBSESSED! We currently have 24 Lori Foster books on our kindles and she is banned from ordering more until she has read all the rest of the unread books she has! (except for new releases of course)
    My question: Do you pre plot your books? do yo know what's going to happen from the beginning or do they evolve as yo write?

  26. Lori, surly there are more members of the swat team other than Ozzie and Lucious. Do you have any plans to have anymore stories along this line? I love it when you have our everyday heroes win the girl. Thanks!

  27. Hi, I love all of your books! Have you ever thought about revisiting the Buckhorn brothers? I hope you will continue with the Men of Honor series. I would love to see Arizona and Spencer. Have a great day!

  28. Jeni, thank you!
    On ideas... I have NO idea how that works. My muse takes over, a story unfolds, and I just go with it. I'm fortunate that my muse works overtime and always gives me a fresh idea!

    Tamara - thank you to you and your daughter!
    I'm a panster. Ideas come to me and I start writing and I see how it unfolds. I always know the lead characters and the conflict, and I know it'll end happily, but the rest is a mystery to me until the characters work it out. ;-)

    abclark - thanks. There might be more SWAT guys along the way, but as of right now, I don't have any planned. Sorry!

    Lisa, thanks. Arizona's story is out April or May 2012 in "A Perfect Storm." The Buckhorn brothers are being reissued later this year and into 2012. As for more of them... nothing comes to mind just yet, although I've always had a niggling of a story idea for Shohn. ;-)

    Thanks all!


  29. I'm such a fan of all of you and I'm so thrilled to see this anthology re-issued!!!


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  31. Just love your books.Anxiously awaiting next book.


  32. Hi Lori, Erin and Amy!
    Some of your books contain sizzling scenes (and I love them!). Do you ever blush while writing? I know I would! :)

    Lori, I would love to read about Joe's kids some day! On Facebook, each time you ask questions like : who's your favorite character? the funniest? the sexiest? My answer is always the same : Joe Winston!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  33. Kanya, thanks for the great question! I don't blush, but I do sometimes laugh, and sometimes I cry. I'm such a sap. LOL. Yes, Joe has probably become my most popular hero, and I have no idea why. Noah runs a close second from "Too Much Temptation."
    One day I think I'll have to revisit Joe!


  34. Looking forward to reading this. Love your books!


  35. This sounds like the perfect book for this month. I could use something light and fun to get my mind off my a/c bill.


  36. Btw - almost forgot to tell you - for a chance to win an autographed copy of a book from Lori's backlist - check out www.AuthorIsland.com - NEVER TOO MUCH is the Book of the Day today!

  37. Lori,

    Loved this book....i bought it used off amazon not to long ago but i had read it before when i first started reading your books!!! Bethany and Lucius are so entertaing!! were they based off people you know or was it just your muse?



  38. Thanks Alexis. Strictly my muse! But I'd love to know Bethany's sister, the pet psychic! LOL


  39. Brilliant Post I am defintely interested, I have never heard of these authors but I must know more so my question to each one is where does the inspiration for writing come from for you?


  40. I love these Brava anthologies. Can't wait to read Bad Boys of summer.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  41. Three great authors = Great book


  42. franandtom1@yahoo.comAugust 2, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    Those bad boys are amazing!!!What will your next series be Lori? Hope you are having a great summer and staying cool!!!

  43. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great thoughts and questions. :)

    My summer has been super busy but fun. Graduation activities for my daughter, then I've hosted a grad party, a baby shower, a bachelorette party, and my son's 16th birthday party. Plus we snuck away to the lake and I'm gearing up to go to Paris in Sept! After I drop my daughter off at college. So frazzled, but happy times!

    Krisgils, yes, there will be more Fast Track books. There will be six altogether and the fifth, Slow Ride, is out in October.

    Cemeterygal, I don't think of specific people like actors and actresses when I write because to me that's someone else's character, not mine. lol.

    Anonymous, I have never used real people or stories from people I know. Though I've heard odd snippets on the news that I've used.

    Avery, hmm, I don't think I have a favorite bad boy. Though I do find the actor in the series Spartacus very hot and rough. :D

  44. I love anthologies.And this one sounds great.

    Since its hotter than *%?!*$# here :) What is a favorite summer drink you really enjoy?(booze preferrable) :D


  45. bdulin, my guilty pleasure summer song is that new Britney Spears one... I normally find her super annoying but something about that one makes me want to dance.

    Jeni, honestly, I don't know where my ideas come from. There's never a shortage of ideas, only time. lol.

    Kanya, I don't ever blush when I write, but sometimes I do crack myself up. And it's usually the parts that no one ever finds funny. lol.

  46. I love anthologies for a change from time to time. Thank you for sharing with us and for the giveaway.

    manning_2004 at yahoo dot com

  47. Lori,

    I loved this book and Lucious was a favorite of mine. I know like mother's writers shouldn't have favorites, but there is always a special character. Which character do you love the most and why?


  48. Congratulations on the re-issue. For those who missed the anthology before, this is fabulous news. Did you change anything this time around?


  49. I love reissues because this gives me a chance to read something that I missed the first go round. As authors do you like revisiting your work?


  50. elaing, it's hot here too. :-P I like fruity drinks so anything summery works for me... hurricanes, margaritas, etc. And I'll never turn down a good martini!

  51. I missed this anthology the first time. Can't wait to read these stories!
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  52. I have a review question for any or all of the authors. Where is the best place to post book reviews. I recently received an ARC of Serendipity by Lori Foster. I loved the book and posted a review on Goodreads. I would like to review it elsewhere but I was wondering if there are sites that are preferred. I also sometimes review on Amazon. Thanks!

  53. Really neat to be reissued. How does it feel to walk into a store and see your name on a book?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  54. I love the Bad Boys books!!! Can't wait to read this one again.

    Amy, do you write in other genres besides romance? Thanks for the giveaway!


  55. I love that this is being reissued! Fun reads! Thanks to you all for all your hard work!

    xiaguan at att dot net

  56. Congrats on your release! I love bad boys! You have a ton of books out. Whats the hardest part about writing for you? Are you a free writer and write as you go or do you plot your books out and go by an outline? Thank you for sharing!

  57. marybelle, I didn't change anything in the story. I was happy with it the way it was. :)

    I do like rereading my work from time to time. I'm always surprised at what I don't remember and it gives me confidence that I can in fact write a book. lol.

    Jen B, Goodreads is a great place to do reviews, as is Amazon. Wherever you choose to post a review, we appreciate it!

    Debby, for me seeing my books in the stores is very surreal. There is a disconnect to me between what I create at home on the laptop and what I'm seeing in front of me... it just seems too odd to be true! lol. The bigger thrill for me comes from talking to readers.

  58. Congrats ! cant wait to read it :)