Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating A New Collection Of Stories From A. Scott Boddie

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of A. Scott Boddie's short story collection, CONVERSATIONS WITH SWISHY PETE VOLUME II.

A. Scott Boddie is lover of books, movies, and music. He's the author of the books 'Conversations with Swishy Pete Volume 1 and Volume 2, and the forthcoming books 'Esrevinu' and 'Friends Of Dorothy Monologues Act 1'.

Boddie is a graduate of Baker College, holding a BBA and a MBA; however, the business world was no substitute for his love of writing. He resigned from business job and pursued a writing career.



In this second collection of stories, the fabulous Swishy Pete and his cohorts double the funny. Don't worry, dolls -- each episode is better than the last. Revisit Delicious, Minnie, and Char as they delve deeper into their lives and the unique friendship they share. Join them in celebrating Chars' birthday as wackiness ensues and the comical Aunt Bessie is introduced.

Conversations with Swishy Pete Volume II gathers together twelve flash fiction "episodes" featuring Swishy Pete and his friends as they dish on life in the Big Apple. Sometimes deep, often humorous, these short stories bring a fresh perspective that redefines GLBT stereotypes.

So, honey, come listen in as Pete tells it like it is.


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  1. Happy Monday Scott and congrats on a new collection of Swishy Pete tales!!

    For those not familiar with Swishy Pete, tell us a little bit about him and the collections of stories you've written about him and his friends.

    And for those who don't know what flash fiction is, could you tell us a bit about that?

    Hope the new anthology is a huge success for you and here's hoping Swishy Pete makes it to the screen, because I know this stories of yours would make a great series!

  2. Hello everyone, and thank you for having me back again. I hope everyone enjoys the Party!

    The central character, Swishy Pete, originated during the time I moved to East Harlem, New York, and his first words came out of the mouth of a young man I had frequently seen at the corner Bodegas, a Hispanic/Spanish/Latin mini-mart.

    Swishy Pete is an effeminate gay man commonly living in urban areas throughout America. His community views him as asexual and although everyone is aware he is gay, it is not much of an issue.

    He has lived in the same neighborhood all his life, possibly on the same block, and can often be found chatting it up on the stoops of his female neighbors, French braiding straight guy's hair, or organizing neighborhood and church functions.

    Flash Fiction is a style of fictional literature mostly known for its extreme brevity. The exact word count is debatable; however, I have adopted the style for the Conversations with Swishy Pete tales to concentrate on humorous conversations of the four characters. In other words, the focus is on what these characters say to one another, which allows the reader to feel as if they are sitting right there with Swishy Pete and his cohorts, enjoying the conversations as anyone would do with their friends.

  3. Hello, there.

    When you sold your first book, how did you celebrate? LOL What other books are you working on or planning?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  4. When I signed my first publishing contract, my friends took me out

    The next project will be 'Friends of Dorothy Monologues'

  5. these sound fascinating. Congrats on following your goals. Do you have a lot of stuff waiting to be told?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  6. This Aunt Bessie sounds like she might be a hoot - who is your favorite character from this series?

    How many more books do you plan for "swishy pete"? Love that nickname by the way!

  7. Thank you Debby, and yes, I have more ideas for stories than I have time to write. So I keep notebooks to keep track of my ideas.

    A.Scott Boddie

  8. Thanks Katie, honestly I love all four, Swishy Pete, Minnie, Char and Delicious, because together they are the perfect ensemble. Aunt Bessie is a hoot and I have big plans for her in a spinoff series.

    I plan to continue with Swishy Pete for a total of one hundred episodes.

  9. I'd love to win your download. Sounds like a great collection of characters.