Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebrating The U.S. Release Of Lynda Hilburn's THE VAMPIRE SHRINK

Today on our Cyber Launch Party, we're celebrating Lydna Hilburn's US release of THE VAMPIRE SHRINK.


Book 1, Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist Series

Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight, Ph.D., doesn’t believe in the paranormal. She especially doesn’t believe in vampires. So what happens when she finds herself neck-deep in the vampire underworld?

Kismet is smart, witty and attractive. She’s respected in her field, successful and prosperous. She’s followed all the rules – done everything right. So, what’s the problem? Her life is empty. There’s no passion. No vitality. No excitement.

That is, until a new client introduces Kismet to the vampire underworld, and a drop-dead gorgeous, 800-year-old vampire named Devereux. Kismet isn’t buying the vampire story, but can’t explain why she has such odd reactions and feelings whenever Devereux is near. Kismet is soon forced to open her mind to other possibilities when she is visited in her office by two angry bloodsuckers, who would like nothing better than to challenge Devereux by hurting Kismet.

As Kismet gets pulled deeper and deeper into the vampire subculture, she struggles to hold onto her professional ideas about what is and isn’t “real.” The more she finds herself attracted to the charismatic, handsome Devereux, the more out of control her life becomes.

When one of her clients shows up in her office almost completely drained of blood, Kismet finds herself immersed in an ongoing murder investigation. Kismet is questioned by irreverent, handsome FBI profiler Alan Stevens, who warns her that vampires are very real. And one is a murderer. A murder who is after her.

In the midst of all this, Kismet realizes she has feelings for both the vampire and the profiler, but even though she cares for each of the men, facing the reality that vampires exist – along with all the other supernatural insanity she discovers – is enough of a challenge. For now.


Lynda Hilburn writes paranormal fiction. More specifically, she writes vampire books. After a childhood filled with invisible friends, sightings of dead relatives and a fascination with the occult, turning to the paranormal was a no-brainer. In her other reality, she makes her living as a licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, professional psychic/tarot reader, university instructor and workshop presenter.

Her first novel, "The Vampire Shrink" -- which introduced us to Denver Psychologist Kismet Knight and a hidden vampire underworld -- was first released in 2007 and is being re-released (the rewritten, expanded version) by Quercus Books in 2011 and Sterling Publishing/Silver Oak in 2012. Several more books are planned. "Undead in the City," an erotic paranormal novella, and "Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker," a satire/parody, are now available in e-form from Her short story, "Blood Song," is part of the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance anthology, April, 2009.

For more information, visit Lynda's Website.


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  1. Happy Release Day Lynda!!! Woo Hoo - so glad to see this finally released in the US! It's been doing really great for you in the UK and I've seen some of the incredible reviews you've been getting and you really must be thrilled with how your book is being recieved!

    Tell us all about the book and for those who don't know about your Kismet Knight Series, can you tell us all about it and how the books will fit together? I know the second book is coming in the fall - will it be released in the UK first, like this one? Do we have to wait longer here in the US?

    I wish you all the best with THE VAMPIRE SHRINK - I know it's going to be a huge seller for you and hope to see it on the big screen some day!

    Have fun at your party today and enjoy your very special day!

    1. Thank you so much, DeNita! I'm so happy you're celebrating my book release with me! I am at work today (psychotherapist at a mental health center) and don't have much time to myself. But as soon as I get home this evening, I'll check in and answer all the questions! Thanks again!
      Hugs, Lynda

  2. Congratulations on the US release of The Vampire Shrink. How many books are there going to be in the series? (Looking forward to lots).

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

    1. Thank you, ilona! I'm not sure how many books will end up being in the series. As long as Kismet has adventures, I hope I can write about them. I originally hoped for 10, so we'll see what happens!

  3. I'm intrigued by the love triangle. During the writing were you going back and forth between which character Kismet should be drawn to or did you have a favorite?

  4. Hi Lynda,
    I have heard great things about these question is,
    Why did you decide to add to this book and reissue it?


  5. Happy Release Day!!

    Do you think you will write other genres in the future?


  6. How did you come up with the idea of the "vampire shrink"? What inspired it, so to speak?


  7. Hi, Leni: I thought she'd have a rough time picking between them (if she even has to pick between them!) for a few books. She really likes both of them. Who knows what will happen. I think both guys are adorable!

    Elaing8: Well, republishing the book wasn't my idea. I actually had my novels up on Amazon and they were selling like gangbusters. From that, I got a new agent who got me a new, 3-book deal with Quercus Books UK and Sterling Publishing USA. They asked me to add material to book one. I am really looking forward to book 2, because it feels like I've been talking about The Vampire Shrink for a LONG time. LOL

    Marybelle: Nice to meet you! I'm not sure about the genres. I'm pretty much a paranormal fan. But I also like psychological suspense, so you never know!

    Ley: Kismet is an idealized version of me. Except she's thinner, younger, prettier and having lots more fun. The idea for the book came from a client session.

  8. Congratulations on the book! It sounds very interesting. What was your inspiration for combining vampires and shrinks into a book?


  9. Congrats cant wait to pick this one up it sounds great. Have a fantastic week.