Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celebrating Kacey Hammell's Sexy New Romantic Suspense With Decadent Publishing

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a sexy new romantic suspense from Kacey Hammell and Decadent Publishing.

ILLUSIONS by Kacey Hammell

Detective Isabella Knowles, a tough-as-nails cop, lives by the law, and knows what she wants out of life. And it doesn't include marriage or all that comes with it. Everything Isabella has ever known seems like an illusion when a new relationship makes her feel more alive than ever before. She isn't happy about it and fights it every step of the way.

Burned by his fiancée years ago, seer and P.I., Brady Jacobs never wants another commitment in his life. But his bachelorhood and heart are threatened when he has one of his visions and sees a killer striking too close to the woman he has recently come to love.

Danger lurks close to home and neither Brady nor Isabella like that they can't control every situation...especially matters of the heart.


The writer: Kacey Hammell is a multi-published author who was encouraged to write by her beloved husband and quickly found herself writing fast and furiously. Not that she'll ever tell him those three dreadful words that he longs to hear..."You were right." 

Kacey is a true romantic at heart. Nothing is better for her than two fated mates coming together to find their happily-ever-after. With a love of contemporary settings, modern day romances and the happily ever after, as well as the excitement of suspense, Kacey creates stories in genres she's familiar with and that she loves most. She also loves vampires who nibble the necks of the heroines, ghosts who can't leave a loved one, shape-shifters who are sexier than hell and the thought of her very own werewolf or were-cat to tame makes her tremble! Locked in her office, at her computer, she lets her lusty and exciting characters lead her through their trials and tribulations, love and their adventures. Detectives, P.I.'s, musicians, club owners, sassy and headstrong women all come to life in her heart and on paper.

The Wife and Mom: Born, raised and still living in her hometown in Ontario, Canada, Kacey found true love with her husband. As a Mom of three, Kacey has made certain that each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right.

Some of Kacey's favourite authors include: Suzanne Brockmann, JD Robb, Jaci Burton, Sara Brookes, Patricia A. Rasey, Sandra Brown, Rosalie Stanton, Jasmine Haynes, Maya Banks, Terri Schaefer, Lauren Dane, John Grisham, Cherry Adair ... to name a few.

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  1. Good morning Kacey and super congrats on your newest release ILLUSIONS! I see that this book is the first in a series, can you tell us about this series and how the books will be connected?

    And since you are a new to me author, please tell us about yourself and what books you have available. I've heard you have several more books coming out this year, so I'm glad we'll be seeing more from you!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and I hope you enjoy your party! Wishing you much success with your new release :)

    1. good afternoon. Sorry for my tardiness, an appt cropped up and unexpected.

      Illusions is book one, of probably 4 books (not certain yet--originally it was 1 of 9 but we'll see). The books weave into the lives of Detectives, Government workers, P.I.'s, FBI Geeks and a few firemen -- just to keep things spicy LOL
      In book 1, we meet Isabella & Brady
      book 2 is Isabella's cousin, Alicia & Cole (in edits currently to release later this year)
      book 3 isn't complete but I am thinking it will be Dylan's story (Dylan is Brady's partner)

      I've always been an avidreader. Am a mom of 3, happily married to my own geek *g* and love the writing process. It's a constant topsy turvy business but the process of it is so spectacular, I love it.

      I have 2 other releases out right now -- Sinful (Self pubbed and avail at Amazon, B&N, etc.)
      Last Man Standing (Available with Whispers Publishing & avail at online bookstores)
      I have a couple other books submitted to publishers *fingers crossed*

      Good luck to all who entered the giveaway. The necklace/earrings were made by my daughter (15) and she made me duplicates of all that she made. *g*

  2. The book sounds really good so i put it on my to buy list,Congrats on your new release :)

  3. Congrats on your new release! What's your favorite part of writing?
    greenduckie13 at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Greenduckie...wish I knew your real name :D

      Favourite part of writing...I'd have to say just writing the stories, getting to know the characters. And surprising myself...sometimes I plan/plot out a story and it veers off the path I thought it should be on. It's always nice to surprise myself. Though sometimes it's a battle with characters ! LOL

  4. Hi Kacey! I love spicy romantic suspense, congrats on the release of Illusions. What is your writing space like and do you tend to write with music playing or do you need silence?

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

    1. Hi Lil,

      My writing space...I have 2...
      My desk in my bedroom. I use it when I am writing a spicier scene or the kids have friends over. Normally I'm in my lazy boy, feet up, computer on lap and notepad beside me (to make notes on things to expand on later). I don't usually need silence, and only write with music sometimes, but I find that with my kids around (if they're watching tv, playing a board game or whatnot), I can write with them around just fine. A lot of writers find that I'm strange in that I'm ok with kids noise but sometimes if it is too silent, I can't write. Plus I'll bounce some ideas off my kids, my daughter especially, so if she/they're close it helps.

  5. Hi! Congrats on your release! Sounds great! Sounds suspenseful and intriguing. Love how the characters fight each other and how they feel. Bet theres a lot of exploding emotions flying all over the place. Cant wait to read this! Congrats!! :)
    Any plans for the weekend? Gonna celebrate?

    1. Thanks Shadow!
      I love when characters struggle with themselves, especially about how they are feeling. High-octane emotions should run rampant in a story and I think in Illusions it happens a lot.

      This weekend, I hope is very quiet. This last week has been crazy busy so I'd like some quieter moments. But I think my boys have friends over, something they planned through their dad when I was away last week! Hopefully I'll find a quiet room somewhere.

  6. Hi Kacey,
    congratulations on your new book. i love the cover, it's gorgeous and it sounds like a wonderful read. i can hardly wait to get started and see what happens with these two.

    did you design your book cover? have a lot of input about it?
    i know some authors have little to no say in how the cover looks so i was just curious.

    tammy ramey

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thank you for stopping by and your kind words.
      I do love the cover! The cover art dept is always willing to listen to the authors about covers. We receive a questionnaire on what we'd like to see, descripts of the characters, settings etc.,and the artists do the best they can to match our vision. I was adamant about hair colours. I am not a fan of reading about a couple who both have blond hair, only to find a brunette and redhead on the cover. Just doesn't suit me at all. So when it comes to my covers, I try to stress that importance factor. I've been blessed with great covers. And I'm a cover junkie...I sometimes peruse publishers/online places just to get a look at covers. :D I've been swayed to buy because of a cover, a time or two.

  7. Congratulations on the book! It sounds very good. What's your favorite book?


  8. Thank you!

    Favourite book ... ooh, such a loaded question. There are many. I would have to say topping the list though would be Pride & Prejudice.

  9. Congrats on your new release! Your book sounds fabulous and I would love to read it. Do you use things that happen in real life in your stories?

    quiltlady110 AT gmail DOT com

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, there have been times that something in real life makes its way into a story. Not very often but sometimes. Case in point -- my release, Last Man Standing -- the idea originated from an ex connecting with me through FB after many year, wanting to meet for coffee, I agreed...and took my hubby a long LOL So while there was no "decision" for me to make as with Jazz in the story, the concept stemmed from the ex.

  10. I'm sooo sorry!! I forgot to post the winner.

    Using, the winner is ... Quilt Lady.
    Thank you to everyone who stopped by.