Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Celebrating Some Of JMS Books' November Releases

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're spotlighting some of the November releases from JMS Books!

Gary Levinson is in love with his best friend’s dad. It’s as simple as that.

Danny doesn’t think it’s simple. He’s okay with his best friend being gay. He can cope with the idea -- in theory -- that his dad is gay. But Gary and his dad being gay together ...?

Neil “Raw” Rawlings doesn’t think it’s simple at all. He’s a well-known rugby league player and Gary is too young, too immature, and too star-struck. Besides, he could do better than an aging sportsman close to retirement.

Finally giving in to Gary’s pleas, Raw agrees to sleep with Gary on his eighteenth birthday. But what happens next? Is this a once-only birthday present, or a gift that keeps on giving?


gRAFFITI by Terry O'Reilly

Before the advent of the Internet, men looking to make sexual contact with other men would cruise rest stops, shopping malls, and parks. There they often left messages on the walls of restrooms hoping to meet someone of like interest.

Alan Daniels, a young Vietnam veteran, has recently been questioning his sexuality. He takes a chance and writes a note in the john of his local municipal park.

Handsome, sensual Tom Clarkson, a college student going to school mainly to avoid the draft, is intrigued by a new message he finds in the park bathroom.

Is Tom destined to spend another night indulging in meaningless sex, or could the note lead to something more? Only one way to find out ...


Leaving gay-friendly San Francisco behind, Rick and John move into their first home together in Madison, Wisconsin.

As they begin their new life, everything seems perfect, their love never stronger.

Then they discover the “welcome wagon” isn't quite as welcoming as they’d hoped. The Houstons seem like a friendly couple at first, but the crust of the pie they bring over hides a sour aftertaste, and just below the veneer of good will lies a festering intolerance that ticks like a time bomb.

Soon Rick and John realize their idyllic, Norman Rockwell vision of the all American dream includes a darker side they didn’t expect.



If you've ever wanted to retain more of your royalties or try publishing e-books but didn't know where to start, this book is for you!

Recently e-books have exploded onto the publishing scene, making it easier than ever for writers to break into the market. But many people who read e-books aren't familiar with how to create them. What formats should you offer? Where do you sell them? What do you use for a cover? And, most important, how do you go from a Word document to an EPUB, MOBI, or PDF file?

Best-selling, multi-published author J.M. Snyder has written this no-nonsense, hands-on guide. She takes the mystery out of e-publishing while making the process of creating an e-book simple, cheap, and easy.

Using Microsoft Word (or an equivalent word processing program) along with inexpensive or free software readily available online, you will learn how to create the nine most common e-book formats. You will be walked through cover art design, interior book layout, and e-book creation, as well as given many of the tips J.M. has learned along the way. Also included is a brief guide to online bookstores where you can sell your finished e-book.

Let J.M. Snyder help you discover how easy it is to publish yourself!



Young Nicola Gregori has always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, a brilliant clock-maker who’s famous for his wild, fantastical designs. But his father instead sends him to school to learn more practical matters. Nicola, stricken with infantile paralysis that left him with a deformed right leg, becomes an object of mockery and cruel jokes in school. He learns that in order to survive his daily ordeals, he needs to vanish in the crowd, to stop aspiring, to stop dreaming, and above all, to believe himself unworthy of respect and love.

Tragedy strikes when Nicola turns sixteen. Gustav Renfred, an old friend of his father, takes on Nicola as his charge and whisks him away to an isolated islet filled with empty mansions and bordered by a bluebell forest. There Nicola slowly learns about the tragic story that tightly weaves together the fates of Jacopo Gregori, Gustav Renfred, and Gustav’s twin sister, Constanza.

Magic, impossible dreams, and unrequited love come together in Ambrosi, the Renfreds’ mansion, where Nicola is caught up in a world of haunting portraits, a ghostly housekeeper, and the mysterious disappearance of Davide, Constanza’s adopted son. When Nicola’s invited to one of Renfred’s magical masquerades, he discovers the answers to riddles as well as the mounting danger that the Renfred family faces with every passing hour.

With the masquerades’ existence depending on the physical and mental strength of an ailing Renfred, the task of solving the mystery of Davide’s disappearance before time runs out falls on Nicola’s shoulders, and he has no choice but to depend on things that he’s long learned to suppress: courage, self-respect, and the desire to aim for impossible goals.

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  1. Welcome and congrats on all your new releases! What a great variety of genres! Please stop in and tell us all about your new books and how we can learn more about you.

    JM and Hayden - super congrats on becoming an ARe Bestseller already!! Wow - that is really incredible, you two, good for you!

    I wish you all success with your releases and hope you enjoy your special day here at AuthorIsland's Cyber Launch Party Blog! Have fun!

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  6. Interesting line up...have put several books on my must-have list.

    Question for Love Thy Neighbor, is the book a suspense? Sounds from the excerpt, might be a bit of a thriller.