Saturday, November 19, 2011

Celebrating A New Shape Shifter Romance From Zena Wynn

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Zena Wynn's sexy new shape shifter romance SEDUCED BY A WOLF!

Zena Wynn loves to write and she loves reading. Her choice of reading material will always be romance, preferably erotic vampire or shape-shifter romances. She also reads IRs, Contemporary, Fantasy, Suspense, and Futuristics (which are hard to find). The main focus of them all must be romance because Zena just has to have her HEA (happily ever after ending).

Zena's hope as a writer is that while reading one of her books, it will put a smile on your face, a sigh on your lips, and you'll once more believe in the awesome power of love.


Book List:
Series Books - True Mates: True Mates, Mary and the Bear, Nikolai's Wolf, Tameka's Smile, Carol's Mate (Erotic, Shapeshifter/Vampire)
Fantasy Island: Mya's Werewolf, Cyn's Dragon (Paranormal IR)
The Nina Chronicles: The Apology, Love's Challenges, Worth Fighting For (Inspirational/IR/Spicy)
The Question, Illicit Attraction, The Contract, A Matter of Trust


Everyone has secrets...

Von Washington has a secret. She never stopped being pen pals with her fiancé Derrick's former army buddy, Sean, and now he's come to town to visit.

Master Sergeant Sean Jacobson has secrets. He's been in love with his former army buddy's girl, Von, for years and believes she feels the same. After this last disastrous mission, he's ready to do something about it. Then there's the other thing that happened...

But some secrets are deadlier than others.

Minister Derrick Wilkins also has a secret, and his might get one of them killed.

Passion, love, betrayal... Have you been Seduced?


WIN - Leave Zena a question about her new book today and your name goes in the hat for a copy of her new book!  Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good Luck!


  1. Welcome Zena and super congrats on the new release SEDUCED BY A WOLF! I love the blurb, it sounds like a great book and an interesting love triangle filled with secrets! Can't wait to read it!

    Can you tell us a bit about the book and about yourself, since you're a new author for me?

    Hope you enjoy your cyber launch party today and here's to your new book being your best seller yet!

    Have fun!

  2. Okay, I'll try this again. First I'll test to see if my comment posts. Lost the first one.

  3. Success!! Woo-Hoo!

    Seduced by a Wolf answers a lot of questions that popped into my mind. What would cause a faithful, loyal woman to leave her man for his best friend? What would a man have to do to drive his woman into another man's arms, minus the cheating? A what would cause a decent man to steal his best friend's woman?

    It's a bit darker than my normal style, and addresses issues that I normally stay away from. But in this story (as with all of mine), the characters ruled and I had to go where they lead me.

  4. Good Morning, Zena! First, I loved this book, but then I've loved all of your books so far :) My question is why wolves? What makes you favor wolves over other animals? Wolves are my favorite to read about, they always have been. After that would have to be big cats of any kind. And, another question which I'm sure you get tired of hearing, when are we going to see more True Mates?

  5. I guess I love wolves because they're brothers to canines, and who doesn't love a dog? I've had several over the years. Cats are okay, LOL, but I don't know as much about them as I do our canine/lupine friends.

    I finally finished the first draft of Claiming Shayla, and it's been submitted to Loose Id. If they like it, they'll offer a contract and we'll go from there. Now it's simply a waiting game.

  6. Hi, Zena!

    I have a couple of your True Mates series on my TBR--is Seduced by a Wolf connected to those stories, or is it stand-alone?

    I've heard such good things about your writing--thanks for popping by to hang out!

    And do you have any fun plans for Thanksgiving?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  7. No, Seduced is completed unrelated to the True Mate series. It's the first book in a new lycan series I'm doing for Phaze. They men turn into werewolves, not wolves, and all of the heroes will be military.

    I'm headed to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving with my family. And I'm praying that after I fix my car and pay my bills, I have enough left over for Black Friday shopping. I have to shop responsibly, or else I'll suffer from buyer's regret. LOL!

  8. Hmm werewolves and military men can't beat that. Looking forward to reading it. May have to go look at your back list too. Damn you AuthorIsland for introducing me to yet another interesting author.

    1_trouble AT msn DOT com

  9. LOL! Got love military men. And when combined with shifters, well, what's not to love? It makes an uber-alpha hero.

  10. I'm stepping away from the computer for a bit. Be back @ 4 pm.

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  13. Congrats on your latest release! Sounds like a good one :-) What are you working on now?

    smaccall AT

  14. Ooh, sounds good, Zena! Thanks! Do you have a number of books in mind or an overarching story arc for this new Phaze series?

    And hope you have a wonderful time with your family--hope there's plenty for a little fun shopping, too!

  15. I'm kind of flipping through projects until one sticks. I have several WIPs that I started. For some reason the best ideas always come when I'm in the midst of writing one book. I've learned to jot them down -- usually the first chapter so I won't forget -- then get back to what I was working on.

    Right now it's a vampire/shape-shifter story I'm working on that may turn futuristic on me. I haven't decided. I'd like to finish it and get it submitted. I got 40 pages into that one before stopping. It's time to get it done.

    As for my Lycan series, nope. I knew I wanted to do the four guys in the Unit's stories. But now that I sent the hero/heroine from Seduced to a private military base in the mountains in Colorado, all kinds of ideas are coming to me. Who knows? The four stories I had in mind may become six, or ten.

  16. I'm adding Seduced by a Wolf to my list, loved the excerpt and the cover isn't bad either.

    How long have you been writing?

    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  17. I wrote the first chapter of my first book in December 2006, and sent it to two friends via email. One called while the other emailed, both wanting to know where I'd found the book, if I'd purchased it and when I was going to share. When I confessed I wrote it, they both demanded to know what happened next and encouraged me to finish it. That book became True Mates. I was fortunate enough to have it contracted by Loose Id in March 2007. It released the following year in March 2008. I haven't looked back since.

  18. I already have Zena's books, she's an autobuy for me, so don't count me in the giveaway. I just wanted to congratulate her on her release party!

  19. Thanks. As an avid reader myself, being on someone's autobuy list is quite a compliment. I only have a few authors on mine.

  20. Winner announced!!

    I'd like to thank everyone who popped by to participate in my launch party.

    I had my son pick the winner, and he chose Bookwyrm369. You should have your book shortly. If you don't, email me.

    Again, thanks for stopping by and thank you Author Island for having such an outstanding promotional tool in place. I'll definitely come back with my next release.

  21. I realy love the cover ,I read the excerpt over on phaze and love love love it .Definately want this one.

  22. Looking forward to reading this book. Wolves and military is an interesting combination.

    linze_e at

  23. Congrats on your release! Sounds very good! Thanks for sharing!

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