Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrating A New Shifter Menage From BA Tortuga

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of a new shifter menage romance for BA Tortuga called GHOST PEPPER: AHORA

BA Tortuga enjoys indulging in the shallow side of life, with hobbies that include collecting margarita recipes, hot tub dips, and ogling hot guys at the beach. A connoisseur of the perverse and esoteric, her days are spent among dusty tomes of ancient knowledge, or, conversely, surfing porn sites in the name of research.

Mixing the natural born southern propensity for sarcasm and the environmental western straight-shooting sensibility, she does her damnedest to produce mainstream fiction, literary erotica, and fine works of pure, unadulterated smut.

With characters ranging from supernatural demons to modern-day cowboys, alternative illustrated men to Victorian dandies, the addiction to history and atmosphere is everpresent, and laced through with sensual pleasure. BA's latest projects include werewolves, rodeo cowboys, and fistfighting rednecks.



Tony and Adam are determined to get their girl back. Vicki has gone missing, and as volatile as she is, it's not like her to just leave them, especially so close to the first moon. Finding her trashed motorcycle in the desert doesn't give them a whole lot of hope, though.

Lost and unable to remember anything, Vicki doesn't know what to believe. Tony and Adam are strangers to her, but she knows they're hot as the elusive ghost pepper. Can the boys convince her to come home like they want to, ahora? Now?

Available at Torquere Press, Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

Author's Note: Ahora came from a What-If game in Las Vegas during the EAA Convention on a shuttle bus. I'm sure my fellow passengers were amused...


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  1. BA is a new author for me and would love to win and check out some of her books. I love to read and always looking for new authors.
    My questions for BA are: Do you have any favorite authors? Favorite books? Favorite TV shows? Also if you could write any genre, what would be your favorite to write?
    The werewolf is my favorite paranormal creature and the prize pack sounds like it would be cool. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  2. Good morning BA and super congrats on the new release!!

    Love your author note on this one, I can just see it now!

    I have to ask, what does Ahora mean? And Ghost Pepper?

    Loved the trailer - nice yummyness to look at there.

    I also read in your lates newsletter that CLIMBING THE LADDER, your shifter menage with Resplendence Books is another bestseller for you!!! WOOO HOOO - happy dancin' with you!

    Best of luck with the newest release and hope we'll be celebrating you hitting the bestseller list with this one as well - enjoy your day!

  3. I LOVE the sound of this new book as I'm a fan of shifter stories. The cover is very eye catching as well, did you have a lot of input into its creation?

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  4. Hi B.A.! I love your stories and I'm so happy that you released something new again. What are your current works-in-progress? And are the plot bunnies mostly compliant or are they very devious? :)

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. Congratulations!!

    Do you have many WHAT IF? moments with your writing.


  6. Chrisbails:

    Do you have any favorite authors?

    I love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Douglas Clegg, and believe it or not, Louisa May Alcott.

    Favorite books?

    My favorite books are "It" by Stephen King, Little Women, and Jumping, Landing, Taking by Julia Talbot (my partner).

    Favorite TV shows? I am a huge Criminal Minds fan. I have been falling in love with American Horror Story and Grimm this season. On the reality TV front, I'm a Top Chef girl. :D

    Also if you could write any genre, what would be your favorite to write?

    I love to write romance and I'm currently writing some horror. I also love police procedurals. :D

  7. AuthorIsland *grins*:

    Ahora means "Now" in Spanish. I'm Hispanic and so is Tony, one of the heroes in the book. I knew before I started writing that I wanted to name the book Ahora. Ghost peppers are the hottest peppers around. I've been writing m/m/f werewolves in my Chile series for 3 years and this pepper seemed to suit the story best. :D

  8. joder:

    Alessia Brio is a brilliant artist and, when she asked me what I wanted, I told her the lights of Vegas and three wolves. Isn't it perfect?

  9. Beatrice said...

    Right this second I'm editing my Christmas novella (which is a Roughstock-universe m/m story about a cowboy who finds his oldest friend, a strung-out rock star and takes him away from the limelight for Christmas). I'm also finishing up a m/m/f sequel to Climbing the Ladder and I'm just beginning the first in a romantic comedy series featuring Texas witches.

  10. Marybelle: My whole world is what-if moments :D

  11. Congrats on the new release.

    What was your favorite scene to write?

  12. The what if game has me wondering-
    If you could collaborate on a book/series with anyone who would you choose?

  13. Love your books :)

  14. Who is your favorite hero from your books?
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  15. Is there an entire Ghost Pepper series?

  16. my question? What authors do you like to read and what made you decide writing was what you wanted to do?

  17. What does EAA stand for? Erotic Author of America? (Just a guess.)

  18. Congrats on your newest release! It sounds very good, as does your Christmas story that your working on. Happy Holidays!

  19. ElaineG: My favorite scene was the one where the boys find Jenny in Vegas. I loved the clues about her past I could sprinkle in.

  20. Leni: Oh, lord. That's a big question... Right now I'm collaborating with Kiernan Kelly, which was on my list. Other authors would be Brownwyn Green and TA Chase.

  21. Julianne: Oh, man... Right this second there is a hard-core tie between Sonny from the Road Trip books and Coke from the Roughstock universe...

  22. Elf2060: There is an entire series. :D Ghost Peppers is #3. You can find info about Desert Lobo and Wolf Bayou at :D

  23. Lynne: I can't remember not wanting to be a writer. *grins* It's always what I wanted and, barring the times I worked as an artist, it's all I've ever done.

    I love to read Stephen King, Douglas Clegg, Julia Talbot, Maya Banks, Preston and Child, Alice Hoffman. I love to *read*. :D

  24. Anne: EAA stands for the Erotic Author Association. :D

  25. Shadow: Thank you, sweetheart. Happy turkey day to you, too. :D