Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrating A Sexy New Sypricon Masters Release For Sara Brookes

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of NO RESTRAINT, a new erotic sci fi release in Sara Brookes' new Sypricon Masters Series.

Sara Brookes is a multi-published author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter. The entire family is owned by two cats, Galahad and Loki, who graciously allow the family to cater to their every desire.


NO RESTRAINT by Sara Brookes

A Sypricon Masters Book

For years, Kegan Riley has been under the intense scrutiny of the public eye. The demand of competing on the Aeronautical Racing Circuit has forced her to tuck away her lifestyle choices and put her racing first. But when the opportunity for a quick break from the chaos presents itself, she detours to Tawse, a BDSM club on the frontier planet, Sypricon.

Walker knew something was special about the gorgeous hot-shot racer the moment she stepped through the club’s doors. He doesn’t care about her fame and fortune; he just wants her underneath his control. Before long, Kegan confesses the dark secrets of her soul and Walker is certain it won’t be long until he shows her how unrestrained submission can heal her damaged heart.


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  1. Good morning Sara and Happy Release Day!!! 11/11/11 sounds very sci fi, so how perfect is that!

    For those not familiar with your Sypricon Masters Series, can you tell us all out it and how the books fit together?

    And super thanks for offering up a $10 Amazon Gift Card today!

    Hope you enjoy your release day today and hope NO RESTRAINT is a bestseller for you!

  2. Congratulations on your latest release! I love sci fi and erotic romance. How many books do you plan for this series?

  3. oops...should have added:

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  4. Why did you decide to become a writer?


  5. Congratulations on your new release Sara!

    Are you a plotter or a panster? What level of BDSM would you say this book is(light or heavy)?

    Thanks for the giveaway


  6. Happy Release Day Sara

    What was your favorite scene to write in this book.

  7. Congrats on your new release!

    Your books sounds fabulous! What is your favorite part of writing?

    Thanks for the great contest.


  8. I like the look of this book. Can you tell me how many books you have in this series so far and if you have lots more planned - I like big series' (more to read) :D

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  9. Congrats on your new release! It sounds great. What type of research did you do for the book?


  10. Happy Release Day! If you never became a writer what do you think you would have done instead?

  11. Happy Release Day! Your book sounds great. When is your favorite time of the day to write?

  12. Congratulations on your new release! Sounds like a great read!
    Do you have a favourite place to write?
    chey127@hotmail dot com

  13. Hi Sara!! Congrats on the release :D
    Do you have a special drink when you write? :D
    email: cruz042 at csusm dot edu

  14. This book sounds great.
    What is your favorite color?
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  15. Hey everyone! I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a release on 11/11/11.

    No Restraint is the story of a hot-shot ARC (which stands for Aeronautical Racing Circuit--think NASCAR, but in space) racer who spends too much time worrying about what other people things. She heads to the BDSM club on Sypricon, Tawse. Walker, a Dom at Tawse, doesn't care that Kegan is famous or what she does for a living. He just wants to show her that it's all right to let go once in a while.

    Lil, right now this series is open ended; in other words, I don't a strict plan of how many will be written. There are one more book coming by year's end--Slow Break (a submissive comes back to the club seeking the Dom he walked out on--it will mark the first male/male entry in the series!). That'll be out December 16!

    runner10, I always say writing chose me. It's always something that I've done since as far back as I can remember. I've always liked creating stories from nothing. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I got very serious about it, though.

    Maria, I'm a panster all the way. I've tried plotting a story before I start and I've always failed miserably. I usually have a reasonable idea of a few key things in the book and I go from there. Every one's definition of heavy or light in regards to BDSM is different. I've written stories that are contain nothing more than light bondage, to something like the Sypricon Master series which is more heavy handed with the BDSM.

    Ah, it's so hard to pick just one, elaing8! I love the scene in the excerpt linked above. Kegan confesses what holds her back and Walker can see right through it.

    Thanks, Virginia! My favorite part of writing is all of it, actually. I love the creative aspect of it the most, however. Creating something from nothing, giving it life and depth. Emotion and color. Then seeing reader reactions to my worlds is fantastic!

    Hey there, ilona. No Restraint is the 3rd in the series. Impulse Control starts the series, followed by Perfect Limit. Slow Break, which releases in Dec, is next. As I said earlier, it's open ended right now, but I plan on definitely writing some more.

    Research is another great thing I love about writing and creating, Amy. As far as the planet and technology, that came from my own head--no research required there! LOL Researching BDSM is another matter entirely. I've spent the past year talking people involved in the lifestyle to gain an understanding of it. It's fascinating for me to write about because it's never about the sex.

    SandyEve, I would probably be doing exactly what I do right now at my day job instead. It's dull and boring, so I tend to give my characters pretty cool jobs and live vicariously though them. ;^)

    I write whenever I get the opportunity, CrystalGB. It's never a set time as my family's schedule changes a lot, so I always carry a notebook and pen with me so whenever I have a spare moment or two, I grab it and write.

    Chey, I write wherever and whenever. I do love to take my computer and work in the middle of somewhere like the mall or a busy coffeehouse. The noise actually helps me concentrate better.

    Coffee, coffee, coffee, Arianne. Did I mention coffee? LOL

    Julianne, I love the color gray. I believe I own way too many things that are gray now that I think about it. Oh my.

  16. Congratulations & Happy Release Day. I wish you every success with NO RESTRAINT.


  17. Has anyone requested that you portray BDSM in a certain way? If so, what was your response to that?

  18. Congrats on your latest release! Do you write to music or ever create playlists for your books?

    smaccall AT

  19. Leni, I've had one request for a Domme (a female Dominant) as the main character of a story. I'm all for it! I actually have two stories in the works to fulfill just such a request.

    Yes! I listen to music all the time when I write, Bookwyrm369. In fact, nearly all of my longer stories all have a playlist that goes along with the book. I keep those on the book's page on my website.

  20. I think the Sypricon Masters series sounds really interesting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jen!

  22. Yummy, Sara! Congrats on the new release! Hope you're enjoying the celebrating!

    Any fun plans for Thanksgiving? :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  23. Hey there fichen1! Thanks and yes, we've some huge plans. We're going to see the Muppets!! We never do anything big as far as meal for Thanksgiving because the following week we head of town for a big early Christmas bash, so instead, we go to the movies on Thanksgiving. So very excited to see the Muppets. :^)

  24. Congrats on the new release. You are a new author for me but I love these types of books so I'll definitely be picking this one up. Can't wait to read it. It sounds like a wild story. :)

  25. That sounds like a treat, Sara! How fun! Enjoy the Muppets!

  26. Congratulations on your new release! Do your series books need to be read in order?


  27. Congrats on your newest release! I cant wait to read this! I love your books! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  28. Nice excerpt. Are you a Nascar fan? Enjoy the Muppets! Was really entertained to see Animal witting in with Jimmy Fallon's band. (0: