Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celebrating Francesca Hawley's Sexy New Shifter Romance

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Francesca Hawley's latest release ALPHA VS. ALPHA, a sexy and kinky shifter romance with Ellora's Cave!

Hi. I'm Francesca Hawley and I'm a fat chick. A woman with dangerous curves just like my heroines. Many people don't like the word, "fat" but I do because it's the truth and I've learned to own it. I am a fat chick and I always will be.

When I began writing, I wanted to create a fat heroine who loved herself - or at least learned to love herself - and a hot alpha hero who liked her jiggly bits just the way they were. Since I didn't find many big girls to read about, I decided to write about them myself. After all, I loved to write and had been writing almost as long as I'd been reading, so Francesca Hawley - author of "Romance with Dangerous Curves" was born.

In a Francesca Hawley romance, my readers will find authentic, sensual, fat heroines who love and are loved by their intense, passionate, and seductive Alpha heroes. I hope you enjoy their dangerous curves just as much as their hunky heroes do.


ALPHA VS. ALPHA by Francesca Hawley

Alpha female Serena Goldwolf has spent a lifetime vowing never to be a submissive mate to any Alpha male. But all it takes is one surprisingly sexual meeting with Damien Blackwolf, a dissatisfied client of her shapeshifter dating site, and she's down on all fours, wanting to be mounted by the hottest male on two legs - or four - whom she's ever met.

Damien Blackwolf doesn't understand why the voluptuous Serena won't admit they're True Mates. To convince her, he decides to bring out her baser desires by dragging her off to someplace private to get to know her...intimately. But how can he convince her of their destiny when she runs away from him? Guess he'll just have to hunt her down and persuade her.

In a passionate battle of wills, there most definitely can be two winners.

Publisher's Note: Previously published elsewhere but has been revised and expanded for Ellora's Cave.


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  1. Good morning Francesca and super congrats on the new EC release!!

    Since you're new to AuthorIsland, please take some time to tell us a bit about yourself and your work. And don't forget to tell us all about the new book!

    Hope you enjoy your cyber launch party and hope the new book is your biggest seller yet!

    Have fun today!

  2. Francesca, congratulations on the new release and may I say "YUM!" Yeah, I'll be downloading that, in say, a minute or two. Love the paranormals!

    BTW, is the best! DeNita has this knack of making one feel like a superstar. LOVE HER!

  3. Love the concept of the battle of wills. Is this a stand alone or part of a series.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. What a great cover :)

  5. Hi Francesca,
    Congratulations on the new release! I agree with the others, the cove is wonderful and I'm sure the pages within will live up to it. Much success!
    Ann Hinnenkamp

  6. Good morning, Francesca! I admit that I love alpha males and love it when two strong characters go head to head.

    I hopped over to your website, and your books sound scorchingly delicious. I found one ofther shapeshifter novel in your books page. Is this latest release part of a series?

  7. DeNita - thanks for the warm welcome. I'm really excited to be here today.

    Gabriella - I love paranormals of all types too. They are always a fun and entertaining read.

    Debby - Alpha vs. Alpha is a prequel to my novel Protect and Defend. Serena and Damien make brief cameos in that book.

    Regina - I love the cover too. Syneca did a fabulous job and Jimmy Thomas looks hawt! Grin...

    Ann - thanks for stopping by today! It was super to see you at Romanticon.

    Lil - thanks for visiting my web site and stopping here to comment. Yes, Protect and Defend and Alpha vs. Alpha are tied together. Each stands alone, but they take place in the same universe.

  8. Hi Francesca,

    I love paranormal romances and so enjoyed reading Protect and Defend.

    What is up next for you? Any more paranormal stories?

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  9. Congratulations on the release. I read what the story is about and then looked at the cover expecting to see a "larger full figured heroine' and didn't find what I thought I would see. Is there a reason for that?

  10. Hi Francesca,
    congratulations on the new release.
    i love the cover, it's gorgeous and the excerpt was wonderful. i can hardly wait to read the rest of the book and see what happens next.
    is this part of a series and if it is do you know how many books you have planned for it?

  11. Congratulations on the new release Francesca.Sounds like a great book

  12. Congrats on the release Francesca! You've never let me down so I'm looking forward to reading this one. Will there be a follow-up with a hot Beta???

  13. Hi Francesca, love your cover and love the story. I'm familiar with your writing and it's always so incredibly sensuous. May I ask how long it takes to get the story written and how many rewrites you tend to do? Thanks.

  14. Congrats on your latest release! Sounds super sexy :-) Was there a favorite scene that you enjoyed writing?

    smaccall AT

  15. I agree with Artemis, I love heroines with real jiggly bits. The idea of the heroine running and the hero chasing is great. You are a new to me author. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. Cathy M. - I'm definitely working on more paranormal stories set in my shapeshifter universe. I want to write Quinn's story but I have some other story ideas in mind too.

    Mary - I wish there was more cover art that featured plus size women with hunky male cover models, but unfortunately it's just not out there and that disappoints me. What I like about the cover for Alpha vs. Alpha is that the woman on the cover has curves. While she's not as plus-size as Serena actually is in the story, the female cover model hints at Serena's rounded beauty.

  17. Tammy - Thanks for visiting the blog today. I have multiple ideas for stories within my shapeshifter universe. At this point in time, I haven't planned a specific number of books. Things are pretty open ended right now.

    ElainG - Thanks for commenting on the blog today.

    Elle - I haven't really planned out a story with a Beta wolf - but I do have story ideas for other shapeshifters.

    Maggie - it can take anywhere from a few monts to a year to get something written, depending on the length. Also, with the health issues I've had this year, my writing output has been pretty lousy. With rewrites, I tend to do that constantly as I'm writing. I go back a chapter or two as I'm getting started with new content and edit the story to get back into the flow. It means that the manuscript is usually fairly well edited by the time it goes off to my editor. But then it still goes through a few edits from my editor. Thanks Maggie!

  18. Hey Francesca, Congrats on the release. I love shifter books & especially when they are part of a series, so I am excited to know that Alpha vs. Alpha is a prequel & that you are thinking about other stories in the same universe.

    Do you juggle multiple books at once, or focus on them one at a time?

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  19. Bookwyrm - I loved writing the first love scene between Serena and Damien. It was so intense and full of fight and passion. I loved that. Thanks for posting today.

    Artemis - I really wanted to write about women who were like me - plus sized. I wanted big girls to have their own happily ever afters. My very first experiences with writing were Regency romances. I still hope to write some of those, but I am more drawn to paranormal and contemporaries at the moment.

    Jen - I had fun writing Serena's reluctance and Damien's relentless but passionate pursuit. Damien is the kind of guy who knows what he wants and goes after it. I love that about him. Thanks for stopping by today!

  20. Kathryn - I usually have multiple stories in mind and under construction at any given time. Right now, I have a couple of stories that I'm working on now, but I have several other stories on the back burner too. Thanks for visiting to comment today!

  21. Francesca congrats your release.
    How long have you been writing?
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  22. I love how you went and filled a void that was missing in the reading material you came across. Are there any other characters or sub matters that you'd like to read/write more about?

  23. Congratulations on your new EC release. I really enjoyed the excerpt. Since Alpha vs. Alpha is a prequel to Protect and Defend, should Alpha vs. Alpha be read first?


  24. How exciting, Francesca! I'm always a fan of heroines who don't fit the typical heroine "mold"! Serena sounds like a treat! You're a new-to-me writer--can't wait to learn more about your books! It sounds like you've been writing for a while--do you celebrate or commemorate your releases in any special way?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  25. Julianne - I've been writing most of my life. But I've only been serious (with the intent of publishing) since about 2004.

    Leni - I'd like to do more medievals and maybe write some fantasy and/or science fiction.

    Annalisa - It's not required to read AvA or PaD in a particular order. They are written to be stand alones. Thanks for asking!

    flchen - Most often I do a happy dance when I have a new release. If I can drag a friend out, I'll try to go out for lunch or supper somewhere too.

  26. Thanks to everyone who visited to post a comment or question. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy Alpha vs. Alpha. If you'd like to let me know how you enjoyed my stories or have a question, you can leave me a comment via my web site or email me at francesca (@) francescahawley (dot) com

  27. This book sounds great. I love alpha's, especially males. I have not read too many stories with alpha females. Werewolves are my favorite fantasy character. I think they are sexy and strong. This is a new author for me and would love to win and read this book. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  28. I missed this yesterday because of celebrating my birthday. Glad I noticed it today as I am adding the book to my wish list now :D