Saturday, May 19, 2012

Celebrating Cheryl Dragon's New Fantasy Menage

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a sizzling hot new fantasy menage for Cheryl Dragon!


Warrior's Craft Book Two

Danielle left Texas for plenty of good reasons. The psychic had been called a witch and a lot worse. The only thing she missed was the four men who'd never let her down.

Back in Houston to settle her aunt's estate, Dani is drawn into their fight against a mysterious creature. A lot has changed, and they want her in their life and their one, very Texas-sized bed. A quiet ranch life with a paranormal mission and four hot cowboys eager to share her is more than she ever dreamed of having.


A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance or suspenseful mainstream paranormals. Never at a loss for ideas, there are plenty of stories in her brain waiting to be written. Her two favorites book settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans...where anything can happen!

Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat. By day she crunches and analyzes numbers as an Assistant Controller for a division of a large international conglomerate which leaves the creative juices free for her erotic romance and paranormal suspense novels.


WIN - Leave Cheryl a question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for an autographed Cheryl Dragon Tote Bag filled with lots of goodies - t-shirt, mousepad, pens, bookmarks, a baby dragon, cute duckies and lots more! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner!


  1. Happy Saturday Cheryl and super congrats on your new release with Changeling!

    For those not familiar with your new series Warrior's Craft, can you tell us all about it and how the books are going to fit together?

    How difficult is it to write menage and how many do you think is too many? (Too many cowboys? Impossible!) Are your guys all straight or is there some interaction between them as well?

    Thanks for the great prize package we're giving away today and I hope FOUR COWBOYS AND A WITCH is a huge bestseller for you! Have fun!

  2. Thanks:)

    Warrior's Craft is a series of basically stand alone books (you don't need to read them in any order. they can be read as stand alone books).

    The main connection between the books is an online coven that connects the groups. These are modern day evil fighters who band together in small groups. The pagan aspect isn't huge in the stories but its informs their use of magic and doesn't judge their bisexuality. but all good pagans need to worship the goddess and having a woman in their lives enhances that connection.

    So in there is the answer that there is m/m contact. A LOT of it actually:) they are a group in every aspect.

    Too many cowboys? NEVER! I've been writing menage since 2007 and have always loved it. Back then it was m/m/f. Then a writer friend suggested more men:) I wasn't sure I could pull it off but I worked up a few ideas and dove in. I had so much fun writing them and giving heroines this overwhelming sexual experience that they could keep...I was hooked.

    I have never written more than four men with one woman in an erotic romance. That seems to be a comfortable balance (and there are always at least a couple of bisexual men in there so the heroine gets to watch some hot m/m action and enjoy that as well.

    Another author suggested I try five men, but I've yet to have an idea where I needed more men for the book to work. If the readers really wanted five or six men, I'm sure i could find a story that made it workable but I never toss in extra men as props. i can add a sex toy if they just need another member for that;)

    Almost all of the men are bisexual in my menage + stories. I like spreading the love. They all want the heroine but, for me, it reduces any competition if the men are into each other as well and the heroine can take a break and watch...get turned on all over again and take center stage when she's ready. I love that flexibilty...

    Hope you like the cowboys!! next book in the series has Bikers:)

  3. Please comment here for a chance to win...

    but also check out this contest I'm doing with three other great Changeling authors to celebrate our May/June releases:) Who doesn't want a love hangover???

  4. Hi Cheryl-

    I love your books. Congrats on your latest release. I will be picking up a copy to read.

    I do like your menage stories. If you had to pick a favorite menage that you have written about, which would it be and why?

    clbstitch at yahoo dot com

  5. another cheryl:)

    thanks so much!!

    If i had to pick a'd probably be Birthday Party Surprise. The heroine was dealing with a birthday and a guy who didn't seem like he'd commit and takes a chance...she ends up with four hot guys because she got honest with herself about wanting more and deserving better! We should all be so rewarded for being ourselves:)

    thanks for the question!

  6. Mmmmmm, 4 hot cowboys and 1 lucky girl! Sounds great! I love the m/m aspect. Until I started reading them, I never could understand why guys liked the idea of 2 girls together. Now I get it, lol. 2 or more hot guys (and muscular cowboys at that) with or without a girl is HAWT! Congrats on the release, eager to read what the guys do when they get a hold of Dani, and find out what has been killing the cattle.
    manning_2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Forgot to ask a question.....
      What are your favorite guys? Cowboys? Bikers? Vampires? Shifters? Something elase?

  7. thanks June! love the mm aspect too when i read and write. it adds such amazing layers:)

  8. Congrats! How did I miss this series? Now I need to go check out the first book Four Guys & A Witch. Have a great day.

    1_trouble AT msn DOT com

  9. thanks Donna! That one got some great reviews and was a ton of fun;0

  10. lol June! they're all my favorites:) super hot guys like that! bikers are edgy. cowboys are outdoorsy. hmmm...i think maybe military men might come out on top. disciplined and players and hot.

    Fly Boys was about for air force pilots who end up sharing Ms. Right;)

    I think I need to do a military one for this series!! yes?

  11. Am excited about your new book. Sounds wonderfully erotic. How long did it take from knowing that you wanted to be an author to having your first book published?

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  12. hi lil! that's hard...I knew i wanted to be a writer when i made up stories for my stuffed animals as a kid. but from the time i started actively trying to write books and publication was probably six years. I dabbled in a lot of different genres before finding where I fit in. when my crit group kept wanting to know when the next sex was...i finally realized the hot stuff worked and i started targeting things in the right direction.

  13. Hi! Congrats on your release! Sounds awesome! I love the cowboys and a witch. Sounds so cool! And hot! Lucky lady! :D I love that this is a series. I need to get reading! Where did you get your idea? What are you working on next?

  14. hi shadow!

    next in this series is Four Bikers & A Witch... yes, hot bikers who fight evil and ride harleys! do i turn them off?? lol! i think that's how you know you're a writer. there's a part of your brain that makes up things and rewrites tv shows/reality. i've got so many, i'll never run out. wish i could bottle the energy that part of my brain has and type that fast!

  15. Congratulations on the book! How do you like to celebrate each new book?


  16. thanks:) i have a book come out every month lately so I can't do anything elaborate:D

    generally i'll do a treat like good ice cream. we have a dairy in the chicago burbs called oberwiess that's premium stuff and a little dish of ice cream from there is very decadent:)

  17. I'm going to treat myself to this story this weekend.

  18. thanks leni! hope you enjoy it;)