Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Paranormal Suspense From Author L.J. Hadaway And Wild Child Publishing

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a new release for Wild Child Publishing and L.J. Hadaway!


Everyone knows Jaxon Slater. He's the life-of-the-party guy. He's the fun guy we want to invite to our outdoor barbeques but not marry our daughters. He is our nephew, the next-door neighbor who drinks too much, a friend of a friend that overdosed on heroin. He's the class clown in high school that was always in trouble from drinking and driving.

Jaxon Slater has 'pushed the envelope' and tried to scam his way through most of his life. He's charismatic and good-looking. Many things come easy to Jaxon. Sobriety isn't one of them. He's tried staying clean numerous times but always falls into a relapse, using one more time. His long time sponsor had warned him plenty. His last use of heroin landed him dead--in Purgatory.
Jaxon believes he is having a terrible nightmare until he finds an old friend and recalls how he died. Reality sets in and Jaxon begins to learn the rules of the strange land. He runs into a mean bunch of guys and an unlikely guide. To have a chance at saving himself, he must complete a quest: find a certain young woman and steer her away from the highway of destruction that killed him.

Old temptations linger, and dark forces shadow his path.

Can Jaxon survive the abyss of his deepest fears to find redemption?


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  1. Good morning! I am the author of Dark Side Of Purgatory- A quick summary is - a book about addiction and recovery, with a paranormal twist. The book trailer is available on my site: Any questions?

  2. Welcome Linda! Congrats on your new release!

    I'd love to know where the idea for your book came from and if there's a chance we'll see this world or these characters again in a sequel.

    Also, please tell us a bit about you and any other work you have available.

    I hope you enjoy your party today and here's to DARK SIDE OF PURGATORY being a big hit for you!

  3. This book sounds amazing.Congrats on its release.Have a fantastic weekend

  4. Wow, sounds great. Did you have to do a lot of research for your book?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  5. Yes- I have done research- having worked in the chemical addiction field for over 20 years- gave me plenty of material to work with...although everyone was alive- unlike Jaxon....... I've had so much fun in writing about him and his quest... and yes..there could be another quest down the raod...thanks for asking...As far as other books, yes, I have two others- One Step Ahead Of Danger and Life Choices.

  6. Congratulations on the book! what was your inspiration for the book?


  7. This book sounds wonderful. Can you tell me how many books you have written.