Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrating Some March Releases From JMS Books

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're spotlighting some of the March releases from JMS Books!

CAVE DWELLER by William Nikkel

December 7, 1941: Five Japanese two-man mini-subs speed toward the mouth of Pearl Harbor. Four mini-subs are sunk or captured. The fate of the fifth is unknown.

Late at night, nearly three quarters of a century later: Marine biologist Jack Ferrell sails into a mysterious fog off Kauai’s Na Pali coast and discovers the sunken mini-sub. But in a depression in the coral lies a greater mystery: a human skull the size of a grapefruit.

Through a colleague, he learns the skull is from an extinct species of child-sized human beings who lived 12,000 years ago on the remote Indonesian island of Flores. But this skull is no fossil -- the creature it came from died recently.

In search of answers, Jack joins a select team of scientists who plunge into a subterranean world deep within the rugged mountains of the mystical Na Pali coast. What should have been a routine scientific excursion becomes a deadly encounter with the unknown and a race against time as the expedition battles the elements, personal fears, and even one of their own to unearth the key to the origin of the skull and the surprising truth behind one of Hawaii’s famous legends, the Menehune.



Paranormal sleuth Mark Shotridge dreams of an Alaskan cruise ship in trouble and books passage to investigate his vision. After leaving Seward the first night at sea, Mark has another vision that suggests someone has been thrown overboard into the icy waters of the north Pacific.

Though no one is reported missing, Mark begins to question his special abilities. But soon a crew member is found murdered in his cabin, and Mark is certain there is more going on than he originally suspected. As the body count rises, he realizes a serial killer might be on board.

With his psychic abilities put to the test, can Mark stop the ruthless killer and unravel the mystery behind the murders before the ship docks in Vancouver?



Re-released with an updated cover!

When Michael Knapp brings his lover Dan Biggs home to meet his parents, he doesn't expect things to go smoothly. His mother's been trying to marry him off for years, and sometimes he isn't even sure his father knows he exists. He has always felt like the shadow son, competing with his terminally stupid older brother and smart-mouthed little sister for his parents' attention. Coming out to them over dinner seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally get noticed.

But an unexpected phone call interrupts his announcement -- Aunt Evie, the family matriarch, is dead. With Dan in tow, Michael follows his family to Sugar Creek, where he spent his summers growing up, to prepare for the funeral.

Amid an overabundance of memories and relatives, Michael's world begins to slip. His dysfunctional family, Evie's death, and an old friend's confession all threaten to smother him. Worse, in his grief and confusion he seems determined to inadvertently push everyone away, including his lover. Can he and Dan move beyond his family and his past to a new life together, before Michael's insecurities tear them apart?


MIMI ATTACKS! by Hayden Thorne

Book 5 in the Masks series

Following Arachnaman’s bigoted, hateful attacks, life in beleaguered Vintage City finally quiets down, but it doesn’t last long. Eric’s father begins to show symptoms of extreme fatigue, symptoms that Eric notices in a number of other people he sees elsewhere. Along with the superheroes, he tries to find a common denominator in all this, the surprising result being a new perfume shop that hawks very strong fragrances. A familiar pair of supervillains is suspected, but before the heroes can further investigate the motives behind this threat, people exhibiting symptoms of illness are transformed in the most shocking way, throwing Vintage City in a state of panic.

In the meantime, Eric monitors the Unofficial Calais Fan Club, which is now exploding with romantic Mary Sue fanfiction involving Calais as well as curious messages posted by a girl who’s apparently wildly in love with the superhero. References to her making “new friends” alert Eric to suspect that she and the current mayhem being inflicted on Vintage City are somehow tied together. The stakes are now raised for Eric, whose father has become a victim to a new crime wave and whose superhero boyfriend might also be under threat. All this, and he’s yet to survive school and find a job.


SOLE SURVIVOR by Matthew Scrivens

Two men want Adam Huntington. One wants to love him, the other wants to kill him.

Five years ago, Adam survived an attack by one of California’s most horrific serial killers. The experience scarred him, both inside and out. So to create a new life -- one without the world-known moniker, Adam, the Sole Survivor -- he moves to New York City, where he can be just another face in the crowd.

NYPD Detective Jake O'Malley takes the motto of “Serve and Protect” very seriously in all things, especially in matters of the heart. He’s had enough of cheating lovers and believes in monogamy, respect, and romance. His first date with Adam is a disaster. But when their paths cross ten months later, he asks for a second chance. Despite his large and physically imposing frame, Jake hopes Adam will come to trust and eventually love him.

Todd Eldin sees his muscled body as a finely honed tool, perfect for seducing and killing. When the police begin searching for the killer in a series of sexually sadistic murders, Todd successfully operates below the radar, until he spins a web to catch a more prominent prey -- Adam, the one that got away.

Has Adam finally outrun his luck? Can anyone survive the horrors of being caged, beaten and tortured for a second time? Or will Adam be able to use what he learned in California to save himself and his lover? Who will survive this deadliest of love triangles?


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  1. Welcome JMS Books and authors! Congrats on your new books and what a fantastic selection of releases you have for us this month!

    Please feel free to stop in and tell us all about your new books and how we can learn more about you and your work.

    I can't wait to find out more about these incredible new releases!

    1. Thank you so much for the warm and unexpected welcome! I'm Matthew Scrivens, author of Sole Survivor.

      As you might be able to tell from the blurb, my novel is about a man who survived a horrific experience at the hands of a notorious serial killer. He moves to NYC to start a new life and leave behind the public moniker "Adam, the Sole Survivor."

      Unbeknownst to Adam, one of the members of the group he facilitates is a budding serial killer. Todd enjoys the absolute power that comes from killing his sexual partners. When he discovers who Adam is, Todd decides to get the one that got away.

      One of the things that readers might find interesting about my book is that the story is told from three viewpoints: Adam--the survivor who has been rebuilding his life, Jake--the out and proud NYPD detective who is courting Adam, and Todd--the sadistic serial killer.

      Many of the readers have commented about how disturbing my villain is. To be honest, I don't hold back. I used to therapeutically work with murderers, rapists and molesters, so I have good insight into how dark their minds can be. As rational people, we don't think about the fact that many of these perpetrators don't think they are evil. They always have "valid" reasons for the horrific deeds they do--at least in their own minds.

      A book about a serial killer is bound to be dark--and mine is--but there is also romance and a few laughs to found here!

      Again, thank you so much for the welcome and the opportunity to ramble about my book!

      Matthew Scrivens

  2. Congratulations on the new releases JMS Books. You have got a wonderful selection of titles there and I can't decide which one I want most so I am having to add them all to my wishlist
    *does anyone know how to rob a bank without getting caught?*

  3. JMS Books- congrats on all the new releases. How do you choose what books to publish? Do you just go with what's popular or do you decide to branch out into something different?

    Joanne B

  4. Congratulations on the books! Are these books stand alones or part of a series?


  5. All of these books sound spectacular. Matthew, what inspired you to write Sole Survivor? I'm usually not a fan of such dark books, but this one catches my attention.


    1. Thanks for the question.

      I can tell you what triggered the story. There is a series on Biography channel called "I survived" which is a series of stories about surviving horrible situations: car jacking, serial killers, natural disasters, etc. The stories are told by the actual people that experienced the event. I find the stories fascinating and deeply inspiring.

      As to what inspired Sole Survivor specifically? Hmmm, I wanted to explore someone who had survived a horrific situation and then was faced with it again. How would they respond? Would the first experience inform their choices? Would they be better able to deal or so overwhelmed that they would collapse?

      Within that mash of questions, I wanted to tell both sides of this person's story--the overcoming of the past, the opening up to trusting enough to fall in love, etc. Hopefully, I have achieved a small portion of those things!

      Again, thank you for asking!

      Matthew Scrivens

  6. I was wondering if you plan more in your Vic and Matt series.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. All of the books look really good but the one that really got my attention was Sole Survivor it sounds a very emotional read. I can't wait to read it.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com