Saturday, March 31, 2012

Celebrating A Brand New Kincaids Story From Heidi Betts

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of ON THE VERGE OF I DO, a brand new Harlequin Desire release in her popular Kincaids Series from Heidi Betts - available in both ebook and print!

ON THE VERGE OF I DO by Heidi Betts

Dynasties: The Kincaids Book 4

Wedding, Interrupted

It’s hard for events planner Kara Kincaid to be planning her sister's wedding to the man Kara's had a crush on since childhood. Even harder when said sister calls the whole thing off. Hardest still is when the jilted groom shows Kara some very personal attention, threatening to destroy her relationship with her family - and Kara ends up in his bed anyway.

After a just-friends engagement that just didn't work, hotel magnate Eli Houghton thinks he's finally found the right woman. His new plan: convince Kara there's no hidden agenda, and that the magic words are I do…


Bestselling, award-winning author Heidi Betts began her love affair with the romance genre in junior high school, where she used to sneak romance novels into study hall when she should have been doing her homework. It didn't take long to decide she wanted to write a few romances of her own, so she set out to do just that.

Her first book was released by Dorchester Publishing in 2000, with five more to follow. From there, Heidi moved into the contemporary arena by writing numerous category titles for Silhouette Desire, and recently she signed with St. Martin's Press to begin writing funny, sexy single titles.

With each new book, Heidi asks herself how she can bring to life endearing heroes and heroines whom readers will believe are meant for each other. And with each new novel to hit the stands, readers and reviewers alike declare she knows how to create a story that sizzles, charms, and delights from the first page to the last. Her first title for Silhouette Desire landed at #1 on the Waldenbooks/Borders Series Romance Bestseller List, where her books have continued to make an appearance ever since.

Heidi loves to read, write, watch movies (and just a little too much television), and surround herself with furry, four-legged friends in her home in the beautiful hills of Central Pennsylvania.

For news, information about upcoming books, and tons of mischievous fun, visit Heidi online at  and .


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  1. Good morning Heidi and super congrats on the new release!!!

    Has anyone seen it in stores yet? I'm heading to our local Walmart and hope to see it there!

    For those not familiar with yoru Kincaid Series, can you tell us a bit about it and how the books fit together?

    Tell us about the new release and how it came to be. I saw you had some great excerpts of it up at your blog!

    Hope you have fun today at your cyber launch and I hope ON THE VERGE OF I DO is a huge bestseller for you!

  2. This book as already arrived on my tbr shelf... But an autograph copy would just be the highlight of my week... I love this series and can't wait indulge in the next chapter..

    Congrats on the new release Heidi...

  3. I have to wait till Tuesday like the rest of the world but I am really looking forward to it. I've gotten hooked on Heidi's blog and would love to know where she comes up with the madness that she puts out every day? I do look forward to it.

    1_trouble AT msn DOT com

  4. U of L or Kentucky? Answer wisely Heidi! Your "first" gut feeling is the best to go with.

    I can't wait to get my hands on this book!! (I've already won a copy so I'm out of this drawing) Just hope this book will hold me over until the next one. ( book a month, is that really to much to ask from you?!?!? j/k)

  5. Congrats Heidi!
    I'm so super excited to read this book. Most of us already know it's going to be a huge hit, so what are you going to write for us next?

  6. I enjoy all of your books! Do I have to read the first three books in the Kincaid Dynasty series???

    1. No, but it helps you understand the dynamics of the back ground story.

  7. Congratulations on the new release - looks fantastic!

    What's the hardest lesson you've had to learn over the years as a writer? And, if you don't mind me asking a second question, :) is there a particular romantic theme that you haven't written about yet that you'd love to do?

    Have a great day!

  8. I'm trying to win this book but if not i have it ordered already! Anyways,how do you come up with your character, do you use your friends or your books they are funny and have alot of hunks and romance! Can't wait to read this book!

  9. How many books are in the Kincaid Dynasty series. I can't wait to read this one. Sounds amazing.

    Joanne B

  10. Hi Heidi,
    I enjoy your books!
    Do you have a favourite genre?
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  11. Congrats on the new release, Heidi. I'm wondering if the Rock can portray Eli in a movie.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  12. Hi Heidi. Congrats on your new book. Sounds awesome. I love the cover.

  13. Congratulations on your release.

    Is there a genre you would NOT consider writing?


  14. Congratulations on the launch! The book looks so good. So my question is what's next? I know you just finished this one - but with the amount of time it takes to go from finished manuscript to launch gives some time to go on to the next.

    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  15. Can't wait to read this next book of the Kincaid series. Will order the e-book in hopes of winning an autographed copy. Congrats Heidi.

  16. Congratulations on the book! How did you decide what job to select for the heroine?


  17. Do you have any stories locked away that you are thinking about looking at again to work on?