Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celebrating A Fun New Sci Fi Romance From Pauline Baird Jones

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we are celebrating a fun new sci fi adventure romance from Pauline Baird Jones.

KICKING ASHE by Pauline Baird Jones

A science fiction romance novel

With hearts and lives on the line, a kiss may be all they have time for...

Time has dumped Ashe on a dying planet and she needs to figure out why before she ceases to exist. Or gets vivisected by some Keltinarian scientists. Or worse.

Vidor Shan might help - since someone somewhere is trying to hose him, too - if she can convince him to trust her. Probably shouldn't have told him that only someone he trusts can betray him. Also wouldn't mind if he kissed her on the mouth.

Vid would love to kiss the girl, but his brother is lost, he's got hostile aliens on his tail, and the stench of betrayal all around him. Can he trust the woman who told him to trust no one?

Then a time quake hurls them to a nasty somewhere and some when...


Pauline Baird Jones is the award-winning author of eleven novels of science fiction romance, action-adventure, suspense, romantic suspense and comedy-mystery. Her latest release is a steampunk/science fiction romance called Steamrolled.

She's written two non-fiction books, Adapting Your Novel for Film and Made-up Mayhem, and she co-wrote Managing Your Book Writing Business with Jamie Engle.

Her seventh novel, Out of Time, an action-adventure romance set in World War II, is an EPPIE 2007 winner. Her eighth novel, The Key won an Independent Book Award Bronze Medal (IPPY) for 2008 and is a 2007 Dream Realm Awards Winner. Girl Gone Nova, her ninth novel, won the EPIC Book Award, a Single Titles Reviewer's Choice award and was nominated for a Romantic Times Best Books award. She also has short stories in several anthologies.

Originally from Wyoming, she and her family moved from New Orleans to Texas before Katrina.

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  1. Hey Pauline!!! Super congrats on the new sci fi romance! This sounds like so much fun and knowing the humor you write with, I can't wait to read it! I know it'll be some crazy fun times for Ashe and her man!

    Tell us about the new book and if we'll be seeing these characters or this world (or worlds, as the case may be) again.

    And thanks so much for the great giveaway! AnaBanana's has some wonderful goodies!

    Enjoy your party today and I hope KICKING ASHE is your biggest seller yet!

    1. Ok - so I was checking out what they had over at AnaBanana's and saw their Zombie line and laughed my tush off...you two are sisters for sure!

  2. Many thanks for having me today, AuthorIsland! It had so much fun writing KICKING ASHE and yeah, it gets pretty crazy. LOL! KICKING ASHE actually is the last installment in my Project Enterprise series of connected books and stories. So its a bit poignant for me to release this book. I've had so much fun with all my characters and I already miss them. While I don't rule out visiting this universe, for now its done.

    The funny part, this was supposed to be a novella (unlike my BABs - big a** books), but it ran a little long, so I call it the mini-BAB. (grin)

    Thanks again for having me here today!

    1. Tell us what other books you have available in your Project Enterprise Series!

  3. Ana is so fun and I LOVE her stuff! That's why I've given it out in my prize packages for some time now and thought the GC would be a fun option for prizes.

    Okay, here's the books:


    and two connected short stories in anthologies:

    MEN IN JEANS (A Death in Texas Anthology)
    STEAM TIME (Dreamspell Steampunk Anthology, Vol 1)

    All books and stories can be read standalone, but they are more fun read together (my opinion and that of my readers!). :-)

  4. The best of luck on your novels, Pauline! There is always room for one more great book.

  5. Hi, Pauline,

    Another great novel! Congratulations. Wishing you every success.

  6. Pauline, a great launch and one I would expect from you!! The book sounds like fun packed with undeniable action.

    I'm anxious to read this new one and add to my 'Pauline Baird Collection.'

    What's on the horizon?

  7. Pauline...loved the whole interview:)...I have several of your books, and your Adapting Your Novel for Film. Lofty thoughts on my part!;) So, let me say, what's not to love about your writing?:) Nada:)...(sigh, is that how you SPELL that?)
    In looking back at this lil' comment, lo and behold, I have two inadvertint questions already. Ha!:) But, what I really want to know is...where the heck did you get that kooky hat on your head in your pic? Love it, gal!:)

  8. What a fun interview! Super congrats on the new release...and yeah, sad, but congrats on finishing up the series. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!! ;0)

  9. Wow! Another great book Pauline! I have loved your Project Enterprise series. Never thought I was a fan of this genre until I got hooked on your series! Thanks! So, what's your next project going to be?

  10. This entire series badly needs to go on my TBR list. *makes note* I like the book trailer. How much time and effort from the author go into something like that? (I mean, I realize you didn't make it yourself....)


  11. Hi Pauline

    Congrats on your new release i put it on my wish list :)


  12. @ Joe - Many thanks! enjoyed your interview today, too! Rec'd it to my sister. :-)

    @ Jacqueline - Many thanks! :-)

    @ Betty - Many thanks! On the horizon? Well, I got a lot of positive feedback on Tangled in Time, so going to try a "straight" steampunk (is there such a thing? LOL) No name yet, though "Iron" is in for steampunk. Might be out by the time I finish!

    @ Loretta - LOLOL! That is my steampunk chapeau! I wear it to steampunk conventions. Thanks for the support!

  13. @ LJ - Many thanks! I will be back to SFR, but thought I'd take a stroll through steampunk first. I do like the byways. LOL!

    @ Jill - thank you so much for the support! I am hoping that my readers will follow me into a little steampunk crazy. LOL!

    @ Regina - Many thanks! Appreciate you stopping by!

  14. @ -Ley - My book trailer was done by the awesome Su Halfrek of Novel Prevues. She also did my Steamrolled trailer which can be seen here:


    She really did such a fun job on it! I won the Kicking Ashe by commenting on a blog post. How cool was that? I am delighted to be added to your TBR!

  15. Pauline, you are a marvel! Congrats on the new release. What is your favorite sub-genre of speculative fiction?

  16. Oooo... and a time quake, too. Looks like LOTS of fun! Congrats on a great cyberlaunch for your mini-BAB. LOL

  17. Pauline, you are the most amazing person. So have you adapted any of the books in this series into a screenplay version? If not, get going, girl!

  18. @ Denise - many thanks (blushing!) My favorite sub genre is space opera. I like the high energy action, the space battles, the romance! LOL

    @ T.W. -- LOL! I just had to throw in a time quake! LOL! Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Cindy - blushing again! Thanks! I have not adapted any of them. Slap me! I wish I felt there was a market for girl-centric SF. There was a discussion on it at The Galaxy Express blog. So far Hollywood is not interested in SF films with girl cooties until its disguised as a guy film who just happens to fall in love. (wry grin) So not sure it would be a good use of my time to adapt. Sigh. I think they'd make fun movies, though.

  19. You amaze me, Pauline. Love that trailer, not to mention the title of your book. I look forward to reading it. I agree, your books would make fun movies. I love kick-butt women.

  20. Oh, thanks, Christy! I am so glad people like the trailer! it was such a fun process to through with Su! :-)

  21. Hi! Congrats on your release! Sounds great! Love the trailer too! What ideas do you have for your next book? Im always curious as to what you'll put out next. Your books are awesome! :) Congrats again! Have fun celebrating!

  22. Ah, Shadow, thanks so much! Appreciate the support! I am hoping to get a steampunk type novel out sometime this year. I've been reading and mulling and pacing. I tend to circle my ideas like a vulture, then pounce when they are vulnerable. LOL!

    1. lol Gotta love the steampunk. Cant wait to see what you come up with next! :)

  23. Congratulations on the book! It sounds very good. I like your characters' names. How did you come up with them?


  24. I love the sounds of your book. I also like those sunglasses. Do you have them in other colors.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  25. Hi, bn100candg! Thanks for stopping by. With Vidor Shan, I was trying to come up with a foreign sounding name, but one not too hard to pronounce. With Ashe, it just came to me and then turned into a fun title for the book. LOL!

    @ Debby - LOL! I got them at a steampunk convention in San Antonio, Aetherfest. I think they were available in other colors. Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Pauline, I'm with Cindy on the film script. I'll read the book, and then I want to see the movie. Love the trailer!

  27. Oh, thanks Anita! I wish Hollywood would give us more SFR movies. Its not like they are opposed to kick tush heroines, but they don't seem to home in on SF heroines. Thanks for coming to the party!

  28. I know that I am probably too late, but that's okay I so had to comment. Science fiction generally isn't something that I get interested in at all, and your book is the first one in a long time that I've been interested in knowing more about. Congratulations on all the awards you have gotten for your books!

    I should also thank you for posting about that gift card went over to the website and my mom saw all the scents they had on there for soaps and she knows what she wants for mothers day now lol.

    I don't think this has been asked but what is your favorite genre's to write or read about?

    Just in case I am not too late to comment I'll leave my email.

    tiffanykrepps @ gmail . com

  29. The party hasn't shut down yet, Tiffany, so glad you stopped by! LOL! Your mom has good taste. AnaBanana's stuff is awesome! Did you see her funny zombie stuff? LOLOL!

    I sure never expected to be writing science fiction. Surprised the heck out of me when my characters took flight. But its been a really fun ride. Lots of action, adventure and unexpected romance. :-)

  30. Yes I did. I was shocked after seeing those names how good some of those things would smell. Whoever makes those is very creative.

  31. I love science fiction and congratulations on all the awards you have received! Do you have a favorite? www.dkchristi.com author of Ghost Orchid dkchristi at yahoo dot com

  32. @ Tiffany - I know the zombie stuff will smell VERY good. LOL!

    @ DK - Thank you so much! Wow, choosing a favorite book is like asking me to choose which kid is my favorite. (grin) But Out of Time has a special place in my heart. I used some family stories in the writing of that book. :-)