Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celebrating A New Anthology From Black Velvet Seductions

SPANKED! is a collection of four romantic spanking stories. The stories are for those readers who like domestic discipline/spanking stories with a touch of romance.

In The Driving Seat – Richard Savage
Barbra loves to shop…especially for shoes. But she never would have thought that buying a pair of shoes would land her in so much trouble. Alan is tired of fighting with Barbara about money. He decides after one pair of $1500 shoes too many that what Barbara really needs is a spanking.

Intimate Submission – Cara Bristol
Reese wants Jamie's submission. But Jamie is convinced she needs to hold something back. But holding back is escalating the tension in her marriage. Jamie’s insistence on denying Reese one final act of submission pushes him to issue the ultimate ultimatum. Jamie must choose between surrendering the final piece of herself to Reese’s mastery or rebelling against the unfairness of the ultimatum.

Trusting Her – Starla Kaye
Rancher Sam Caldwell is in a funk. He’s been growling at his ranch hands, his friends and even his wife Katie. When Katie gets in a funk, Sam spanks her. So, when his bad mood stretches on with no end in sight, he decides to ask Katie to spank him.

Secret Desires – Cara Bristol
Morgan is perpetually late, but when she keeps him waiting one time too many he promises to spank her the next time she’s late. When she shows up late to her own birthday party Jack decides it’s time to follow through on his promise.


WIN - Leave Richard, Starla or Cara a question or comment today at their Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for one of today's FIVE prizes! Two readers will win their choice of a print copy or download of SPANKED! and three more readers will win a beautiful lace bookmark from Black Velvet Seductions! Be sure to leave your email address, if you want in on the contest, so we can contact you if you are one of our winners!


  1. Hey there Starla, Cara and Richard!!! Welcome and congrats on the new release! What a great anthology and a great way to sample new authors we might not be familar with.

    Please tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you have going on.

    And Laurie with Black Velvet Seductions, if you stop in today, please let us know what's going on over at Black Velvet.

    Thanks so much for the great prizes today and hope the new book is a huge seller for you guys!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing news about our new anthology release, Spanked! I am delighted to be part of this anthology with Cara Bristol and Richard Savage.

    I have been writing and publishing in the romance genre for fifteen years, mainly with on-line publishers. It has been a joy to work with Black Velvet Seductions and I look forward to publishing many more books with them.

    My first novella, Holly's Big Bad Santa, came out with BVS last Christmas.

    My story, Trusting Her, came out earlier this year and is now included in the Spanked! anthology. I publish a lot of romantic spanking stories, which is one of my special writing areas.

    But that is not all I write. I also do contemporary romance, sci-fi romance, paranormal romance, and historical romances, Western, medieval, and Regency.

    My next book with Black Velvet Seductions, Their Lady Gloriana, is in the editing stage now. This story is yet another new twist for me: a medieval menage story. I had great fun with it and hope my readers will too.

  3. Thanks for having us, DeNita! It's really exciting to see Spanked! published. There's such a variety of plots and characters in Spanked!, but the one common denominator is that there's spanking in every story! It's been fun to join in with my fellow co-authors to produce this anthology.

    I've been writing fiction for more than 20 years, but only in the last year have I focused on erotic romance and domestic discipline stories. It's so much fun to write. I have two stories in Spanked!: Secret Desires and Intimate Submission. Both are highly erotic.

    Just this week I sent my third erotic romance domestic discipline novella (called Spanking Melania) to Black Velvet Seductions and started writing my fourth.

    I'd love to hear from readers about what they want to read in a spanking story. What they like and dislike.

  4. Hi
    Thanks for the opportunity to chat.. It is lovely to be here. It is lovely to see Starla here and Cara too..

    It was a pleasure working on this new book and you are right it is a great way to read the work of three writers you may have not read before.

    A little about me, I have been an artist for 20+ years. I won't go too much into the art side as I am not sure how interested people will be.. You can see the art at and I am happy to talk about that but this is more about the writing. Having said that I started with Black Velvet Seductions at a cover artist, it was while attending a meeting discussing plot lines for a new book with a group of BVS writers. I was along as a cover illustrator but the supernatural nature of the book grabbed me and I asked Laurie Sanders if I could submit a story line for consideration. thankfully Laurie saw some merit in it and "The Anniversary" an erotic supernatural romance, was my contribution to the "Crimson Z" the next two stories were published together "Temporally Yours" and "The Key" both romances but "Temporally Yours" explores domination and summation within a loving relationship. The current story which is in the anthology "Spanked" is called "In the Driving Seat". It was only ever intended to be a very short two thousand word promo, but these things have a habit of growing. The story is about a lady with a shoe obsession and her husband who has tired of indulging here. I really enjoyed exploring the subject of domestic discipline and I truly hope you will enjoy the read.

    My next story is on the subject of Domination and submission it has been in the works for a while, but it is really starting to come together. I hope it won't be too long before it sees the light of day.

    Other than romantic fiction I am working on a book called "Beauty in Every Form" a non fiction book which addresses the thorny subject of body image, I think a lot of us look in front of a mirror and wish we looked different in some way. In the book more than 50 contributors share there views on the subject.

    just a quickie before I go as a dyslectic I often find myself amused by things I have miss-read or miss-spelt (apologies if there are typos in this, I have spell checker but no proof reader :O) ) I was on the BVS blog and saw “What Would You Do For A Copy Of Spanked!? Contest” I miss read it totally thinking it was asking "what would I do to be spanked!" It just touched a funny bone with me.. it is a competition you might like to visit

    I am always intrigued as to what reads like about there heroes and heroines in stories, is there an area you think we have neglected in stories, is there ever a moment you thought… "why ever don't they write about xxxxxxx?" I would love to know and in return if anyone wants to ask any questions to any of us including Laurie, please just ask..


  5. This looks like a great anthology.

    How did it come about???

    in Germany

  6. Congratulations on your new anthology, I always enjoy reading anthologies.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  7. Hi Valerie

    From my point of view my story was available as a pdf download form the bvs site for about a year..

    As your question came in I am chatting to Laurie.. to be totally honest I was not sure how she selected us for the anthology, so I asked and this is what she said "Basically, the truth of the matter is we collected four romantic domestic discipline stories which had been published on our site in PDF download only and put them in book form for those readers who prefer paperback, Kindle format, and other ebook formats. The anthology will be distributed more widely, so that readers who enjoy domestic discipline stories can more easily find it."

    oh and Linda.. I love reading anthologies too


  8. awesome contest where do your story ideas come from?

  9. This looks like some good spanking stories!! I enjoy anthologies, but have not seen too many in the past few months. Congrats on the release to all three of you!!


  10. forgot my email

  11. Starla's story has me wondering if there are many books out there where the man in a relationship with a girlfriend or wife has wanted to be spanked.
    What kind of feedback have any of the authors gotten on their stories?

  12. Hi April

    Where to the story ideas come from? goodness.. That is a good question.. For me it varies so much. My contribution for Spanked came from a lot of different areas. I was doing a series of illustrations for domestic discipline.. and came across the phrase spanking for pleasure.. it was exploring that within a marriage and to maybe save a marriage

    on a more general note my stories explore themes or have so up to this point "The Anniversary" explored the idea of what would you do for one more day with the one you love, how far would you go.. "Temporally Yours" came from me never having enough time.. and what if you could stop time and live in the gap. what would you do with your extra time.

    kind of curious to read what my fellow authors have as inspiration


  13. Some of my story ideas start out as daydream fantasies, although once they develop, they tend to stray from the original premise. In Intimate Submission, the concept I started with was a woman who was so bowled over by a man she would do anything to please him. In addition, I wanted to write a story about a boss/employee relationship.

    Secret Desires started out in my head as a strip poker game...whereby when the men lost a hand, their wives/girlfriends had to take off an article of clothing. As you'll see if you read it, I strayed from that premise, too, although there is a poker game that does play an important role in the story!

    As for how the anthology started out...from my perspective, I had written Intimate Submission and saw a "call for submissions" on the BVS website for a "spanked wives" anthology. I submitted my story, and the rest is history.

  14. Leni, the feedback I've gotten is that my stories are hot. If you're into spanking, Intimate Submission and Secret Desires will make BOTH sets of your cheeks blush.

    I'm curious...would more readers like to see more spanked husband stories???

  15. Congrats Richard,Starla, and Cara on your Book!! Sounds really interesting... cant wait to read it!!

    Sandy B.

  16. Congrats on the release.Each story sounds really good.
    I enjoy reading anthologies,good way to find new authors.

  17. CONGRATS!!


  18. Congratulations Cara, Richard and Starla! ;o) I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all four stories, excellent writing from all of you, well done! ;o) I love anthologies, I think they're so often overlooked in the realms of fiction, keep 'em coming BVS! ;oD

  19. @Cara. Yes, I'd like to read more spanked husband stories.

  20. As I said earlier, I have been publishing romantic stories of various sub-genres for 15 years. But I've been writing in other genres longer than that. My website lists most of my published works, with excerpts so you can see my style better.

    My wife spanking her husband story idea just came to me in a "what if" moment. I've written a ton of husband spanking his wife stories, as well as a lot of Alpha cowboy stories. I wanted to show how a strong-personality man who really loves his wife could humble himself enough to ask for a spanking. I'm happy with the way it turned out and may explore more stories along that vein sometime.

    Where do my story ideas come overly imaginative brain. I tend to write on several books at the same time so I don't get in a slump. My ideas may come from something in real life that I've witnessed, read about, or seen somewhere. They may be born from an idea based on something similar I read somewhere. And now that I review books, I'm exposed to even more story ideas.

    I forgot to mention earlier that I have an anthology of 12 related stories, Her Cowboy's Way, coming from Black Velvet Seductions around November 8. I don't know why it slipped my mind before.

    And I've written a Free Read short story involving a substitute faery godmother for Cinderella and the faery godfather for Prince Charming. "One More Happily Ever After" is in the final stages of being prepared for release at Black Velvet Seductions. I love writing little short stories every now and then.

  21. Congrats to the authors!
    I have read about this book on the BVS blog.
    I am looking forward to reading it.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  22. Goodness DeNita, you asked me to talk some about what is going on at Black Velvet Seductions but there is such a dizzying array of stuff going on that I'm not sure what to start with.

    There are several new releases on the horizon...there are lots of ongoing contests...there is a new calendar on the blog which lists some of the book related events going on on the web.

    I suppose what I'll do is chop those responses into topical areas and cover each area in a separate comment. Everything in one comment would probably make me dizzy and might be overwhelming for you.

    There is a lot going on at Black Velvet Seductions. :-)

  23. wow great book i love to read it and let you now what i think about

  24. It's typical to see the husband spanking the wife, so the reversal in Trusting Her is intriguing. But all the stories sound really good!


  25. I've read quite a few wife spanking husband stories, but most of them focus on the woman being really dominant and the man really submissive. That wasn't what I wanted to write. That isn't the man that appeals to me for real or in my writing.

    In TRUSTING HER, I tried to make him come across as still basically the more dominatnt one in the relationship. Yet I wanted him to believe in fairness, in equality in their marriage...even if he occasionally spanks her. I wanted him to show his love and respect for her by letting her take charge of him this time when he knows he has been behaving badly.

    I also wanted her to not come across as super submissive, just accepting of something (domestic discipline) that they have agreed on, and which he doesn't abuse. I wanted her to be surprised at his suggestion and to wonder if she could actually do it. She loves him enough to do as he requests and still worry about hurting him. And, as always in my stories, there is a time of showing their love, showing that the punishment was accepted as due and then forgotten.

  26. Congratulations on the book. The stories sound very intriguing and I was wondering if anyone ever asked a Domme/Dominatrix or Dom any questions about spanking for reasearch purposes.

  27. Congratulations!!! I enjoy reading anthologies from time to time. SPANKED sounds very interesting.

  28. Mary, actually I have asksed questions...on spanking blog sites. I mainly wanted to know what people think about/feel when they're being spanked or when they're spanking someone.

  29. I'm popping on a bit late in the evening. DeNita asked me about what's going on at Black Velvet Seductions so I wanted to respond to the question more fully.

    Black Velvet Seductions has a lot of new releases upcoming. You've heard about a few of them from Starla, Cara, and Ric.

    I've had the opportunity to edit Starla's upcoming release "Her Cowboy's Way" which will be her next release. If you like spanking stories in which the hero and heroine share a romantic, loving relationship then "Her Cowboy's Way" fits the bill. "Her Cowboy's Way" follows Brandi and Colby through their first year of marriage and through all the minor negotiations that make a marriage work...especially one which includes domestic discipline. It's a hot story...but also one that will leave you feeling good about Brandi and Colby and the love they have for each other.

    I've also had the opportunity to read Starla's book length Medieval erotic menage "Their Lady Gloriana" which I really love and am eager to release.

    In "Their Lady Gloriana" Lady Gloriana Stewart suffered a first marriage to a lord who was both brutal to his people and to her. She learns of his death and feels relief rather than regret. He trampled her feelings, bruised her body and her heart, but he did not break her spirit. She has no time to even think about being free of him. The same messenger brings news that she is expected to marry a powerful warrior even now on his way to Middlemound Castle. She will do as expected for the good of her people. It's a fabulous read for those who like marriage of convenience and M/M/F romance.

    I've just begun reading Cara Bristol's latest domestic discipline story which she posted about earlier in the day. It is a hot read with delightful characters that are easy to relate to. So far I am really enjoying it. If I didn't have a chat for authors tonight I'd be spending the night curled up reading "Spanking Melania".

    I've recently been editing Ric's non-fiction book "Beauty In Every Form" which is an interesting book as it delves into beauty...what it is...whether it is truly only skin deep. The book is a compilation of the opinions of people from all walks of life, from many different backgrounds, and cultures. It's an interesting and engaging book. I'm enjoying it.

    Beyond these books we have several others lined up...they include historicals, romantic suspenses, western historicals, and sensual contemporaries. 2010 and 2011 will be busy years with lots of new releases at Black Velvet Seductions.

    Check us out at

  30. Beyond the great books that are queued up for release later this year and into next year we have a lot of contests and prizes and contests at Black Velvet Seductions

    The biggest first! We're giving away a Kindle Wi-Fi or a $140 Amazon gift card on our blog at The way the contest is being handled this time is different than previous Kindle giveaways that we've done. This time there is a Kindle space hidden in the spreadsheet. Each week I print off all the comments from the blog and enter each person's name and email address on the spreadsheet. When someone lands on a colored square they get the prize associated with when someone "lands" on the square marked Kindle they will win the Kindle. This is a little different than other contests in that it rewards our blog readers who visit and post continuously.

    There are other prizes given away on the blog the same way. In addition to the square marked Amazon Kindle there are squares marked "pick from Laurie's books", lace bookmark, magnetic picture frames, Amazon gift cards, and other goodies. The pick from my books seems to have been a lot of fun recently. Each day I add a new book which I describe on the blog as I add it to the list that winners can choose from. There are now about 100 books on the list. They are from a wide variety of authors and are published by a wide variety of publishers. Just about every romance sub-genre is included. There are also some books that probably trend more toward straight suspense.

    We give away free Black Velvet Seductions ebooks every day to people who are subscribed to our newsletter. We also give away one $10 Amazon gift card each week to someone signed up for our readers newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter at:

    Our website is where we sell books...our newsletter is where we announce big things (and send out sample chapters of new releases), and our blog is where most of the fun is.

    We've recently added a new daily calendar on the blog where we list the book related events that we've been notified of. It makes it easy for people to check out some of those events. :-)

    I'm planning to add author interviews and will soon be having those authors who are interviewed make guest appearances on the blog as well.

    We also have occasional fun contests which are above and beyond the ones I've listed above.

    The blog is a place to hang out, have fun, and chat about books.

    We'd love to have you visit us at the blog:

  31. A final note before I sign off for the evening...

    DeNita, thanks for having us here on the blog. It's been a lot of fun! I've enjoyed reading the comments and questions.

    Thanks to everyone else for coming and for asking so many great questions.

  32. Hey, congrats on the release! So much has been covered, I'm not sure if there are any questions left... these (type of books) get bought/writen with couples in mind? IE expanding a spouse's experience, or improving their (his, hint) technique?
    Yes, my hubby teases my about my books, in a good nature sort of way. But he is sure interested in any sort of mood they might put me in (and asks, and asks...). So should/can these be for couples?
    And thanks for the contest!

  33. Hi Victoria...I think that any book that could put you "in the mood" could certainly be beneficial for couples. And if you like reading racy fiction together, that would be an option. From the standpoint of the FICTION that I write, the spanking is the TAMEST part of it. After my husband read my first one, I told him, "don't ever surprise me with this stuff." I think I write erotic fantasy that is meant for entertainment so it deliberately pushes the evelope. I would not recommend practicing it in the manner that it's written. Again, I'm speaking only of my stories, Secret Desires and Intimate Submission.

  34. BTW, Laurie, I'm glad you're enjoying Spanking Melania. It was a special story to write. I'm in love with all the characters. I was sorry to finish the book...I didn't want it to end.

  35. You two have given some great reading and I truly enjoyed the interview here. You can learn so much from these little blogs and so happy to be a part of this. I do not have an ereader so always happy to see when there is a book in print as well. I hope to be entered in your question..since there are two of you ever come to a point where you can not agree on something while writing a book? susan Leech

  36. Okay before any further time goes by I am sorry I realize there are three of you..sorry about saying just two of you. I can plead a senior moment or a blonde moment as I fit both bills. ha ha susan Leech

  37. Most romance books are written mainly for women audiences, but there are men who read them, too. I have two male friends who religiously read my stories or help me bounce ideas around. Still, my books are written with a woman's enjoyment in mind.

    I write about couples, either married or heading for their happily-ever-after. But I like to write in both character's POVs and try to let the reader see and understand what the man is thinking/feeling about a situation.

    I'm sure your husband is delighted when you get turned on when reading a really hot story. Been there, done that. My brother-in-law likes to occasionally read the "hot" parts of the romances my sister reads...turns him on and works for her as well.

    I have published author friends who like to write villain scenes, murders, dark stuff when they're in a dark mood themselves. That's great and I've done that, too. But you have to get out of that mood before you deal with your family or your husband again. A husband would much rather you turn to him after reading (or writing) a "hot" scene than when you're thinking about (or writing about) something really horrible and vicious.

    Sorry, I'm babbling now. Tired, I guess. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our anthology, Spanked!

  38. Hi Susan - Ric and Starla and I wrote our stories completely independently of each other and submitted them to BVS. It was Laurie's decision which stories to include in the anthology. So each story is different...but they're all unified by a spanking theme.

  39. Congrats on the new release. This sounds like an interesting book.I have not read many spanking stories and this one seems like a good one to start with.


  40. Before it gets too late and I forget, I want to thank Authorisland/DeNita and everyone who dropped by today to say hello. Also, I want to remind everyone that if you're not the lucky winner of a copy of Spanked! by posting have one more chance. You can post on the BVS blog by midnight(eastern time), Oct. 24 and be entered to win a free copy of Spanked! Good luck everybody.

  41. This sounds like a very good book. I love reading books like this.


  43. I LOVEEE BVS! im ahuge fan to see another releas eis out awesomeness yAy i hav to say Laurie S is an awesome lady I love these books great post please count me in

  44. sorry I am a bit late on this one.. I am in the UK and the time difference meant I had to cut out and catch up in the morning


    You asked if we did research about spanking from Dommes and Doms. I guess I am in the lucky position that my studio holds a "Munch" a gathering of folk into this lifestyle.. A lot of my art customers are into "The Scene" and you have a wonderful access to this kind of information, if you want to know if a scene in a story rings true I have the opportunity to ask.


    You ask about couples.. for me I try to write with a female voice where I can as I know most people who read this genre are ladies, but as I read them too I am aware that couples may read and share. I am delighted if couples read them together, or if it can spice up your love life. I think the racier books give you a chance to explore a subject in your mind. surly that is the purpose of erotica to stimulate the mind, explore new things, you never know it might open new doors..


  45. Hi Susan

    As Starla said we do all write independently, the only time I have been involved with anthology that was linked was with "The Crimson Z" all the stories were linked and there was a common theme, but it all worked pretty well. The late Robert Cloud wrote links to our stories and Laurie kind of tied it all together. BVS has a real family feel to it and it is always real pleasure working with the other writers. I get to work with each author when we do the covers too. BVS is unusual in the respect it really likes to involve the author with the cover art. I have just finished the cover for "Her Cowboy's Way" and it was a pleasure working with Starla and Laurie on it. So rather than us not agreeing, we all get on rather well..


  46. Well… I think I have answered all that was asked.. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Authorisland/DeNita. I would like to than everyone who wished us well with the book and those asking us the questions. It has been a privilege to meet you all, thank you for having us. it has been great to see Starla, Cara and Laurie here too, I hope to be working with you all soon.

    Congratulations if you are one of the winners of spank here or no the BVS web site

    If you are interested you can sign up for the BVS newsletter at the bvs site and I have a newsletter where you have the chance to win art work and there will be a competition to win a copy of spanked there too. e-mail me at to join my newsletter

    Thank you all again


  47. I'm sure I'm too late to ask but what do the authors think of book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  48. Congratulations Cara, Richard and Starla on the release of 'Spanked'. Sounds like a great set of stories...would love to win a copy..LOL!

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net

  49. Hi Tracey -
    I like the book trailers I've seen. They're very intriguing. I don't have one (yet. Maybe for Spanking Melania). I don't know if it improves sales or not. Promotion doesn't always have a direct cause and effect so it's hard to tell what promotions have a positive benefit. All I try to do is get the word out there.

    And thank you "Anonymous" ... if anyone would updates on my stories, I blog regularly at

    Also, I just started tweeting...

  50. Personally, I don't get into book trailers. I've seen a few, but they don't interest me. And I think they're far too much work for the effort or for the possible increase in sales. Again, just my opinion.

  51. Hi Tracie

    As a general rule I believe publishers organise the trailers, but I do know some authors that do and some that like to be involved. it is not something I have tot into yet but it interests me. Do they help sell? Well it is like most marketing it is hard to say. I believe it is true that a good trailer is better than a bad one.. and a real bad one might harm sales..

    Thanks for the comment and thanks again to everyone