Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celebrating A Brand New Dancin'With The Devil Book From Sam Cheever And Ellora's Cave

Today we're celebrating the release of the fifth book in Sam Cheever's award-winning Dancin' with the Devil series starring one feisty little tweener named Astra Q. Phelps.

Sam writes fast paced fantasy and romantic fiction with feisty characters who deal with life's little challenges in unique and often hilarious ways. As a reader Sam is very impatient. She quickly loses interest if a story doesn't have a good pace and snappy dialogue. Sam's inability to focus in a backwash of human angst and subtleties works out well for her readers, since she writes the way she likes to read.

In her real life, Sam lives on a hobby farm in Indiana with 10 dogs, 4 horses, 2 barn cats, 2 daughters, and one husband. Not necessarily in that order.

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THE DEVIL YOU KNOW Book 5 in Sam Cheever's Dancin' With the Devil series

Astra Q. Phelps is turning twenty-five in a few months and she's starting to feel the effects of her Settling, the time when a half angel, half devil Tweener decides whether to embrace her dark nature or her light.

The delectable Dialle, king of the Royal devils, really needs Astra's help in Hell to deal with an insurrection. But Astra's Settling pretty much has her thinking of only one thing - S.E.X.!

Sex with Dialle, sex with her yummy partner Emo, sex with a molten-hot dragon slayer she meets along the way, and sex with assorted other randy Royals cavorting among the fires of Hell. It's a constant struggle just to keep her mind and body pure so she can concentrate on the business at hand, but Astra Q. Phelps is definitely up for the challenge. And Good versus Evil has never been this much fun!


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  1. Hi, Sam-

    Congratulations on #5 in the series. Thanks for the Trick or Treat Event too.

  2. Hey Sam - Happy Release Day lady!!! I remember when I first met you and TWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL, the first book in that series was just about to be release - I can't believe I've helped you celebrate FIVE of them!!! I love Astra and hope she bothers you for more and more stories!

    Is this the first Dancin' With The Devil story from Ellora's Cave? How has that changed your direction with the books?

    And for those not familar with your series, please tell us how the book connect and a little bit about this world you created!

    Hope the new book is a HUGE BESTSELLER for you!! Enjoy!

  3. Congrats Sam on your latest release!! I love this series and cant wait to read this one... plus I love the cover!

    Sandy B.

  4. Congrats on your latest release. Great cover on the book, this is such a fun series of books to read.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Hey Sam - tell us all about your Halloween Love Stories too!

  6. Hey Anne! Thanks for the congrats and I hope you're enjoying the contest. It's lots of fun this year!

  7. DeNita!

    Thanks for sponsoring my cyber release party! You're the best.

    Yes, this is the first book in the series that was released through Ellora's Cave, which means it's erotic rather than sensual. I was a little worried about that, I don't want to offend any of my readers who loved the other books in the series but who might not be fans of erotic. So I've tried to make it very clear that this one is a bit different. But other than the heat level, this book still has all the fun and all the adventure that the other books in the series had. All the characters are the same, though I've added a fun new one...a sexy Tweener named Slayer...sssssizzzzllllleee! #:0)

    My Halloween Love Series is about two paranormal races that are connected through mating magic. The Lupire are a race of mixed heritage, both vampire and werewolf, who work for the Vampire Commission, a protective body for the magical races. Lupa Guardians are an elite werewolf pack. The Lupire can only find mates from within the Lupa Guardian pack. These stories are short, around 10k, and erotic. And every story happens on Halloween night. There are two books in the series right now but I'll be adding a new one every year.

  8. Hey Sandy!

    Isn't the cover awesome? I had a chance to talk to the artist at RomantiCon and she was grinning from ear to ear when I got done with her! The cover is not only gorgeous but it captures the whole concept of the book perfectly. The dichotomy between Astra's light and dark sides, brought to the surface by her Settling, is perfectly represented by Dar's vision of the cover. She did an incredible job. And the sexy dude doesn't hurt either!! Snort!

  9. Jean P!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the series. It's definitely been my favorite series to write. I love the characters and the world. It's fun to be able to share the books with readers who like them too! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  10. yum yum sounds great thanks for the peak ;)

  11. Welcome Sam and congratulations on your release .I love your work and cant wait to read You Dont Know.
    Have a wonderful day

    wanda f

  12. Happy Release Day!!! This looks like a great read that I can't wait to get my hands on.

    I'm glad to read that we aren't the only ones that have a zoo at our house :).

    And--- The Trick or Treat contest is awesome (on AuthorIsland). Thanks for hosting it again.

    dhrrngtn at yahoo dot com

  13. Hey Dea!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the contest. It is a lot of fun. Okay, now you have to tell me about your zoo! I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours! Har!

    I have 9 dogs, 2 barn cats, and 4 horses. The dogs: 4 dachshunds, 1 Basshund (doxie/basset hound cute), 1 elderly Shi Tzu, 2 husky mixes (90 lbs each!), and 1 cattle dog mix (cute as a bug and a total alpha!).

    Horses: 2 Friesians (think big black, hairy warhorses) 1 appendixed quarter horse (quarter horse/thoroughbred mix) and 1 appaloosa (spotted #:0).

    Cats: fat and happy #:0)

    Bdeep, bdeep, bdeep, that's all folks!

  14. The Devil You Know sounds awesome! Congrats on Book 5.

    It sounds like your life is fun with all those animals and husband.

    I still live with my parents and we have 2 dogs and 2 cats though I'd love to have more.

    Thanks for the Trick or Treat contest. I've found a bunch of authors that I'm now interested in (you included).

    jessangil at gmail dot com


  15. Wow, so many animals. I love animals but only have a budgie (parakeet for you US folks...hehe). If I could I'd have a menagerie too!!!

    Love that cover, love the sound of the book!!!

    in Germany

  16. oops, forgot email.....just in case.

  17. My life is indeed crazy with all my animals. Some days I feel like all I do is clean stuff up, exercise and feed critters, and then clean more 'stuff' up after they eat! Har! But I love every minute of it.

  18. This sounds like a really good book, I love the humor you can sense even in the blurb. I'm working my way through the Trick or Treat too, and enjoying myself very much.

  19. Congrats on your latest release!
    Hope it does well for you.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  20. Hey Ley! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the contest. It's especially fun this year I think. I have a really great group of authors. Thanks for coming to my party!

  21. Estella!!! How you doin' lady? Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Hi Sam!
    Definitely getting The Devil You Know. Read the excerpt and it was fabulous. The cover is pretty sweet too!

  23. Sam!!! Book 5 already! And only?? ;) Thanks for keeping us insatiable readers happily reading!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  24. Your a new author for me and where have you been all my life? LOL, your books sound incredibly hot and I feel like I've been missing out. With the amount of times sex was mentioned in the blurb, I need to fan myself :)

  25. Yup, five big ones...well, technically, 4 big ones and a little time flies, eh!

    Jolene, you know, it's funny, the blurb really does describe what Astra is going through in the book. You can't imagine how hard it is to write two paragraphs that are fun, interesting, and reflect all the stuff that happens in a 60 thousand word book. And to make it even more fun, my editor tells me to make the blurb hot, hot, hot. Well dang! So I'm really happy to hear I achieved the hot, hot, hot part anyway. Snort!

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

  26. Congratulations on your new release. Great cover and excerpt I look forward to reading it.

  27. Have not read this series yet so I have some catching up to do.

    linze_e at