Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Celebrating Erin Nicholas' First Print Release

Today, we are celebrating the print release of Erin Nicholas' first novel NO MATTER WHAT.

Erin has been reading romance since her mom first let her into her book cupboard when Erin was about fourteen. LaVyrle Spencer, Julie Garwood, Debbie Macomber... they took Erin's 'happily ever after' ideas from animated princesses to real people in the real world.

She's been writing romance almost as long. Many a family car trip was spent with her head bent over a spiral notebook in the back seat. She'll confess that her very first attempts at fiction were fantasy and paranormals, influenced by her father's love of the Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original Alice in Wonderland. If Harry Potter had been around, Erin's sure he would have been on the bedtime story shelf as well.

But it wasn't long until Erin started writing about true love and that's where she's been ever since.

She's so thrilled to be able to share these stories with you and hopes that they make you smile, sigh, maybe even choke up a little. Most of all, She hopes that they help you believe in magical things like first kisses, the spark of passion, and the power of true love.

Erin loves to hear from readers! Please write her at Erin@ErinNicholas.com

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The best doesn't come cheap...and this time it could cost him his heart.

NO MATTER WHAT by Erin Nicholas

Adam Steele is good. Good at using his money to get his way. Money always works - until he realizes he can't buy his daughter's way out of her new wheelchair. Three private physical therapists later, he's almost given up on Emily walking again. Then he meets Dr. Jaden Monroe. And his match.

Jaden doesn't know the meaning of the word "quit". But she knows a lot about "fired" after a public blowout with her ex jeopardizes the donation her hospital was counting on. Now the most tempting man she's ever met has made her just the offer she needs to save the new children's rehab wing - one million dollars to rehabilitate his daughter. In return she finds herself making Adam rash promises: that his daughter will walk in time to take the lead in the school play. And that he won't entice her into his bed. No matter what.

But Jaden didn't anticipate a teen whose injuries are more than physical. Or a man so passionate and devoted - and as tenacious as she is. As Adam wears down her defenses with kiss after kiss, the only thing harder than keeping her promise will be keeping a hold on her heart.

Product Warnings: This debut book by Erin Nicholas contains heated arguments that erupt only slightly more often than hot kissing, a new perspective on kitchen appliances, and sizzling sex occurring everywhere BUT the bedroom (though they eventually make it there).


WIN - Leave Erin a comment or question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for an autographed copy of NO MATTER WHAT and a groovy bookmark! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner!


  1. Yay, Erin! Happy release day--I can only imagine how exciting it must be to hold a new print title of your OWN words! How wonderful! Congratulations, and hope you're celebrating in a special way!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net



  3. Hi Erin!
    congrats on the print release - I've already read No Matter What as an ebook and I loved it!! and I will def buy the print book for my bookshelf *g*
    wish you all the best, Ina

    inale87 at gmx dot at

  4. CONGRATS Erin!!!

    Sandy B.

  5. Wow - what a wonderful day - there's really nothing like holding a print copy of your book in your hand - bet you're still happy dancin'!

    This book did really well for you as an ebook and got you some great reviews, so it's great to see it become available for those who only read print.

    Hope you're enjoying your very special day!

  6. Congrats Erin!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  7. Congratulations, Erin! Having "No Matter What" release in print is a sign of your growing list of accomplishments as a published author! I wish you much continued success. I'd love to win a print copy of your first novel : )

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  8. Congratulations on the print release of No Matter What. I'm looking forward to holding Adam and Jaden's story in my hands.


  9. Big congrats on the print release!!!

    in Germany


  10. Congrats on your print release.
    love the warning.sex everywhere but the bedroom :)

  11. Hi Erin. Congrats on your print release. :)

  12. Congratulations on your new print release. As much as I like ebooks there's nothing like holding book in your hands when your reading.


  13. Congrats on the print release of your book!
    I read a lot of ebooks, but prefer to hold a paperback in my hands.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  14. Congrats on the print release! You must be very excited to actually hold the book. The book sounds great BTW and I love the cover!


  15. Congratulations!!! I have to say the phrase "a new perspective on kitchen appliances" fired up my imagination.


  16. Congrats on your debut book and many more.



  17. Congrats on your first print release, its always fun to see your name in print.

    jend451 at gmail dot com

  18. congrats! your work is awesome so glad to se eits in print as well you rock!

  19. Hi, everyone! (Work and football game are finally over so I can stop by-- whew!!)

    It *is* so fun to have the book in print. I'm a huge e-book lover and read them 90% of the time, but of course became a romance reader in print so yeah... putting my book next to my favorites on my keep shelf is pretty special!!

    Plus, much easier to autograph! *G*

    Thanks for stopping by for the party!

  20. congrats and i think contests are a great way to find new authors thanks this book sounds like i'd love it :)


  21. This looks great!! Congrats on your new release!!

  22. Congratulations on your first print release. I loved the product warning, it makes one really want to get the book.

  23. Opps, it's acm05atjuno.com for Anne's comment.