Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebrating Melodie Campbell's New Time Travel Fantasy

All day today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating Melodie Campbell's humorous and exciting new time travel fantasy with Imajin Books!

ROWENA AND THE DARK LORD by Melodie Campbell

Land's End Series Book Two

Dark magic…dark passions…

When Rowena is abducted from Arizona and taken back to medieval Land’s End, one thing is clear: she must learn to control her powers of magic. It isn't easy being a modern girl in an archaic land, and when Rowena accidentally conjures up a Roman Legion in mid-battle, Land's End is on the brink of a war that could jeopardize everything and everyone she loves.

The stakes are raised when the Dark Lord reappears and traps Rowena in a cyclone of lust and passion. Once again she is torn between the man she loves and the mage who fires her desire.


Melodie Campbell achieved a personal best this year when Library Digest compared her to Janet Evanovich. 

Melodie got her start writing comedy (stand-up and columns.)  In1999, she opened the Canadian Humour Conference.  She has over 200 publications including 100 comedy credits, 40 short stories and 4 novels. Her fifth novel, a mob caper entitled The Goddaughter’s Revenge (Orca Books), will be released Oct. 1. She has won 6 awards for fiction, and was a finalist for both the 2012 Derringer and Arthur Ellis Awards. 

Melodie is the Executive Director of Crime Writers of Canada. Her humour column ‘Bad Girl’ appears in The Sage.
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  1. Good morning Melodie and super congrats on your new release!

    Being a new author for me, I'm so excited to have you here and to learn all about you and your Land's End Series.

    For those not familiar with you series, can you tell us more about it and your new release? And it's great to have you with us on May 1st since it's so important in Celtic magic and your book is centered around Celtic magic, right? Please, tell us more about that.

    Thanks for being with us today and for the great giveaway! I hope you enjoy your party here today and I want to wish you great success with your new book! Here's to it being your biggest bestseller yet!

  2. Delighted to be here! Thanks very much.

    Rowena and the Land's End series is a rollicking adventure romp! Reviewers have called it "Hot and Hilarious!" and "The Princess Bride with Sex."

    And indeed, I did set out to write a funny adventure novel for women. Imagine if you could walk through the wall of your workplace, into another world. What would you find there?

    In fact, What's Behind YOUR Wall? smile

    Rowena finds that behind her wall is an alternate world based on medieval England where she is the daughter of an Earl, and a hereditary witch. And that's where a lot of the comedy comes in. She doesn't know what she is doing with magic and the results are hilarious!

    Not only that, but her arrival sparks a rivalry between all the Lords of Land's End for her hand in marriage. Rowena
    is in for one sexy time.
    Today is Beltane, a special day in the world of Celtic Magic - perfect for celebrating the second of the series, Rowena and the Dark Lord.

    1. Did you leap over any fires today, Mel? I certainly hope poor Frankenpoodle didn't have to follow that Beltane custom!

    2. Laff! Susan, I am, like Rowena, much more likely to fall into rivers and destroy dresses! Frankenpoodle was my model for Loki in the book. Different colour, but same beautiful temperment. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Nice to meet a new-to-me author. This book sounds great!
    Do you have a favourite genre to read?

    1. Hi Chey - I write comedies in two different genres, so yes, I love to read them as well. It's interesting: recently I discovered that I love books written in first person. That's how I write. That way, I become the character when I escape into her world.
      But what do I love best? Adventure stories featuring spunky women, that are a little spicy (the stories,) and true screwball comedy!

  4. Yeah! A new author for me!

    Is this book a comedy? I can't really tell from the description, but from the comments it sounds like it might be. Is it a parody or more of a romantic fantasy comedy? Off to read the excerpt, probably be able to tell by that.