Thursday, May 2, 2013

Celebrating Veronica Tower's Hot New IR Romance

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a sexy new IR Romance from Veronica Tower!


April has a problem. Her boyfriend, Mark, has developed a new hobby – setting up a video camera to record them in the bedroom – and he’s not taking no for an answer. The more that April resists and complains, the more certain Mark becomes that she is the one with the problem – that she is the one refusing to be supportive.

Desperate for a return to some normalcy in their relationship, April agrees to make a single movie, never dreaming that Mark would take this as permission to invite a stranger into their home to operate the camera. Will there be no end to Mark’s madness? Will anything induce him to Please Stop Filming?


Veronica Tower was married to her high school sweetheart for five deliriously happy years and ten far less wonderful ones. Now she is taking the time to make up for lost opportunities. In addition to returning to school to pursue a degree in psychology, Veronica has committed herself to fully exploring her fantasies, both in writing and in person…


WIN - Leave Veronica a question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a copy of her new release! Please leave your email address so Veronica can contact you, if you are today's winner!


  1. Happy Release Day Veronica!!

    Congrats on other sexy release with Red Rose. Tell us all about the new book and where the idea for this came from.

    You've had a busy spring - tell us about your other new releases and what's coming up next.

    Best of luck with the new book - hope it's another bestseller for you and thanks for the giveaway!

    Enjoy your launch party and I hope you're spending your release day doing something super fun!

    1. Every time you turn around there seems to be another celebrity having naked pics of herself or a sex tape leaking onto the internet. This book isn't about a celebrity, but it got me thinking about the whole question of how and why someone films themselves during intimate moments. Then I started wondering about the pressures that could be brought onto a partner to participate in the film. The result was Please Stop Filming.

      This has been a great year for me because I also had my novel, Healing, come out at Red Rose on February 14 (It's on, All Romance eBooks, etc. now.) and some great short stories at both Red Rose and Ellora's Cave. These are some very sexy books which were fun to write and I'm very proud to share them with my readers.

      I'm working with my EC editor now on, Jewel, the first book in my new Science Fiction series. I also have a series of short teases called "Daydreams" coming out from Red Rose this summer.

      Thanks for the launch party!

  2. What lead you to write IR romance? What other kinds of romance do you write?

    1. I don't know if there is any one answer to your question. I'm writing about people who fall in love, or sometimes about people dealing with problems in their long term relationships. In my works those people tend to be black and white--a very sexy combination.

      When I started out, I was writing mostly about contemporary issues, but I've started to branch out. I've got an historical romance now (The Runaway), and I'm working on two new series which branch away from the contemporary: one SF romance and one a Fantasy/SF piece.

  3. What's your hobby?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Writing, of course, it's pretty awesome to have a hobby you get to share with people like this.

  4. Congratulations on your new book. I think the cover is beautiful and the book sounds interesting. I plan to read the excerpt as soon as I write this.

    My question for you is how many books do you have available and what is your favorite?

    1. Thanks for your praise of the cover. Red Rose is blessed with a great artist and she managed to get my heroine looking both beautiful and very displeased by what's going on.

      I had to go count my books to answer your question and to my surprise, Please Stop Filming is my 30th. That's six in the novel/short novel range and a whole bunch of novellas and short stories. Wow!

      It's always hard to choose a favorite. Usually I get so involved in my current work that it pushes out the others while I'm writing it. Please Stop Filming was a very emotional book to write because my heroine is being manipulated into doing something she's really uncomfortable with and trying to figure out how much compromising she owes the man she's love. That's a heady topic and I think it's one that people can relate to.

      But I can say similar things about others of my works. Ari's struggle to come to grips with the price she has to pay to get her legs back in Healing; Ember's battle to control her feelings and stay professional in Rock Idol; Delilah's determination to escape from her master in The Runaway; and I could go on but you get the point. These are very engrossing subject matters and so I've loved them all.