Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrating Sandra Sookoo's New Strange Hallow Release

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a sexy new paranormal historical from Sandra Sookoo.

Sandra Sookoo is a writer of romantic fiction. Her portfolio includes historical, contemporary, sci-fi and paranormal romances. She loves to blend genres and spice them up and often times will add humor as well.

After catching the writing bug at the young age of ten, she’s gone on to grow her unique writing style. She’s a regular contributor for the Paranormal Romantic's blog and has a great time keeping things interesting at the Believing is Seeing blog.

When not immersed in creating new worlds and interesting characters, Sandra likes to read, bake and travel. Her favorite place to spend vacation hours is Walt Disney World. It’s where dreams come true and the soul can play. That suits her just fine. Writing is her ultimate dream job.


MARKING TIME by Sandra Sookoo

Sometimes the destination is not as important as the journey.

Ava Lesarris has her life figured out. She has a great job, has accepted her latent wolf shifter identity and is looking forward to climbing the corporate ladder. When a faulty GPS unit leads her to a town called Strange Hollow, she's in a quandary, even more so when she's suddenly transported back to the year 1900.

Sam Tremaine is the last of his kind. He's a Phoenix, living in Strange Hollow during what should have been its greatest time - the founding year, but he can't enjoy it. He's dying which leaves him with one regret. He's never found a woman whose spirit is as strong as his own. He wants be remembered but time is running out, not to mention he hasn't been able to get "it" up for months.

Worlds collide as the past and present come together in Strange Hollow. Ava will need to figure out her purpose while Sam struggles to come to terms with his fate. If they're lucky, the special town will offer the answers they're both seeking before the next phase of life begins.


WIN - Leave Sandra a question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a copy of Sandra's new book! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good Luck!


  1. Good morning Sandra and super congrats on the new release and for being a part of the Strange Hallow Series - I love that series!

    For those not familiar with the series, can you tell us a bit about it and how the books fit together?

    And I must say, I never read a book with a phoenix as the hero, tell us about that and how you came up with this character.

    I love the cover and can't wait to read the book - heading over now to check out the excerpt.

    I hope you enjoy your cyber launch party and I hope MARKING TIME is a huge hit for you!

  2. I <3 Sleepy Hallow! Congrats on the new release--it sounds sooo interesting :)

    Stephanie Beck

  3. Hi Steph! Strange Hollow really is an interesting place.

    Hi DeNita! Thanks for hosting me again. Strange Hollow is an imprint of Liquid Silver Books. These stories are set in this fictional town wherein everyone is...strange. They're the oddballs and outcasts of whatever group they belong to.

    My husband actually picked out the race of being for this story. I didn't want to do a "run of the mill" sort of species, so we went with a phoenix. Of course, then there has to be a specific set of rules involved with lead to an interesting problem down the line :-)

  4. Oh wow! This is a first for me too a Phoenix character. How fun that your husband helped you with coming up with it.

    Do you guys work together on all your books or is he just your sound board for questions you are trying to work out.

    Loved the excerpt and will be sure to check out your book!

  5. Sounds great! I love the sound of it. Congrats on your release! What are you working on next?

  6. Hi Katie :-) If I have plot problems, I'll ask my hubby his opinion. If I'm working on sci-fi he helps me a great deal :-)

    Hi Shadow. Up next will be a sci-fi romance :-)

  7. Congrats on the new release.It sounds really good. I've never read a book with a phoenix in it before.

    Can this be read as a stand alone book?


  8. Hi Elaine. Absolutely it can be read as a stand alone. None of the books are connected except for the fact they take place in that town :-)

  9. Sounds great and I love the cover!

  10. Sounds intriguing, and I also love the cover!
    crimnos at gmail dot com

  11. Fascinating premise. Love the idea of a phoenix hero. So different!

    From your bio, it sounds like you write a lot of different things. How do you juggle all those genres?

    jeanettelgrey at

  12. The plot of the novel sounds really interesting. I like reading from time to time this kind of literature. And I think that the inclusion of a Phoenix character is quite intriguing. Never read of such a character before. It is lovely to meet new authors and novels.

  13. Hi Kellie! I love the cover too. :-)

    Hi Jonathon! The artist does a fantastic job on all of them!

    Hi Jeanette! Juggling genres? Well, I only work on one book at a time. A few times it's hard but normally I don't have a problem :-)

    Hi Cinta! Nice to meet you and I hope you check out my phoenix :-)

  14. Hi Sandra. Congrats on your new release. Pretty cover and a great trailer.
    Sue B

  15. Congrats on the release, Sandra. A Phoenix does sound fun. What was one problem with dealing with them? (grin)

  16. Thanks for coming Sue! Glad you liked the trailer :-)

    Hi Pauline! One problem with the phoenix? well, let's just say only one male is allowed to exist at one time :-)

  17. Congratulations!!

    I love the idea of being transported back in time - in my reading at least.


  18. Awesome a time travel shifter story, two of my favorite genre's have collided. Would love to win a copy & see how it all turns out.

    Since you only work on one book at a time, do you have an idea journal? I'm not a writer (yet), but I'm always thinking of interesting things that I think would make a great story & have been thinking that maybe I need to start one myself.

  19. Hi Marybelle! Thanks for adding my book. Hope you enjoy it!

    Hey Kathryn! I enter my upcoming ideas into a computer file. Then, as plots and characters come to me, I add to the file and let them simmer until I'm ready to write them :-)

  20. How did I not know about Strange Hollow? That is a rhetorical question, of course. But, tell me about Strange Hollow and what I can expect. The book described in the post sounds interesting and I want to know more. I am going to have to check out your site.

  21. Hi Jen! Strange Hollow is an imprint with Liquid Silver Books wherein all stories take place in the same town. I've written 2 for the line--Changing Tides and Marking Time :-)

  22. Wow looks like you write many different types of books, you have so many I was wondering if you write full time?
    debsim2008 at gmail dot com

  23. Debbie, yes I do write full time since being laid off from my job. It means money is tight but I'm doing what I love :-)