Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrating A New Release In Ann Hinnenkamp's Dyad Chronicles

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we are celebrating the print release of Ann Hinnenkamp's DYAD LOVE, the third book in her paranormal fantasy series, The Dyad Chronicles!

Born in a decade that starts with an F, Ann now finds herself in an age decade beginning with the same dreaded letter. Her plan had always been to accept aging with the same effortless grace as any movie star with the last name of Hepburn, but now that her forehead is sliding down around her nose, and her neck attracts every rooster in the yard, she's given up on grace and put her faith in a good moisturizer and turtle neck sweaters.

Ann had a B.A. in theatre and went to graduate school at the U. of M. in the M.F.A. acting program. She freelances as an actor and director in the twin cities area and has played everything from Eleanor of Aquitaine, to the third extra on the right with the gap in her front teeth.

Taking the advice from her father to heart, she never quit her day job. She works at a messenger service where the motto is: If you got it, a courier brought it. Her years in the business world have taught her a few valuable lessons: When designing a floor plan, never put your own office across from the bathrooms. All it has to do is snow to turn a great day to shit. It's impossible to pick up a monkey at the airport, look him in the eye, and then deliver him to a testing lab. And transporting caskets, even when they're empty, is just plain scary.


DYAD LOVE by Ann Hinnenkamp

The Dyad Chronicles - Book Three

It is the time of nesting.

An immortal Dyad is dead. The females go into heat as the need to replace their loss overwhelms them. Damien's blood runs molten. The drive to reproduce threatens his sanity. But Damien is far from the Dyad home city. As he stands on the brink of madness, a female, a human, offers herself to him. It is forbidden. He must resist...

Emma watches the immortal she secretly loves fall apart. She knows what Damien needs...a female. She is female. Why shouldn't she save the man she loves? But during their joining, Damien marks Emma as his mate. An action so profoundly un-Dyad the Elders haven't made a rule against it - yet.

With the future of both races at stake, will Damien and Emma find a way to resist the passion burning between them or risk everything in a desperate attempt to stay together?


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  1. Good morning Ann and super congrats on the new release in your Dyad Chronicles!!

    You made us wait way too long for it!

    For those not familiar with your Dyad Chronicles, can you tell us all about it and how the books fit together in the series?

    How many more books do you plan for it?

    The series has gotten some great reviews and honors so I'm really thrilled to be able to celebrate the release of a new release in it.

    Please enjoy your party today and I hope the new book is a bestseller for you!

  2. Hi, Ann.

    Congratulations on the new release! Fabulous news.

    My question: do you have a favorite Dyad? Favorite human partner? Favorite heroine?

    Also ... do any of the Dyads have female human partners?

    Greta M.

  3. Good Morning Everyone,

    Welcome to the Island.
    First I would like to thank DeNita for getting this all up and running.
    I’m excited that the third book is out there. It’s the first story in the series that involves a Dyad falling in love. The first two books were about the human partners finding their perfect someone.
    The books can be picked up in any order but the time line starts with Dyad Dreams and continues in Dyad Quest and then Dyad Love.
    Favorite characters from the fist two books make appearances in Dyad Love.

  4. I loved your earlier book, Ann, and this one sounds fabulous with love bumping into society's unwritten rules.
    What's the characteristic that most appeals to you in a heroine--and is there a common thread amongst all your heroines?

  5. Hi Greta,
    Thanks for visiting the island.
    I do have favorites among the guys. Luke and Wulfgar are always fun to write. I get quite a few emails asking for a book that features Luke as the hero. His book is coming, just not next in the lineup.
    And I really got to like the Brown Dyad. At first, I didn’t care for them much, but they grew on me.
    No female human partners yet, but I’m sure their out there.

  6. These 3 books were so fun to read. Do you plan on doing a 4th?
    Carrie H.

  7. Hi Kate,

    I like heroines who I can relate to. In paranormal books sometimes that can be a real challenge. The first book is a true fish-out-of-water story. Eleanor is thrown into the world of the Dyads and the reader finds out about them along with her. She’s just a normal gal who finds herself in an unbelievable situation.
    All three heroines are strong, modern women who have the rug pulled out from under them.
    The way they react to the situation brings out their true worth.

  8. Hi Carrie,
    I’m glad you like the books. I do plan on more of them. I don’t want to post any spoilers here and the third book in no way ends on a cliffhanger, but there is a natural progression to a book about David and then I will start in on the Goddard Dyad and their quartet. That involves Samuel, Sebastian, Emil and of course, Luke.

  9. Thanks, Ann! I would love to read Luke's book.


  10. Congratulations on the new release! The video for Dyad Dreams was great - I haven't read this series yet but I definitely want to now. My question for Ann- since you still have a "day job", is it easier for you to write early in the morning or are you a night owl? What is your favorite/best time of the day to write? Also, do you outline your books and follow a storyline for the series?


  11. From Ann Hinnenkamp

    Hi Maria,

    Those pesky day jobs! They get in the way of all the fun stuff in life, don’t they?
    I have a schedule that I try to stick to. I can’t write first thing in the morning. I wish I could get in an hour before work, but I’m one of those people who’s mind doesn’t fully kick in until 9:00am. By that time I’m already at the day job.
    I usually spent at least one hour a night, usually around 7:00 or 8:00pm which can go longer if all my cylinders are firing. But I only work on editing existing pages at night.
    For new pages I work Saturday and Sunday mornings. (after 9:00am of course).
    I’ve tried to fit more in, but the rest of my life goes haywire and nobody around me is having a good time.

    I don’t outline exactly, but I have a good idea of what the story is and how the characters relate to one another before I start writing. But, once I start, I don’t lock myself into anything. I let the story and the characters go where they will. Sometimes, it comes out exactly the way I’d planned and other times, I wind up with a very different book than I’d imagined.

  12. Hi Ann,

    Did you ever want to give up writing after your first book was published?

  13. Hello, Ann! I'm thrilled to see that DYAD DREAMS has grown into DYAD CHRONICLES. Your characters, your carefully constructed alternate world, your voice and your writing are going to be absolutely addictive for your readers. Congratulations!

  14. Hi Kathleen,

    No I never wanted to give up writing. But it is true what all the published writers warned me about. They always said it only gets harder once you’re published and I didn’t believe them. Well, I believe them now.
    I think you have to decide what kind of writer you can be and accept it. I can’t write more than two books a year. At least not right now. Once I came to terms with that and everything it meant, I relaxed. If I put all my efforts into making the book I’m working on the best it can be, I’m content.

  15. Hi Ann,

    I just love your Dyad books and can't wait till you write book #4. How did you come up with a world with such wonderful beings like the Dyads?

  16. Hi Ann!
    I'm so happy for you! Your Dyad books have been doing so well.

    Are you planning to do another JoaN at an MFW meeting to let us hear everything has been going?


  17. COngratulations on your 3rd book! Cyber champagne is coming your way.

    My question is - as you start working on a new book - so you think in dialogue - or plot points?

    Have a fabulous launch!

  18. From Ann:
    I came up with the idea for the Dyads after finding struggling with a vampire book that I had in mind. Much to my chagrin, at the time I had nothing new to say about vampires that hadn’t been done much better by wonderful authors.
    So I said to myself this just isn’t working and fell back on advice from authors everywhere. Write what you know.
    I have twins in my family. My nephews. They are fraternal, not identical but when they were little, unless they were standing next to each other, I couldn’t tell them apart. They seem to have a way of communicating with each other even before they could speak our grown up language.
    As a family, we always grouped them together as “The Twins”, not individuals. And that’s where the Dyads came from. One being born in two separate bodies. Once I had the concept, the Dyad world grew from there.

  19. Hi Ms. Eagle,
    Thanks for stopping by today. For those of you who don’t know, Kathleen teaches a class in Minneapolis at the Loft. I took her class when I was starting out and learned all the things I was doing wrong and even a couple of things I did right. If you are in the area, I recommend it highly.
    Her latest release, One Brave Cowboy, is coming out next month with Harlequin Special Edition. If you love cowboys and the women who love them, google Kathleen Eagle and put aside a big chunk of time because one you start, you’ll be hooked

  20. Hi Tami,
    Thanks for stopping. I’ll do a JoaN whenever you’d like me to. The print version of Dyad Love is coming out before the end of the year. Maybe sometime in early 2012 if you have the space available. I’ll bring coffee and doughnuts.

  21. From Ann:

    Hi Nan,
    I have a background in theatre, acting and directing. The stage is a visual world. So, I start with the idea of the book as a whole and then work on the scenes. I put the characters together in my head, with the situation they are in and then play the scene out until I have it right. Each time a character moves or speaks the motivation has to be clear, the action has to advance the plot and with that line or movement, the reader has to find out more about the character.
    I really do sit still for hours going over the scene in my head and once I think it’s ready, I start to put it on paper.

  22. Ann - congratulations on the release of dyad dreams - i SOOOOH love your female characters, so quirky and funny! You combine humor with great exciting action and fantastic characters.

    how did you learn this technique of sitting still and building a whole scene in your head before putting pen to paper? Certainly it's paying off in your writing, so i'm fascinated to hear any tips for those of us who'd like to give it a try.

    i guess we'll have to wait and see what you're planning on writing next? i'm longing for you to write something set in the theater world!

    keep it all coming Ann and many congratulations again -

    Neroli Lacey

  23. Hi Neroli,
    When I start writing, the only way that worked for me was to go over the scene and block it out in my head first. I learned it from directing plays. When you direct, you take the author’s words and bring them to life on stage. This is kind of a reverse process. I take the scene in my head and translate it into words.

  24. Congrats on the new release, Ann. I like series that can be read in any order, but I will strive to read the Dyad Chronicles in order.

    janie1215 AT excite DOT com

  25. I saw this book n another blog. Is it hard to do your own promotion? debby236 at gmail dot com

  26. Congrats on your latest release! What do you like to read for fun?

    smaccall AT

  27. Hi Debbi,
    I think one of the big surprises for authors is how much you have to promote your books. And many authors are shy, not willing to toot their own horn.
    Gearing up to say, ‘I’m great’ can be almost impossible for some.
    You have to get over that fast. Because in most cases, if you don’t promote your books, nobody will. And you are your own best asset.
    I tell myself I’m not promoting me, I’m promoting the books.
    Somehow that makes it easier.

  28. What do I read for fun?
    I read paranormal romance. Just can’t seem to get away from it.
    When Charlaine Harris has a new book out I get it right away and then save it for a special time. Usually on airplanes because I hate to fly and only she can take my mind off how high up in the air I am.

  29. Congratulations!!

    I enjoyed the trailer. How hard is it to put a trailer together so that it reflects the book well?


  30. Hi Marybelle,
    I’m so glad you liked the trailer. For me this one was a breeze because I didn’t do it. Ha!
    I bartered for it. I did the voice work on a children’s book for another author and he put together my trailer for me. I think he did a wonderful job.

  31. What would you like to shift from the Dyad world to ours--your favorite thing about it?

  32. I know I should say their ability to all come together for the common good but I'd love to be able to communicate mind to mind. Think of the time we'd all save.

  33. I am so excited for the new book release. A hinnenkamp is one of my favorite author,she has introduced me into the wonderful world of paranormal romance. And I love it !!! Her writing keeps me wanting more. For the sake of all readers..they need to read the dyad books. The third book is the big juicy cherry on top.


  34. Yea Ann...I echo on the beautiful

    Dyad love is the first book i bought and downloaded myself on my Nook...i feel so grown up.

    The story of the twins is wonderful, we have triplets in the family and they are...the triplets, instead of their individual identities...

    My is Dyad...but have you ever considered Tryad or is that too "erotica-ish"

  35. Oooh, hot excerpt, Ann! Congratulations on the new release. Do you enjoy writing the really hot stuff, or do you prefer the action scenes?

  36. Hi Amy,
    Three is such an interesting number isn't it? And during the Dyad Love story, the number three kept popping up. But I didn't go there.
    I pushed my envelope as far as it would go.

  37. Hi Laura,
    I like writing both action and love scenes. It's a matter of being in the right mood. Ha!
    The challange for me on this book was the first love scene had to happen in the very first chapter. Getting both characters there emotionally was quite a challange.
    There had to be a great motivator so the readers could go along with it.

  38. Congrats, Ann! This sounds like quite a series--I have some catching up to do! Do you do anything special to commemorate your releases? Framed covers? Special scrapbook? New bling? :)

    Thanks for celebrating with us!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  39. Hi! Congrats on your release! It sounds awesome! Ill definitely be checking it out! :) What do you plan on writing next? Thanks!

  40. I totally missed the party, Ann. Not even fashionably late. But big congrats to you all the same.

  41. Hi Shadow,
    Next is another Dyad book and a murder mystery series.

  42. What do I do to mark the release of a book?
    I have the cover framed and put it up in my office. I suppose I could do it before it comes out, but I like to wait for the actual release day.

  43. Thanks for stopping Brenda and thanks to all for attending my cyber launch.
    I had a great time.

  44. Super congrats!!!

  45. The winner of the gift Certificate is
    Congrats and thanks again everyone for stopping by,