Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celebrating An Exciting New M/M Release For BA Tortuga

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of an exciting new m/m action romance for BA Tortuga called THE MIND'S EYE.

BA Tortuga enjoys indulging in the shallow side of life, with hobbies that include collecting margarita recipes, hot tub dips, and ogling hot guys at the beach. A connoisseur of the perverse and esoteric, her days are spent among dusty tomes of ancient knowledge, or, conversely, surfing porn sites in the name of research.

Mixing the natural born southern propensity for sarcasm and the environmental western straight-shooting sensibility, she does her damnedest to produce mainstream fiction, literary erotica, and fine works of pure, unadulterated smut.

With characters ranging from supernatural demons to modern-day cowboys, alternative illustrated men to Victorian dandies, the addiction to history and atmosphere is everpresent, and laced through with sensual pleasure. BA's latest projects include werewolves, rodeo cowboys, and fistfighting rednecks.


THE MIND'S EYE by BA Tortuga

Jake likes Vegas, but it gets a little hot when he wins too much at one casino. So Jake has a choice; he can go to the middle of nowhere and try to kill this guy some mob boss wants dead, or he can die himself.

Keye is on vacation and minding his own business when Jake shows up. As a hitman, he thinks it's pretty damned funny that Jake is the man sent to kill him, at least until he starts to figure out what talents Jake has going for him. Can these two band together and stay alive?

Author's Note: This book is dedicated to Frank, the lizard that lives in my bathroom. No. Really. Frank the Bathroom Lizard keeps me young. And screaming.


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  1. I've read a couple of your books and love them. What is the hardest part of writing a book for you? What is your favorite genre to read and to write?
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  2. I have not read your book yet but will check them out.


  3. You certainly have a wide variety of books, look forward to reading them. I like the hobbies you listed!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  4. Congrats BA! You seem to write a wide variety of different books. What inspires you or encourages you to write these books?
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  5. Good morning BA and super congrats on the brand new release IN MIND'S EYE!

    Just read the excerpt and totally fell in love with Jake - what a fun and crazy character! You had to have really had a great time writing him.

    Tell us all about the new book and if we'll ever see these great guys again.

    And since this is your first time here, please tell us about yourself and your work.

    Hope the new book is a HUGE HIT for you - and with a hero like Jake, I'm sure it will be!

    Enjoy your party!

  6. Hey, y'all!!! I'm tickled pink to be here. :D

    *waves happily*

    I'm a central Texan, a cowboy's daughter, a basset hound lover, and a rodeo fanatic. ;-)

    I write a little bit of everything -- I got my start in m/m, but I write what calls to me. I live outside of Austin with my puppies and my partner, Julia and our big red couch.

    Jake and Keye came to me while I was sitting in my local coffee shop having breakfast. We were playing our favorite game, what if there was this guy...

    Keye was born first, then Jake hit my like a Mack truck with a busted master cylinder. ;-)

    Thanks y'all, for stopping by! I'll try to answer everyone's questions!


  7. Sherry: I love to read serial killer books and horror novels, if I'm not reading romance. In romance, I adore the action-adventure. Right now I'm on a paranormal kick, writing-wise, but i have 3 bullridings to go to in the next 2 months, so I expect my cowboys to take over in the fall. :D :D

  8. Jessica: I eavesdrop. A lot. I love to people watch and imagine 'what if'. Inspiration is never a challenge for me. :D

  9. Ok, I have to know who or what is Frank the bathroom lizard?

  10. *cackles*

    Katie, the drought here is viciously bad (been October since we've had rain) and the critters are coming inside, looking for water. Frank moved in, oh, about 2 months ago. He lives in my bathroom, is orange, and has huge black eyes. The little sucker is fast, too.

    I'd been trying to catch him, which didn't work, and one night I went in and he was eating the biggest ant I'd ever seen. We made an agreement. I wouldn't step on him, he wouldn't run at me. He could eat bugs and not look at me while I was doing my business. ;-)

    I named him Frank.

    We, mostly, live in peace. I sing the "Frank I'm coming" song when I go into the bathroom. I bang on the walls. If Frank is visible when I go in, I scream like a 5 year old girl and he puffs up a little.

    FYI -- when hound dogs chase lizards, their tails fall off. Those tails wiggle. A lot.

    Yeah. Whoa. ;-)

  11. OMG - that is too funny! Love it!

  12. i love the cover, it's gorgeous and the excerpt was so funny. i can't wait to read the rest of the book and see what happens next.

    congrats on the new release :)

  13. Your book sounds like it will be a wonderful read and I look forward to reading it.

    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  14. Congrats on your latest release! What do you do to get in the writing mindset?

    smaccall AT

  15. What kind of lizard is Frank? I ask because as a child in Hong Kong I used to name the Chitchats (house geckos)and I wondered if Frank was one too :D