Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrating A New Release For Marcia Colette

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of DEADLIER BY THE DOZEN by Marcia Colette, the second book in her Dark Encounters Series!

Bestselling author Marcia Colette hadn't discovered her love for reading until her late teens when she started reading John Saul and progressed to works by Stephen King and Laurell K. Hamilton. Her reading tastes convinced her to write dark paranormals where curses cause people to shift into spiders, psychotic and telekinetic mothers are locked away in attics, and murderous doppelgangers are on a rampage. Let's not forget about the hunky werecheetah coalitions who live throughout North Carolina. As long as she can make it believable, she doesn't shy away from the unusual and avoids common tropes.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Marcia now lives in North Carolina with her mom and beautiful daughter. They're not raising zombies in the backyard; thanks to swarms of mosquitoes infested the woods behind their house. There aren't any hellhounds living the den, only a rabbit and a cockatiel. So where she gets her ideas is as much a mystery to her as anyone else.

Marcia is a member of Paranormal Mystery Writers, Romance Writers of America, Indie Book Collective, and Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors.

The best place to find her is on her blog where she loves connecting with readers and other writers.



Dark Encounters, Book #2

The more the scarier.

Put up for adoption at seven-years old, history teacher Mackenzie Lawson has spent the last twenty years dreaming of meeting her family again. However, her hopes to rekindle old memories and find closure have hit one hell of a snag. A hundred-year-old curse placed upon her relatives has begun, unleashing a dozen of her doppelgangers who want her dead. Their purpose is to infiltrate her family and kill everyone in sight. To exact revenge for a wrong that happened more than a century ago.

Mackenzie must find a way to get rid of her psychotic doubles or risk having them go after her loved ones. However, each doppelganger kill causes her blood pressure to skyrocket to dangerous levels. This and more attract the attention of a mysterious mutant with patchwork skin who volunteers his services, but leaves out the part about it being his job to destroy the source of the doppelgangers starting with her. Mackenzie needs to figure out where his loyalties lie before DEADLIER BY THE DOZEN becomes deadlier by thirteen.


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  1. Good morning Marcia - welcome to AuthorIsland and super congrats on your brand new release DEADLIER BY THE DOZEN!

    Wow - I love spooky and creepy stories and I can't wait to read this book and check out your other work as well - sounds like it's all right up my alley.

    Since your new to us here at the Island, tell us a bit about yourself, as well as the new release and how it fits into your Dark Encounters Series.

    And please feel free to tell us about your other work too - It's always such a pleasure to find new authors!

    Enjoy your party - hope you have loads of fun with us today and I hope DEADLIER BY THE DOZEN is your biggest seller yet!

  2. Hi there. You're a new author for me as well and I'm excited to get to know your work.

    I see you're a member of RWA. Is there a romance in your new book? I couldn't really tell from the blurb, but I'll head over to read the excerpt to see if that gives us a clue.

    The cover is fantastic and I'm looking forward to learning more.

    Best of luck with the new book and glad you're here, too!

  3. Hi Marcia, just stopping by to let you know I'm loving Deadlier By The Dozen. Just brought your book today. No need to enter me in the drawing. I'll be finished reading it before you can draw my name and looking for your next release.

  4. Congrats on your latest release! Wow - what a unique premise. How did you come up with the twelve doppelgangers?

    smaccall AT

  5. Congrats on the new release. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I am so excited because I rarely see John Saul listed as a favorite for an author. When I was a teen I read every John Saul book I could get my hands on. And can I just say, eeewwwww, spider shifters. Cool!

  6. Hi, Everyone! Thanks for stopping by.

    Katie: There's a hint of one, but it's not the focus of the story. However, my next release will definitely be a paranormal romance.

    Melissa: I love you to pieces. :-)

    Bookwyrm369: The idea came from a TV program where this guy was accidentally arrested because they thought he was someone else. It was weird seeing these two guys who looked exactly, but had no idea the other existed. So, I started to think how much it would suck if more of those guys were running around in the streets. Hence, Deadlier by the Dozen was born.

    Jen B.: OMG!! I LOVE John Saul. I've fallen by the wayside, but thanks to Borders going bankrupt, I've been able to play catchup with a lot of his books. The last one I read was Black Lightening. Oh, and yes you may. I love it when people get freaked out by a 140 pound spider climbing their walls. :-D

  7. Sorry I was late to the party. School activities kept me out way too late with the kids last night.

    You're a new one for me and I like your subject matter for sure. I read a lot of romance, but love a good and spooky thriller for a change.

    I read the excerpt and can't wait to find out what's up with the frankenstein-type character, you really got me interested.

    My question for you is what are you working on currently?

  8. Hi Marcia,

    I'm a big John Saul fan too! Might be the author of one of the first grown-up novels I ever read.

    I've always wanted to ask an author of spooky and scary books if they ever scare themselves as they are writing. Ever had to get up from typing to make sure the doors and windows are locked?

    I'm heading to your website now to check out all these new-to-me books you have to offer!

  9. Hi Marcia! I'm here from your blog, so I'm actually new to the Cyber Launch Party site.

    I LOVE all the books I've read so far and can't wait to read this new one. I do have to ask where you get your ideas? How did you come up with this doppleganger idea (I totally admit to not knowing what a doppleganger is)?


  10. I am totally late, but I'm here to say that I just bought Deadly by the Dozen and I can't wait to read it ;-)