Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reissues For Three Of Tim Smith's Romantic Suspense Thrillers

Today we're celebrating the lower-cost, second edition printing of author Tim Smith's action-packed romantic suspense Nick Seven novels!


Former CIA agent Nick Seven finds that some memories are better left alone in this romantic political action thriller by Tim Smith.

Former CIA agent Nick Seven gets pulled from his peaceful life on Key Largo to pursue a resurrected terrorist halfway around the world, only to find himself drawn into a web of espionage, murder, blackmail and high-level government corruption that threatens national security and the principles of freedom.



The covert intelligence community got more than they bargained for when they crossed Nick Seven in this romantic topical thriller by Tim Smith.

Nick Seven left the CIA for the tranquility of the Florida Keys, thinking he'd found an idyllic life in paradise with Felicia, his dream lover from Barbados, and that his life of intrigue was once again in the past. The last thing he wanted was to be used by his former employers as an unwilling pawn in America's war on terror.

As Nick and Felicia maneuver through a complex maze of treason, assassination and government corruption, they cross paths with a rogue agent with a personal agenda, a mentally unstable killer, and a wealthy industrialist with ties to several terrorist organizations. When Nick is set up as the fall guy for a murder he didn't commit, and Felicia becomes part of the agency's scheme, the stakes become higher and more personal. Nick's quest to get out from under the CIA's thumb and regain control of his life forces him to realize that what dreams may hold, nightmares also share.



Former CIA spook Nick Seven doesn't realize what he's up against when he takes on the mob in this suspenseful, quirky adventure by Tim Smith.

When former CIA agent Nick Seven did a favor for his friend, gambler Rock Moretti, he didn't know that his innocent gesture would place him in the middle of a turf war between two crime families, each fighting for control of the lucrative Miami market. Nick's peaceful life in the Florida Keys becomes a battle of wills as he must call on his instincts to outwit both Dons, as well as a Justice Department prosecutor with a personal agenda. When Nick becomes the target of a hired assassin, he realizes that he has his own vendetta and thirst for revenge.


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  1. Hey Tim,

    Super congrats on the reissues of your first three Nick Seven books!!! How great in this day and age the prices for these books have actually gone DOWN!!! Gotta love that!!

    Tell us a little bit about this series, do they need to be read in order? Will there be more?

    And you have several erotic romances under your belt, too. How hot is the romance in this series?

    Best of luck with the books and I'm so thrilled to see this great series reissued and available for less!

  2. i would love to get NEVER TRUST YOUR DREAMS it sounds like a great book.


  3. By any chance was Nick Seven inspired by Humphrey Bogart?

  4. Oh I absolutely LOVE military, government type books. SO GOOD!

  5. Your Nick Seven series sound intriguing. Should they be read in order? Congrats on the reissue.

  6. Hi, Tim-

    You're a new to me author. I sounds like your Nick Seven books have a touch of Travis McGee and Stone Barrington. Both of which I enjoy.

  7. Congratulations on the reissue. These books sound like one I would enjoy.

  8. Congrats on the re issue!
    Will there be more Nick Seven books?

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  9. Tim Smith's works are new to me. I look forward in reading them.

    Tracey D
    booklover0266 at gmail dot com

  10. I've never read any of Tim's books but they sound like very good reads.

  11. Thank you all for the comments and questions. I'm pleased that these books were re-issued for a new audience to discover.

    The books do not need to be read in order. I wrote them all as stand alone stories. You can pick up 'Vendetta Factor' (#3)and know where the characters came from and what makes them run.

    How hot is the romance in this series? Let's see...does Key West in the middle of July conjure up the word 'sultry'? Go a few degrees hotter!

    Was Nick Seven inspired by Humphrey Bogart? I think most fictional tough guy characters were somewhat inspired by Bogie. The fact that I chose to set these stories in Key Largo adds to the similarity. I suppose there's a bit of Travis McGee in there, too, along with Phillip Marlowe, Mike Hammer and Dirty Harry. What a combination!

    Yes, there will be more Nick Seven adventures. This character has so many layers it would be a shame to retire him after only 3 books.

    Regina, 'Never Trust Your Dreams' is a good book, one that was unfairly overlooked by a lot of people. 'Memories Die Last' won the awards and acclaim as my first novel, ('Dreams' won an award and good reviews, too), and 'Vendetta Factor' captured a wider audience because of the humor and subject matter, so I look at 'Dreams' as the Jan Brady of the series - the middle child.

    I hope you all check out these romantic adventures about a former CIA spook who just wants to live his life in The Florida Keys on his own terms with the rediscovered love of his life. Now if everyone would just leave them alone to do that...I wouldn't have any more stories to write about them, would I?

    Tim Smith

  12. I look forward to reading these. Thank you for the heads up about the reading order - important to know.

  13. Hi Tim,
    All three books sound fantastic. I enjoy romantic suspense.

    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  14. Great looking series!

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