Saturday, August 28, 2010

Celebrating An Exciting New Paranormal From Kit Wylde

Today we're celebrating Kit Wylde's new paranormal adventure, HIEROGLYPHS.

Kit Wylde is one of Marci Baun's pseudonyms. In Kit's persona, Ms. Baun is a little bit wilder than normal. (grin) Matter of fact, if she ever became a stripper (not going to happen), that would be her stage name. Instead, she settles for writing about exciting lives. As Kit, she has written the paranormal short story HIEROGLYPHS, the erotic romance novella LAST CHANCE published by Freya's Bower, the paranormal erotic romance chapter book series THE WHISPERING HOUSE, also published by Freya's Bower, and a couple of short stories in the Dreams & Desires charity anthologies.

As the publisher of both Wild Child Publishing and Freya's Bower, Ms. Baun has very little time to write. However, she is an avid reader and her interests interests include history, music, opera, theater, swimming, cycling, nature, travel, and writing. Before becoming a publisher and mom, she wrote and performed one person shows about historical women in schools, universities and festivals across the state of California, sang with the Coasters and the Drifters, Freddie Hart, as well as on the operatic stage, and composed music for a twelve minute musical, as a member of the Academy for New Musical Theatre. One day, she hopes to return to the stage.


When a new hieroglyphic alphabet is discovered on an ancient Egyptian scroll, expert archaeologist Joslyn Wetherly is called in to decipher it. Joslyn is obsessed with the scroll, and that obsession threatens her marriage.

But soon her life is threatened as the secrets of the scroll prove dangerous. Before Joslyn realizes what is happening, she is embroiled in a rivalry between two long-dead pharaohs, their Egyptian gods, and past life karmas.

Will Joslyn survive the secrets revealed in the scroll? Or will she be the next victim of the ancient feud?


WIN - Leave Kit a comment or question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a download of your choice of one of Kit's standalone titles - you can choose from Hieroglyphs, Last Chance, or The Whispering House - give the other books a looksee here! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good luck!


  1. Good morning Marci/Kit and super congrats on your new book HIEROGLYPHS! It's sounds fantastic - love the cover and loved the excerpt! I love the idea of past life connections, so this sounds right up my alley.

    Tell us a little bit about how this book came to be and what you're currently working on.

    Enjoy your party and thanks so much for offering up a free download of one of your books!

  2. It looks great, DeNita! Thanks for this opportunity.

    Thank you. :) I do too. I've always been fascinated with past life connections. This book came about nearly ten years ago. It was originally a serial story on Wild Child Publishing. I don't remember what spawned the original idea except a 'what if' question, but as I was writing and researching Ancient Egypt, the research started to verify the plot. That was a little creepy, but very exciting too!

    Fast forward nine years later, a friend made a comment to me and reminded me of the story. I described it to her, and she said, "Sounds like a really great story. Why don't publish it?"

    So, I revised it (my writing style has changed some in nine years), sent it through edits, and did just that. Everyone who has read it so far has really enjoyed it. (Of course, they could just be saying that. ;) )

    Well, I need to finish The Whispering House series as well as Tahitian Nights. One of these days when I finish all of my editing projects. HAHAHAHAHA No, seriously, I'll get them finished before, um, before, yeah... ;)

  3. LOL - Marci - I do know how that is - all us working mommies do!

  4. Marci, Congrats!! Loved the book. Vivid and colorful. Drew me in and left me wanting for more!!! You need to do more!! Loved it!
    Allen Currier

  5. Congrats!cant wait to read this book.


  6. Congrats Kit !!!Wow HIEROGLYPHS sounds like a fantastic read its now on the top of my most wanted reads list .
    wanda f

  7. Thanks, Allen! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Yeah, one of these days I'll write more. :)

    Thanks, Regina. I'm excited about it. It's been a while since I've released a book. :)

    Thank you, Wanda. I hope you enjoy it when you read it. :)

  8. Congratulations on your new release! I am definitely going to have to check it out!

  9. This looks like a wonderful story. I love all things ancient, Egyptian and stuff.

    Are you a fan of Stargate????


  10. Egypt and a mystery was enough to win me over, adding paranormal makes it a winning combination. Congrats! Sounds like an awesome book.

  11. I love books featuring ancient Egypt. I look forward in reading this.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  12. Congrats on your new release Marci. Looks very interesting! :)

  13. HIEROGLYPHS sounds intriguing! What was your inspiration for this story? What led you to these types of stories to write? LAST CHANCE is also on my TBR list.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day. T.

  14. Congrats on your release. Your book sounds very interesting and exciting. Have always been intrigued by archaeology.


  15. Congratulations on your new release. Hieroglyphs sounds fascinating, I love these kinds of books.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  16. Thanks, Nicole.

    You know, Valerie, I don't think I ever watched Stargate. :) It may be something I need to check out. (g)

    Oh, I know how that is, Cassie. There are certain subjects that automatically peak my interest. (g) Past life is one of them.

    Thanks, Tracey and Lisa!

    Hm... you know, T, it's been so long since I wrote the story. I think the inspiration came from a conversation that I was having with my then roommate. What spawned the discussion, I don't know, but I just started saying, "What if?" and the story unfolded from there. I've also always been fascinated with past lives as well as the paranormal. Where I grew up, we had a lot of paranormal activity. My mother read Tarot for fun when I was young. She was pretty accurate. That's where Last Chance came from, so I guess this is kind of a natural.

    Thanks, Dee, Linda, and Jean. :)

  17. Congratulations on your new release. It sounds like a great read.

  18. My stripper name will be Munchy Galore. Of course in the town I live in, if I tried to strip under a red light, people would stop and witness to me! Plus there's the whole age kids say all of my tattoos are embarrassing enough! Guess I missed my chance. But my first career of choice was Egyptologist, when I was very young. This book sounds like a must-read!

  19. Hieroglyphs sounds like a great read! I enjoy stories set in Egypt---and there are not enough of them.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  20. HAHAHAHA, Fiona. I love the name. Munchy Galore? That's great. An Egyptologist? That fascinated me too.

    Thanks, Estella. :)

  21. Hieroglyphs sounds like a great read. I already have it in my TBR list. Love the cover too!

  22. Wow! Marci - I never knew all this about you :D Love the photo. Hmm...I wonder where it was taken ;D LOL I love Egyptology so I'm gonna have to get this book.

  23. Congratulations on your new release, Marci. All your work sounds intriguing.

    Betty Gordon

  24. This sounds simply terrific... I gotta have it...Jean

  25. Marci, Also am into Egypt. Always enjoy new books on the subject

  26. Hi Marci,

    Congrats on your new release! It sounds really good.
    I didn't know you had such a fascinating background. Very cool.

  27. Thanks, yadkny. I hope you enjoy it. :)

    Hey Zetta! Great to see you here. Yeah, I don't know where that photo came from or who took it. (g)

    Thanks, Betty and Jean.

    There was a time during childhood where I was fascinated with Egypt. (It still fascinates me.) I used to draw this face when I was eleven or so. I always drew the same face. As it turns out, the statue on the cover (created long before my drawings), that's the face I drew. I'd never seen it either. Now, 30 years later, it's on the cover of my book.

    Thanks, CC. Um, I don't know if my background is any more fascinating than any one else's. :) Perhaps that's the dormant writer in me who finds everyone fascinating. LOL