Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Little Pirate Trivia

Landlubber or Old Salt? Here’s a test of how much you really know about pirates.

This is one of the games we're playing at tonight's Reader's Bash - let's see how well you do....

I’ll ask you 20 questions and give you a choice of three possible answers.

1. In what month is National “Talk like a Pirate” Day?
May, November, or September

2. Despite her French name this pirate was born in England in 1636 and began her pirate career when she led a mutiny against a cruel captain and cut off his head.
Nicole St Marie, Charlotte De Berry or Juliet Larue

3. This notorious lady pirate was once married to a sailor in the West Indies who was an informant for Governor Woodes Rogers, turning other sailors in for piracy and reaping generous rewards for it.
Anne Bonney, Mary Read or Charolette De Berry

4. What was the real name of the famous pirate “Blackbeard” who met his end after a battle with the British Navy in 1713?
John Rackham, Edward Thatch or Samuel Bellamy

5. Which ship was Blackbeard’s head suspended from as a warning to all pirates?
The Black Jewel, HMS Ranger, The Swallow

6. Which of these words was used for pirates operating in the Mediterranean?
Privateer, Buccaneer or Corsiar

7. Which of these words is NOT another term for pirates?
Picaroons, Kapers, Swabs, Freebooters

8. Many of the most notorious and feared pirates were women. The earliest of these was an Irish woman known as “Granuaille” or “The Pirate Queen” – what was her real name?
Mary Read, Grace O’Mally, Anne Bonny

9. One of the most famous pirates ever to sail was Captain Henry Morgan (yes, the chap on the rum bottle). He died at the age of 53. What was his fate?
His crew mutinied and killed him, He was hanged or He died in his bed

10. Which type of pirates was commissioned by their governments to be authorized to seize and destroy merchant vessels of another nation?
Raider, Privateer or Buccaneer

11. The character “Jack Sparrow” in the Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” is an actual historical pirate.
True or False

12. Which of these famous historical figures was kidnapped by Cilician pirates in 75 BC?
Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar or Aristotle

13. Who was entitled to a double share of the loot and booty?
Owner of the ship, Captain of the ship or the ship’s Surgeon

14. John Rackham was an English pirate captain who was known by what nickname?
Calico Jack, Peg Leg Pete, Bluebeard

15. Who disguised herself as a man in order to join John Rackham’s crew aboard the “Revenge” where she became his lover?
Joan Hamilton, Anne Bonney or Grace O’Malley

16. Literary pirate Long John Silver had a parrot. What was its name?
Polly, Pieces of Eight or Captain Flint

17. A common alcoholic drink loved by pirates was a rum, water, lemon juice and sugar mixture called what?
Caulker, Grog, Belay

18. What is the pirate flag (skull and crossbones) commonly called?
The Jolly Rodger, The Davy Jones, The Terrible Towel

19. How did Red Legs Greaves get his nickname?
The color of tights he favored, the way his legs would continually sunburn in the tropical sun, or because of the bright red color of the hair on his legs

20. Pirates had strict rules aboard their vessels and anyone violating the rules were punished. They had many punishments aboard ship, but which of these is not believed to have been a real punishment used by pirates?
Cat o’nine tails, Walking the plank, or Marooning

Answers coming up...


  1. Talk Like a Pirate Day is celebrated September 19th Of Each Year.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  2. Charlotte De Berry is the pirate born in England in 1636 who began her pirate career when she led a mutiny against a cruel captain and cut off his head.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  3. Anne Bonney is the notorious lady pirate once married to a sailor in the West Indies who was an informant for Governor Woodes Rogers, turning other sailors in for piracy and reaping generous rewards for it.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  4. Blackbeard went by Edward Teach or Edward Thatch.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  5. Blackbeard’s head was suspended from the HMS Ranger as a warning to all pirates.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  6. The famous Barbary Corsairs of the Mediterranean were privateers as were the Maltese Corsairs, who were authorized by the Knights of St. John.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  7. here I'm searching and searching for answers and am on #10 and then I see the answers, lol.

  8. These are tough.

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  11. Just checked the questions...then realized you'd recently posted answers.


  12. Wow...look at all the ones Virginia found...

  13. well im alittle late lol to answer these but i do beliefe captain morgan died in his bed but i could be wrong and i agree she posted alot

  14. I know the answers to 7, 10, 17, 18 & 20. That's only 25%. Guess I don't know all that much about pirates.

  15. Since the answers are up I may just pass to the answers! Although I "think" I know 10 of them...LOL

  16. Sorry, I came in to late to answer these, great questions though.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  17. hope the party goers did better with the questions that I did. I was first writing the answers down and didn't get a chance to post because all of a sudden I saw the answers right before me.

  18. Ay matey walk the plank or off with is head.
    Espanola the mother ship of all the gold in
    china or is it tea matey.