Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celebrating Tim Smith's New eXtasy Books Release

Today we are celebrating a hot new romantic comedy from author Tim Smith and eXtasy Books called THE SWEET DISTRACTION.

Tim is the author of five novels, including two contemporary romantic comedies with eXtasy Books. His first three adventure novels have won critical acclaim and several awards. He is also a freelance photographer and works in Dayton, Ohio as a case manager for adults with special needs. When he isn't devoting time to writing, you can find him in The Florida Keys, doing research in between parasailing and seeking out the perfect Pina Colada.


THE SWEET DISTRACTION, a hot new romantic comedy from Tim Smith

George Sullivan's life is a disaster in progress. His last few books haven't sold well, he drinks too much, he sleeps around, he's in hock for a gambling debt he can't repay and he'd probably trade his last friend for a best seller. His love life isn't faring much better, due to a bad breakup that still haunts him. When his agent arranges for him to write the memoir of notorious mob boss Vito Pasquale, it's the opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to make all his dreams come true.

What George doesn't count on is falling for the Don's beautiful but spoiled daughter, Cookie. It's lust at first sight for both of them, but George resists her blatant come-ons and seduction attempts because he fears how her father might react. When Cookie begins a relentless campaign to snare him it's only a matter of time before George caves in, but what if things don't work out between them? Will he end up in the middle of Lake Erie wearing a cement overcoat for dallying with the Don's daughter? Will Vito insist on a shotgun wedding to preserve Cookie's honor? Worse yet, when George finally achieves the success he's always wanted, will it be a hollow victory if Cookie isn't there to share it with him?


WIN - Leave Tim a question or comment today at his Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a free download of his first erotic/romantic comedy ANYWHERE THE HEART GOES. Be sure to leave you email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner.

And don't forget to check out Tim's new contest over on the Contest Page at - he has a great gift bag with Italian-themed goodies and a cookbook (the female lead is Italian and owns a catering business) up for grabs.


  1. Happy Release Day Tim - love the cover and really enjoyed the excerpt.

    This is your second romantic comedy with eXtasy books, tell us how you got into writing romance and what your different point of view brings to the book.

    Congrats on the new release and I hope it's your biggest seller yet!

  2. Congratulations on the new release Tim!!! It looks like an awesome read.


  3. Do you get ideas for books from any of the photographs you take? Do you visualize the story first then write?

  4. I love humor in my reads. Makes real life more bearable. Your new book sounds really good. If this were to be make into a movie who do you see playing George, Cookie and her dad?

    Good luck with the book, I'm heading over to read the excerpts now.

  5. Congratulations on your new release. You're a "new to me" author. I think it's great more male romance authors are chosing not to use female nom de plumes.

  6. You are a new to me author. I love romantic comedys and will be checking out yours.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  7. congrats on your book. I haven't read anything of your yet.


  8. Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic response! It's still a kick to have a new book hit an unsuspecting world. Let me answer the questions in order.

    I got into romance writing initially as a challenge, to see if I could do it. The critics validated that with my last book. I think the male perspective has been overlooked in this genre, but this one was especially fun to do since the main character is a writer on the skids. Art imitating life? Let's hope not!

    I get some inspiration from photographs I've taken, especially when composing a scene. I like to take the reader to a place they might not have been, along with the characters. I usually visualize the idea first then see if I can come up with a story that will sustain over the length of a book.

    As for who would play George and Cookie, I haven't really given that one much thought. I can tell you that Cookie was modeled on an actress named Annabella Sciorra, who was a regular on one of the "Law & Order" shows. I was looking for my Cookie, and there she was, staring back at my from my TV screen. As for George, Charlie Sheen would fit the bill, since they share some character traits.

    I hope you enjoy the book, and be sure to check out the others I've written.

    Tim Smith