Monday, June 14, 2010

Celebrating A First For D. Renee Bagby

Today we are celebrating D. Renee Bagby's first erotic menage and the first book in her new Eternal Truths Series - ERIS, released by Siren-Bookstrand.

Renee is a military brat turned military wife who is currently stationed in MD with her husband and two cats.

Whether writing as D. Renee Bagby or Zenobia Renquist, she is a world-builder. She loves inventing new cultures and shaping their histories and laws because it beats researching the existing ones.

Her stories span the fantasy gamut but she dabbles in sci-fi and contemporary from time to time. While her main characters tend to be of different races, she doesn't let skin color rule or limit her stories. For her, it's all about how much she can torture her characters so they earn their happily-ever-after ending.

The rules are all new and pre-conceived notions will only slow you down, so when reading Renee's stories, she asks only one thing -- Leave Your Reality Behind.


Book one in D. Renee Bagby's Eternal Truths Series.

Time is on their side and they can be together, assuming the truth doesn't ruin everything first.

Immortals born in the thirteenth century, Lucien Riordan and Ranulf Styr have waited centuries to be reunited with their love. Want for her cemented their friendship through time, even as it tore it apart. She changed their lives, made them want better, and they plan to show her that. There's only one catch - she's never met them before.

Eris Brue is flattered by Lucien and Ranulf's attention, but they are her bosses. She doesn't want to get tangled up in an office romance, especially not with two men. Their joint seduction overcomes her resolve, and she gives in even though she knows they are keeping secrets that could doom their relationship.

Centuries of planning have finally come to fruition. Lucien and Ranulf have a short amount of time to make Eris love them, because once time has her, everything could come to an end.

WIN - Since this is Renee's first Menage, she's giving away THREE copies of her new book!!!Leave Renee a comment or question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for one of THREE free downloads of her brand new book! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are one of today's winners.


  1. Good morning Renee and Happy Release Day!!! So glad we can spend the day with you and celebrate your very first menage, as well as the first book in a new series!

    Tell us some of the ups and downs that came from writing your first menage and tell us about this new series.

    Hope the new book is a HUGE bestseller for you!

    Enjoy your special day!

  2. Morning! I just got back from work so I'm trying to get settled and get some food before I start the made promo rush. :D

    Ups and Downs of this first menage... Well, I learned that pronouns go out the window when you're dealing with two guys in the room. :P No more "he said this" and "he said that". I had to use Ranulf and Lucien's names. I almost got sick of seeing them.

    I had fun with Ranulf and Lucien's personalities. They are somewhat opposite (typical of a menage) but they compliment each other as well. Even without using their names all the time, it's pretty easy to tell who is saying what (I think).

    The new series is The Eternal Truths. This is in reference to the 4 eternal truths that exist everywhere, in all societies, and all universes no matter what -- Chaos, Order, Creation, and Destruction. Each book deals with one of the four eternal truths. 'Eris' deals with order, also known as time.

    This is, what I call, an unorthodox time travel. Most time travel romances have the heroine falling back in time no later than chapter three (and that's pushing it). 'Eris' didn't follow that particular model. So it is a time travel but it takes a little while for the traveling part to happen. I hope the die hard time travel fans won't hold that against me too much. :D

    Okay, I'm going to head towards food. But, I'll keep an eye out for more questions.

    ~ Renee

  3. Morning Renee and congrats on the release of your new book. What plans to do you have for the next book in this series, and what about your other series?

  4. Hi Renee,
    Congratulations on this new release and I wish you much success. I love the blurb and can't wait to read it. You're a new to me Author but no more. :) I really like the concept of the series.
    Carol L.

  5. Hi Renee :)
    Congrats on the release of Eris!
    Read the blurb and excerpt, I LOVE it. Saving the computer from Mommy is a riot.

    Mindy :)

  6. Hi Renee,
    My bad.

  7. Hey All,

    I put up the first chapter on my promo blog. Check it out

    D. Renee Bagby
    Building New Realms of Passion...

  8. - Coppergoddess -
    Morning and thanks!

    'Eris' is the introductory book of the Plain Sight Universe which is part of my overall Multiverse.

    I'm trying my hardest to introduce each universe (there are seven and I've only gotten to three) before I revisit any of them. So, don't worry. I do have plans for the sequel to 'Serenity' and follow-up (of sorts) for 'Adrienne'. But first, I need to get to my non-shifter, dragon romance. :P

    - Carol L. -
    Thanks! I'm glad I caught your interest and I hope you enjoy the story.

    - Minny -
    :D That's just the tip of the iceberg. Her family is a story unto themselves. I should know. :P

    D. Renee Bagby
    Building New Realms of Passion...

  9. Really looking forward to reading Eris, Renee! I always end up reading your stories more than once!

  10. - Julia -
    You and me both. :P Maybe that would explain why I'm writing so slowly.

    Bad, Renee! :D

  11. Congratulations on your release. Can't wait to read Eris, although Serenity is my favorite. Have a great release day!!
    -Leah (

  12. Congratulations on your first menage release. I can only imagine how difficult, or maybe how fulfilling it was to write. I was hooked by the premise. I saw that you had posted a new release on Twitter and I immediately jammed over here to read the excerpt. So intriguing. That was just the sort of pick me up I needed for a dreary Monday.
    Thank you for a new read. Now I have an excuse to restock my eLibrary shelves!

  13. Hello Renee!
    Good luck and congratulations on your release!!!!!!!
    Here's to many sales of your new book.


  14. Hi! Renee,

    Can't wait to read Eris! I'm sure its going to be as interesting as your other books. Have a great Release Day! CONGRATS!!!

  15. Sounds very interesting. I've always liked the question in On a Clear Day . . .--what's wrong with the me from right now?

  16. Hi Renee
    Can't wait to read this story!

    Have enjoyed your other books, so I'm looking forward to your new release


  17. - Leah -
    Thanks. I think, as the "parent", I'm not allowed to have a favorite. :P

    - Nevealane -
    Glad to be of service. I know I was having a lousy morning too. I feel better now. So I'm happy.

    - Tina -
    Thanks so much.

    - Moira -
    Thanks. It was definitely interesting to write. I hope no one gets lost. As I've said at other times, it's impossible for me to not be convoluted. :P

    - Lisa -
    Good question. I just got an author spotlight with Whipped Cream reviews. I think I'll use that as one of my mini-posts. Thanks.

    - Charlene -
    I'm so glad. Thanks. I hope I don't disappoint.

    ~ Renee
    (who is steadily spreading the word)

  18. Hi Renee,

    It is a pleasure watching you progress with your books, and I love the character names in Eros! Congratulations on the release, and I look forward to reading this one!

  19. Congrats on the new release!! I am most def. going to check out these books!! Thanks!!

  20. Congratulations on your first menage. I love menages. The woman doesn't have to choose. What fun!

  21. Congratulations on your new release. I read the excerpt and I'm hooked. it's going on my TBB list.

  22. - Ms. Priss -
    Thanks. Always good to see you. :D

    - Paige -
    Thanks and you're welcome. Hope you like it.

    - She -

    Originally this book was a normal m/f and then Ranulf got all pissy with me (he even blocked me so I couldn't write), so I let him have a piece of Eris too. She wasn't complaining. :P

    ~ Renee

  23. - Andrea -
    Thanks! I appreciate that. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of the book.

    ~ Renee

  24. Congrats on your new release. I am a new fan to menage, and I love the ones I've read so far. I look forward your story. Here's too many sales!

  25. Congrats on your new release, Renee. Eris sounds fantastic with both immortals and a menage to capture the immagination. Your excerpt was intriguing and Eris is on my wish list now.


  26. - Wanda -
    Thanks. I love menage. It's naughty and nice all at the same time. I actually have friends who know real life multi-partnered relationships that work. AND they have kids. It's amazing to me and beautiful.

    - Sandie -
    Thanks. Glad I caught your attention. I'll strive to keep doing so with each book I put out.

    ~ Renee

  27. Hi, Renee. I have always been fascinated each time I receive your newsletter about your books. This one sounds so good.

  28. - Joanne -
    Hi Hi. Thanks so much. I'm so glad I actually started that newsletter and that I'm keeping up with it. Only being once a month helps. :D



    Just to let you all know, the lovely people on my newsletter get access to the stuff I haven't put out yet. One chapter, once a month from stuff that is finished and awaiting a contract or (as is the case this time) on the way to being finished so it can submitted for contract.

    Just drop by my blog or my website to sign up.

    ~ Renee

  29. Congrats on your new release! I love menage stories and this one sounds very intriguing. Looking forward to more books from this series too.

    Since you're involved vicariously in the military, I have to ask if people know what you do for a living and if so do they give you story ideas they'd like to see?

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  30. - Joder -
    Thanks. I look forward to writing them. Hopefully they won't give me as many fits as this one did. :)

    I do believe my husband has mentioned that I write romance to his colleagues. And I have told the people at my day job what I do. I even had one co-worker buy my books.

    No one has ever approached me about book ideas. Frankly, I have too many of my own to start taking suggestions. I'm thinking of renting myself out as a muse. I'm just not sure how to go about it and how it would effect my writing schedule.

    ~ Renee

  31. hello and wow your first that great and wish the best for more to come

  32. Congratulations on the release Renee. I've read the excerpt and it sounds fantastic.

  33. I have been waiting for this book to release and now it is here. First chapter has me wanting to read more. Looking forward to discovering how Eris time travels.

    linze_e at

  34. - desitheblonde -

    - Beck -
    Thanks. Hopefully everyone will think the rest of the book is just as good.

    - Lindseye -
    Yes, this book has been a long time coming. If not for my blog posts, I wouldn't have remembered how long exactly. Hope you enjoy Eris's trip through time.

    ~ Renee

  35. Congrats on your release can't wait to read it.

  36. Congratulations on your Release. Eris sounds like a really fun book, and i take it being book 1 your planning more with the some of same characters or just the same immortal type characters?

  37. Congrats on the new release. Can't wait to read it. Love menage stories. And the gods are less often in books. It will make a great change from the vamps and shifters.


  38. Loved the excerpt and the blurb this sounds like a good book.

  39. Congratulations on your brand spankin' new release Renee!!! I wish you many sales and success.

    It looks like a super HOT read!!!


  40. Congratulations on your new release. Did anything in particular inspire you to write a menage? I love what you said about:Leave Your Reality Behind. I'm looking forward to reading your work.
    Much success,

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  42. Congrats on the release of your first menage.
    I know I will like this book, because I read to leave my reality behind.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  43. Congrats on your new release!! Eris sounds like a fantastic read!! I will order it, and I know enjoy it!!!

  44. Read the blurb and chapter 1 excerpt you posted very intriguing. Also read the excerpts posted by BookStrand totally scorching.

  45. Congrats! Every book I have read of yours has been awesome I am sure this one will be too!

  46. Good luck with your book. Sounds like your first menage is a good one.


  47. Hi Renee!

    Congrats!! I can't wait to read Eris. I really appreciate your imagination and attention to detail. I loved the except to CBL. hurryhurryhurry!!=) I'm joneses to read that story. I totally missed it when it was previously posted... darn it! Oh well;)


  48. Cheers and congratulations on ERIS's release! Can't wait to read it. :-)

  49. Wow, Renee! Sounds like a fantastic new series! Congrats--I'll be looking forward to this!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  50. Wow! Lots of comments while I was gone. Sorry I went silent all of a sudden, but I had to get some sleep (I work nights). :)

    - Audra -

    - hollie -
    Thanks. The series is an overall theme. Each book is a stand alone. I may make references to the previous characters and/or there may be cameos but each book stands on its own.

    - Beth -
    Thanks. Yes, I noticed most people don't play too much with gods. I have no such issue. I play with them just like any other character. They are even more fun simply because they have so much power. I even made up whole pantheons for a few universes in my Multiverse. Looking forward to introducing them to everyone.

    - Sherry -

    - s7anna -
    Thanks. Not scorching hot but I did get a sizzling from the editor. :D

    - Leni -
    Thanks. Inspiration? I wanted to do a time travel with a black heroine but knew I had to be very careful in which time I dumped her. For one, I'm not much for research. For two, a too recent time period (1600's +) and she'd probably run into way more trouble than I made for her. :P

    - Estella -
    Thanks. I hope you do like it. I came up with "Leave Your Reality Behind" because people always have preconceived notions of how certain things should and will work coming into a story. I strive to throw out tried-and-true and just let my imagination play. With that in mind, I figured I should give everyone a warning prior to reading my books so I don't scare them. :D

    - Judy -
    Thanks. Let me know what you think after you read it.

    - Luciana -
    Thanks. I tried to pick excerpts that would catch people's attention. Happy to know I succeeded.

    - chocolatcovredcheries -
    Thanks! Glad to have a return reader. Hopefully I'll keep impressing you.

    - Loretta -
    Thanks. I hope people like it. I'm on pins and needles waiting for the first review -- professional or reader.

    - nikole -
    Thanks and sorry about that. I had so hoped to have CBL contracted so you could read the full version but a wild hair made me revisit it. I meant to just touch-up the paint and ended up knocking out a few walls. :D

    - Jean Marie -
    *HUGGLES* Thanks for visiting me, lady. You're always a huge support.

    - flchen1 -
    Thanks. I hope the books will talk to me so I can get them done in a timely manner.

  51. HUGE thanks and hugs to DeNita for hosting this lovely shindig. I had a great time.

    I hope everyone will stay in touch so you all can learn about all my future releases.

    Thanks everyone for coming out and good luck!

    Have a happy,

    ~ Renee