Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Celebrating Cheryl Dragon's New Sci Fi Menage

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of book four in Cheryl Dragon's sexy sci fi menage series!


7th Kind Series, Book Four

When four Air Force pilots get nabbed by aliens, the truth about her fellow soldiers is revealed for Samantha Montgomery. Now instead of flying with three hot men from whom she's been hiding her feelings, she learns her men are aliens and the situation is serious. Her memory may hold the key to what the hostile aliens want. Being trapped in Dreamland and discharged from her normal duties leaves her little choice but to meddle into alien issues.
Samantha and her men must prove their loyalties and usefulness while they explore new levels of group love. Dreamland is their future and these pilots are ready for anything!


A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance or suspenseful mainstream paranormals. Never at a loss for ideas, there are plenty of stories in her brain waiting to be written. Her two favorites book settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans...where anything can happen!


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  1. Congrats on the new release Cheryl! Love that cover!

    For those not familiar with your 7th Kind Series, can you tell us more about it and Dreamland? How do the books connect and how many do you have planned for the series?

    Hope you enjoy your cyber launch party today and thanks for the great giveaway!

    Here's to BELIEVING IN DREAMLAND being your biggest seller yet! Have fun today!

  2. Hi Everyone:D

    thanks!! 7th Kind book 4....I got a great cover and had a lot of fun writing it:)

    The series is about Area 51 dealing with alien beings. Some aliens live among us and fight on our side. they're the HOT HOT HOT heroes:) Some from the home world are abducting humans and causing trouble. The first three books introduce you to groups of these men and the human women who fall for them.

    They mate in groups because the aliens are bred for war, more men than women. So females are in short supply. Sort of menage by design. In this book, an aliens hip messes with a group of Air Force pilots and they end up in Dreamland (aka Area 51). Their careers and lives have taken a huge turn...

    There is one more book planned, Leaving Dreamland....with big romance and the show down with the aliens!!

    But don't worry, there are plenty more menage + stories coming:) Enjoy!

  3. Check out the first review of Believing in Dreamland here:

  4. Congrats on the release. I love spicy alien stories. Who is your favorite alien character of all time in book, tv, or movie?

    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

  5. Just found your books....and they are AMAZING!!!! I have read the first one, gonna keep going full speed ahead! Love the books and the men are HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    What made you start writing about Dreamland and Aliens?

    Gotta love a hot hero!!


  6. Hmm...Lil that's tough! I love Star Trek and Spock is technically an alien:) Alf is cuddly. ET was cute. It's too hard to pick!!!! I love the idea of other worlds and how different they could be...

  7. Welcome Julia!!!!

    There's a lot of menage + and hot stuff out there from me:D

    I love Vegas and the mystery of Area 51 isn't far from there. I also LOVE writing menage + stories and in our mainstream culture, that's not "normal" so creating aliens who have a mating pattern like that makes it less about justifying/explaining how it could work and letting the characters make it work...

    Hope you like it:)

  8. Hi Cheryl, Like you and so many others I love aliens and Science fiction (especially those from the 50's).I wondered what your favourite era of golden science fiction stories was and if any authors had a big influence on that side of your story writing?

    Meanwhile I am adding your Area 51 books (which I have only just come across) to my wishlist as I can't resist Science Fiction with ménage additions :D

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  9. Congrats on the book! Have you ever wanted to be a pilot?


  10. thanks ilona:)

    as for stories, I'm an Asimov girl:) three laws of robotics etc!!!!!!!!!

  11. Congrats on the release! Have you always loved paranormal and scifi stories?

  12. thanks:)

    A pilot?? me?? no way!! that's too much pressure...I stress enough over edits/typos:)

  13. Hi Vanessa!

    Yes, I was raised on Star Trek reruns:D (Picard is so much better than Kirk!!)

    And i'm a huge Buffy fan:D Vampires don't get better than that!!


  14. Have you received mail from readers asking you to revisit characters from past works? If so, did it get you interested in writing more about them?

  15. Congrats on the new release Cheryl.
    I haven't started the series yet.How would you describe the series in one sentence to new readers?

  16. Congratulations on your new release. Is there a genre you have not written yet, but would love to?


  17. Hi Leni,

    I haven't gotten emails about revisiting past main characters but I do get some about secondary characters from stories. Will they get their own story...that's always nice to see that a minor character popped for people:) If I didn't have a ton of new ideas/characters who need their HEA, I'd love to revisit old friends.

    That's what makes Lucky Springs and Dreamland fun. The series let me keep using characters over as they fit. a main character from book 1 is a secondary in book 2 etc. So series make that possible with a new romance as well:)


  18. in one sentance?

    Unusual alien encounters and group love--peaceful beings welcome, but don't mess with Earth or you'll face Dreamland!

  19. Hi Marybelle!

    I'd love to write some humorous contemporary someday ...but the erotic romance is so addictive:D


  20. Congrats on the release! Do the books need to be released in order or can you start, with say this new one? Also, who was the first person that you told when you got the call?

    Congrats again!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  21. Sweet!! A new scifi from Cheryl?? YAY!! Only one more in this series? Say it isn't so! ;)

    Glad you've got plenty of new ideas for new stories in other series, Cheryl! Hope you're celebrating! What do you like to do in between stories? Or is there no in between? Do you go straight from writing one to the next?

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  22. Hi June....

    technically you could read them out of order and it won't matter. The only exception is when the last book comes out, read that one last;) If you read this one first, you'll meet the heroines of the other 3 books and hopefully will want to explore their stories as well.

    But save #5 for last because it is the big resolution!!


  23. don't worry...I just sold a m/m short scifi to Undina press:) more sci fi fun coming!

    I try to take a day off between projects. not a lot of downtime but edits have to be done too. hang out with friends and watch TV....reset the creativity!!


  24. oh, missed this part:)

    who did i tell first when i got the call.

    well, with epubs you usually get an email. When i sold my first story to EC, i told my small writers group:D

  25. Congrats on the new release. I do love your stories and can't imagine how you come up with some of these story lines. Do ideas for new books just pop in your head or do you read things in other books that give you ideas?