Saturday, April 23, 2011

Celebrating Two New Releases For Stacey Kennedy

Today at our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating two new releases for Stacey Kennedy!

Stacey's novels are light-hearted fantasy with heart squeezing, thigh-clenching romance, and even give a good chuckle every now and again.

Her journey as a writer began as a way to keep her brain alive since being a stay at home mom can sometimes be a little...let's say numbing. It was an escape from screaming kids, dirty diapers and plain old mom duty.

It started as a hobby, but as the stories progressed it became a passion. Now, Stacey indulges at nap time, especially the juicy bits! Every mom needs a good thrill!


WHATNOTS & DOODADS by Stacey Kennedy

A Strange Hollow Book From Liquid Silver Books

Bryanna, a Witch from the Asheville coven magic is on the fritz. Shunned by her coven and her boyfriend, Layton for her unruly magic, she seeks a new life for herself. Just so happens, fate steps in and brings her to Strange Hollow–a place where being different is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

When Bryanna arrives in Strange Hollow, Zeke, a demon gone good, is burning with Hell’s fire over her. Not only has she set his world ablaze, but he’s found one soul he can save. He’s determined to free her from the insecurities that have damaged her soul.

Together, they experience lava hot passion as they weave their way through a tornado of emotions. But when Layton returns for her, will Zeke’s attempts to break the unworthy cage woven around her be enough to keep her in Strange Hollow forever?



FOREVER BOUND by Stacey Kennedy

A 1 Night Stand Story

Josie Harper had boyfriends, lovers, and even friends with benefits. None of them could satisfy her. Something had always been missing—something she was now desperate to find.

Gavin Scott longed for the perfect submissive. A woman worthy of the gift he could give to her as a Dom. Most failed to meet his expectations and he’d all but given up hope.

A high class match-maker in Las Vegas brings Josie and Gavin together. Tonight, Gavin will introduce Josie to the world of BDSM. As he skillfully guides her through the experience, Josie isn’t the only one captivated. Gavin is in awe of her control, someone this new to the lifestyle shouldn’t possess this great of a talent.

During their journey, Josie will find the missing piece of her soul and Gavin will meet the woman who was born to submit to him.


WIN - Leave Stacey a question today at her Cyber Launch Party , and your name goes in the hat for one of TWO PRIZES - one will win WHATNOTS  & DOODADS and one will win FOREVER BOUND - please leave your email address and tell us which book you'd like to win if your name is drawn!


  1. Morning Stacey and super congrats on the two new releases!!! You're one busy chick!!

    Now correct me if I'm wrong, but FOREVER BOUND is your first BDSM right? Tell us all about it and how you came to write in this genre and will we see more???

    I love the Strange Hollow books, and love witches, so I can't wait to read WHATNOTS & DOODADS!

    I'm heading over to read the excerpts now... :)

    Enjoy your special party and best of luck with the books - hope they both are HUGE sellers for you!!

    Btw, happy Easter weekend!

  2. Hi, Stacey.

    I love your book cover. Do you work with one particular cover artist/photographer?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

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  4. What a great launch? Stacey, How did you get the courage to start writing?
    I would love to read Whatnots and Doodads.

  5. Congrats on the releases Stacey. I was wondering what interested you in jumping into writing BDSM?

    I would love to read Whatnots and Doodads.

  6. Hi all!

    My critique partner writes BDSM, and I think her muse rubbed off on mine! This idea for Forever Bound popped into my head and nagged me enough to write it! I'm glad I did too--it's smokin' hot!!

    Tracey--I work with a few different cover artists and have been lucky enough to be paired with fantastic ladies who just "get" my vision for a cover!

    Andrea--Good question. I didn't think about it much. I just did it and here we are! :D

    SheriV--I had never thought of writing BDSM, but like I said, it intrigued me. And yes, I have another release, Secret Wishes that has just been contracted to Loose ID. It's BDSM too!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. Hi. Congrats on the new releases. They both sound good.
    I've read several of the Strange Hollow books already. This one will definitely go onto the buy list.

    Which did you enjoy writing more? And why?


  8. Both of these sound like great books! How many books are/do you plan to have in the Strange Hollow series? Do they all have the same couple or different couples in them? Congrats on the new releases!

    smaccall @

  9. Hello Stacey!

    Congratulations on your two new releases. I read the excerpts and they both sound lovely.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  10. Congrats on the double release Stacey. I don't know how you are able to turn out books the way you do but keep them coming. They all look really good and I love your covers. Do you pick out your own or do you have someone that makes them for you?

  11. Stacey,
    There is so much variety in your writing, in terms of the characters you write (witches, ghosts, werewolves, etc.). Do you have a favorite?
    I have a copy of Whatnots and Doodads, so I would love to read Forever Bound.
    wordgirl79 at gmail dot com

  12. Beth--Well, Whatnots & Doodads is my favorite of all the stories I've ever done. It's sexy, but so funny, which made it a blast to write! But with Forever Bound, it was my time writing BDSM! And let me just say it! LOL!

    Sarah - The Strange Hollow line is from Liquid Silver Books. They have a bunch of books from all different authors! It's great world!!

    Thanks Stacie!

    Danielle - I usually pick out the models for the covers, because I am annoyingly picky and want they just right. But on the Whatnots cover the artist did it all herself and she wowed me! It's so perfect and one of my favorite covers!

    Wordgirl--I love writing werewolves. I've got a real soft spot for them. But Witches are right up there too--writing the magic stuff is fun!!


  13. Congrats on the two new releases Stacey.

    Now that you've written your first BDSM book will you write more?

  14. oops forgot to mention which one I'd like.
    Forever Bound

  15. Both books look wonderful. WHATNOTS & DOODADS especially appeals to me.

  16. Congrats Stacey! They both sound like great books. What inspired you to wrtie them? I hope that you have a hoppy Easter!
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  17. elaing8 - Yes, there will be more! :D

    Thanks Marybelle!

    Jessica - I find inspiration in all sorts of things! It kinda just hits and off I go... :D

  18. Since your writing started as a hobby, what other hobbies do you pursue?

  19. I would love either book. If I had to choose I guess Whatnots and Doodads. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. Is it difficule to work with a new publisher or is the editing and refining the same? I would like to try Forever Bound

    linze_e at

  21. Congratulations on your two new releases! Do you have a favorite genre to write and read?

    I would love to read WHATNOTS & DOODADS.


  22. Congratulations on your new release. Looking forward to reading this.