Saturday, November 7, 2009

Judith Rochelle's Cyber Launch Party Winner

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to keep Judith company to celebrate this very important release with her!

Congrats to annalisa!!! You win the autographed copy of SCENT OF DANGER! Thanks for leaving your email address, I'll be contacting you for your mailing info.

She didn't know why her late father's partner wanted to kill her or who the man was he was planning with. Only luck put her in place to overhear the conversation. But the threat was enough to send Kathryn Holt on a frantic flight, taking with her a flash drive that held the secrets of his business. With a big target painted on her back, mediocre, easily led Kathryn Holt became feisty and inventive Kate Griffin. But even Kate reached her limit the night her junker car broke down in the middle of Texas until Quinn, mysterious dark knight with secrets of his own appeared out of the night. Soon scorching sex was neutralizing the intense fear she'd been living with and Quinn was ready to slay her dragons. But two shootings and two brushes with death nearly cost Kate her life and almost destroyed Quinn, bringing back memories he thought he'd buried. With the bad guys finally out of commission, will Kate and Quinn be able to salvage the passion that still smolders between them?

Book one in Judith Rochelle's The Protectors Series is also available in ebook.


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