Friday, November 13, 2009

Ann Hinnenkamp's Cyber Launch Party Winners

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to celebrate Ann's very special day with her - you guys ROCK!

Congrats goes out to Kate M - you win the free download of DYAD DREAMS and the sleep mask, chapter booklet and bookmark! Email me at AuthorIsland at with your mailing address and the email address you'd like the download sent to.

Congrats also goes out to Karen in TN - you win the sleep mask, chapter booklet and bookmark! I need you to email me with your address, as well so I can get your goodies out to you!

DYAD DREAMS by Ann Hinnenkamp

Eleanor Hennen is a voice artist longing for some excitement in her quiet life. Then her sister disappears and her life changes forever when she accepts help from a gorgeous man who might not even be human.

Enigmatic Jacob Hastings serves an immortal and lives in a dark world of secrets and intrigue. His lonely existence is turned upside down when he is assigned the task of protecting Eleanor.

Eleanor unravels the mysteries surrounding Jacob as they battle kidnappers, supernatural forces and their growing passion for each other while on the dangerous quest to find her sister.



DYAD QUEST by Ann Hinnenkamp

This is the sequel to Dyad Dreams.

Aiden Rawlings has had centuries to perfect the art of staying unconnected. For over four hundred years he’s served as human partner to one of the immortal Dyads, protecting mankind from their worst enemy—themselves. Aiden’s carefully built emotional walls start to crumble when he finds Jude Kapfer dying from gunshot wounds. He asks the Dyads to heal her. They agree on one condition—Aiden must protect Jude and discover who is behind the attempt on her life. He’s only got one problem with that—how can he protect her if he can’t take his eyes off her?

Jude is having a bad week. First, a masked madman shoots her, then two insanely sexy men show up, heal her using some unseen power, and she discovers humans are not alone on Earth. To save her life, she must team up with Aiden and allow herself to be drawn deeper into the mysterious, hidden world of the Dyads. Maybe she should take her chances with the masked gunman—at least he’s human.


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