Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caitlyn Willows' Cyber Launch Party Winners

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to party with Caitlyn and celebrate her new releases!

And thanks to Caitlyn for putting up two free ebooks to give to our readers and for being such a wonderful guest!

Our two winners are HBT - you win a contemporary romance from Caitlyn and s7anna - you win a paranormal from Caitlyn! Please email me at AuthorIsland at with your information so we can get you out your ebooks.



They’ve bonded as friends, working side by side over the last six months — jaguar shifter, human, and calico cat. Now a freak lab accident bonds Cristían, Jeremy, and Lupe as lovers. New cat-shifter Lupe knows wishes can come true. Hers made her human and gave her the men she loves. She will defeat anyone who dares threaten her new status and her men.

Jaguar-shifter Jeremy thrills to yet fears his new role, but his relationship with Lupe and Cristían is more than he ever dreamed he could have. But the people trying to kill them, and the mysteries of why, taint it all. Much is unknown, but one thing is not…no one will separate them. No one.

As for Cristían… He’s been blessed with love where he never expected to find it. Now a force from beyond tells him he created a monster only he can destroy. How can he do so knowing it could cost him the two people he loves the most? The bonds of love and loyalty will lead them to the edge of fear and out into the wild.



Secrets we keep from our spouse, our lover, each other...ourselves. Secrets buried inside, some to fester, some to bloom. Secrets on a collision course that can't be avoided and must breathe the light of day...

Dylan Mitchell is dedicated to two things—his wife and his job. He's the agent who does whatever it takes to get his man, even if that means literally getting his man. It's part of the job, his duty. Besides, Dylan gets to hook-up with his hot-as-hell wife, Susan, once a month for a night of unfettered sex.
It's all good. Right?

Ah...but those secrets.

It's not just a job anymore. Emotions are involved—his, Susan's, and Cabot Logan's, the man Dylan is supposed to put behind bars. His two worlds aren't about to overlap, they're going to collide. Real world and undercover. Secrets revealed. Secrets Dylan's kept from himself.

But Susan has a secret of her own. So does Cabot. Those secrets and that of others are on a collision course of their own. And the aftermath will change everything...forever...


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  1. YAY! I'm so happy that I won! Thanks Caitlyn! Thanks DeNita! Looking forward to reading it soon. :)