Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Celebrating the Release of Karen Kelley's DATING OUTSIDE YOUR DNA

Karen Kelley became very adept at how things worked in the publishing world. You write a book, you mail it off, you get rejected, you write another book. She did this for six years until one day she talked her husband into mailing her manuscript for her. She couldn't take one more look of pity from the postal workers. Being the loving husband that he is, he mailed Bachelor Party to Hilary Sares at Kensington to be considered for the Precious Gem line on a Tuesday. On Friday of that same week, Hilary called to offer a contract.

Currently Karen writes for the Brava Imprint with Kensington Publishing and has the fabulous Kate Duffy for an editor. Karen writes full-time, and collects junk which she fondly calls antiques. Her husband can still be talked into mailing her manuscripts and also helping with her publicity. She has two grown children, one son-in-law and three grandchildren and a very spoiled Pekinese. She loves sitting on the patio on a warm spring day and procrastinating about her approaching deadline(s).

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Set Phasers To Sizzle...in this sexy new sci fi romance from Karen Kelley.

Special agent Roan Hendrix is a straight shooter with weapons and women, so he doesn't appreciate it when his boss throws him a curve. But what a curve. A half-human, half-Nerakian who needs a one-on-one crash course in how best to channel her powers. And while Roan's usually a master at separating business from pleasure, one glance into Lyraka's green eyes is enough to spark scorching fantasies of seriously close encounters with the tall, tanned temptress...

Lyraka's trying not to mind the way Mister Macho Special Agent keeps barking orders, but it's impossible to ignore Roan's rough-and-ready appeal. The sensitive ponytail guys Lyraka grew up with didn't have a clue how to handle her outsized sex drive, but Roan looks like he'd be up to the task in every way. Better still, he never got the memo that Lyraka's human side makes her - ahem - "special talents" even greater than the average Nerakian's...


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  1. Happy Release Day Karen!!!!

    Oh - too excited to stand it!!! I've been waiting for this one! Love this series!

    Is this the last book in the series or will there be more?

    Can you tell those of us who don't know a little bit about this series and how they connect?

    Enjoy your super special day and enjoy your party!

  2. Karen has a great trailer for this book, but I'm having a bit of trouble with you tube this morning, so as soon as I can - I'll be posting the trailer so check back!

  3. Wooo I love your books. So cool to see you here!

    Best of luck with the new book, it's already been on my list!

  4. HI Everyone!
    Yes, this is the last book in this series *sniff* I had so much fun writing them. Think Third Rock From The Sun but with sex :)

    In the first book, Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind, Mala comes to Earth looking for a real man. You see, there are no men on Nerak, only companion units.

    Next came Cosmic Sex (title changed to Earth Guys Are Easy). Kia, Mala's cousin, comes to Earth looking for Mala determined to bring her home. She's a warrior, although Nerak doesn't have wars. She ends up messing up an undercover bust in the process :)

    The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy is the third book. Lara is a healer who has to find a cure because an Earth disease made its way to Nerak and seeks help from her sister, Kia, who volunteers Nick's partner, Sam.

    In Dating Outside Your DNA, Lyraka--who is part Nerakian and part earthling, trains with the elite force except her trainer isn't thrilled he's been given this duty.

    All 4 books are stand alone, but connected. I hope everyone enjoys my fast paced sexy romantic comedies :)

  5. As a huge sci-fi fan I've been wanting to read this series. I like that you've been able to combine humor with the action.

    So, where does your writing go from here? Any other genres you've been thinking about writing in?

  6. Congrats on the release! I'm new to this series, but the books sound great and I'll add them to my wish list!

  7. Thanks so much Sharon! You've made my day!!!

    Joder, I don't write the typical sci-fi---I don't want you to be disappointed. Think more along the lines of Mork and Mindy, Third Rock From The Sun---but sexier. If you like that kind of humor then you might enjoy my books.

    As far as writing something else, I love Young Adult. I'm a big fan of PC and Kristin Cast, I've just started Vampire Academy, and I've seen Twilight about 4 times now :)

    I also love dark urban fantasy and I'm working on a proposal now.

    I have a new series coming out from Kensington Brava starting in April. The first one is The Jaguar Prince. Two more will follow later in 2010. After that---who knows :)

  8. Congratulations on the new release Karen!!!

    Who are some of your fave authors? What are some of your fave books?

    What's your favourite holiday tradition?

    Happy Reading
    Anna Shah Hoque

  9. Hi, Karen! Congrats on wrapping up such a fabulous series! I know you've got lots more where that came from, so I'm looking forward to more hot funny stories! Hope you'll be relaxing and enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities this week!

  10. congrats to Karen for your new release sounds awesome as ever

  11. karen i was courious as to whats next for you these books are awesome just wondered is all

    and in your downtime this holiday season do you get to take a breather and celebrate your books and your family your self ect

  12. Hi, Karen.

    How long did it take to create your book trailer?

    Tracey D

  13. Congratulations on your new book release. I love Close Encounters Of The Sexy Kind. Can't wait to read this one.

  14. Hi Karen!
    Congrats on the release of your book.

  15. Happy release day, Karen!! What a pleasant surprise to see you here. I am sooo enjoying DATING OUTSIDE YOUR DNA. This is one funny and sexy series I stumbled upon and very happy that I did. Looking forward to the JAGUAR PRINCE. Will this be a start of a new paranormal series?

  16. Hi Eva, I hope you enjoy them!
    Hi Anna, I have a lot of fav authors but top on my list would be Lori Foster, Sharon Sala, PC and Kristin Cast... and as far as fav book----I can't pick just one.
    Hi Fichen, I wonder if I'll have time to write all the books in my head LOL
    Hi Sin--love your tag!LOL
    Hiya Tracey---No time at all :) Karl does them for me. I do give him my input--hmmm, he doesn't call it input though.
    Hiya Linda---thanks!
    Hiya Estella---thanks!
    Hi Armenia--Yes, The Jaguar Prince is a brand new series that will be out in April---shapeshifting sexy aliens with the same kind of humor. A blast to write.

  17. Just checked out your website and I love your tips section. Thanks so much for the reads.

  18. Lovely day for a launch! Congratulations!

    Pat Cochran

  19. Hi Leni, ohhhh, thanks for going by. I need to add to my articles. I haven't written one in ages.

    Hi Pat, it was a busy day. Lots of cooking and cleaning and more of the same today.

  20. And the winner is JODER. Send your snail mail to kkelley@classicnet.net and I'll drop the book in the mail.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted. It was fun. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday!

  21. alot of people like the catch phrase for my blog sad part is my whole email and such started off as something that came from a simple question and turned in to what it is today