Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrating Veronica Tower's Release Day With Ellora's Cave

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating a new erotic sci fi adventure from Veronica Tower and Ellora's Cave!

JEWEL by Veronica Tower

Jewel’s family fortune is entirely dependent on the continuation of a multitrillion-dollar business relationship—a relationship to be cemented by an arranged marriage to Kole Delling, a man Jewel has no reason to love. Desperate to secure her freedom, Jewel joins the crew of the tramp freighter, Euripides, and passes her time on the outskirts of the Fringe and in the arms of Erik Gunnarson.

Erik calls to Jewel in every way Kole doesn’t. An honest worker scratching out a living he may be a little rough around the edges but there’s no question how much he wants Jewel—in his bed, against the bulkhead or in the shower. He can’t get enough, and he’s not too frigid to admit it. With Erik at her side, Jewel finds it easy to forget the opulence of her home world and the advantages of her birth.

But an accidental discovery near an abandoned planet threatens Jewel’s newfound happiness. Driven by greed, the crew of the Euripides is taking an awful risk, one that could jeopardize not only Jewel’s freedom, but the lives of every crewmember on board—including hers.


Veronica Tower was married to her high school sweetheart for five deliriously happy years and ten far less wonderful ones. Now she is taking the time to make up for lost opportunities. In addition to returning to school to pursue a degree in psychology, Veronica has committed herself to fully exploring her fantasies, both in writing and in person…


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  1. Happy Release Day Veronica!! Super congrats on your new book with Ellora's Cave!

    Please tell us all about JEWEL and this new world you created. And any possibility of seeing this word again in a sequel?

    You've had a very busy spring with a lot of releases, tell us what's new and what you have coming up.

    Thanks for celebrating your release day with us and here's to JEWEL being your biggest seller yet!

    Enjoy your special day!!

    1. Thanks DeNita,I've been working on Jewel and its sequels for the past year or so. This is my first time developing a science fiction setting and it's a lot more involved than the other things I've written. In contemporary romance you only have to focus on the plot and the characters but in SF you have develop whole worlds and cultures as well. Nothing can be taken for granted. It's very exciting and yet it has to be fit seamlessly into the background so that it helps the plot without interfering with the romance.

      Jewel is about an arranged marriage in this futuristic society and my heroine's attempts to avoid it and find true love. She's a complex young woman--smart, innocent and courageous--dealing with problems that would break many of us as she desperately tries to navigate a course that will let her spend her life with the man she's fallen in love with.

      I hope you'll all give it a try.


  2. This book sounds so good, what are you currently working on?
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    susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

    1. I'm always working on something--often more than one something. Currently it's one of the sequels to Jewel plus I'm revising the first book in what I hope will be a new series that combines SF and fantasy.

      I hope you enjoy Jewel.

  3. Nice cover. Do you have a favorite jewel?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Yes, I love this cover too. I think the artist out did herself. To me it catches a touch of desperation in the hero and heroine while grounding the book firmly in the far future. Plus you've got to love that ship and station at the bottom.

      As for jewels...who doesn't love diamonds? ;)

  4. susanmp is our winner! Be on the lookout for an email from Veronica to hook you up with a copy of her new book!

    1. Congratulations Susan,

      I sent you a copy of the novel this morning. Hope you enjoy it!