Monday, June 17, 2013

Celebrating Some New Releases From Evernight Publishing

Today on our Cyber Launch Party we're celebrating some of Evernight Publishing's new releases - for all of their new releases, check out their Website!

Evernight Publishing publishes quality romance and erotic romance for your e-reader. We pride ourselves on our wide variety of books from classic contemporary romance to alternative and erotic. There's something for everyone, and many of our titles are also available in print.

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Evernight Teen

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TELL ME NO LIES by Vanessa Devereaux

Aiden McDermott returned to Spring Valley to pursue his dream job of being the town’s sheriff. When he’s woken in the middle of the night and told some remains have been unearthed, he knows the only outstanding missing person case is that of Ruby Connolly.

Aiden has a history with the Connolly family, some good and some bad. One of the bad things included hurting Christina Connolly in the worse possible way. Christina is now an attorney and also back in Spring Valley. Can they put their differences aside and work together to find a killer who’s been walking free for a decade? And while doing so can they rekindle their love and prove that everyone deserves a second chance?


Hannah Monroe’s best friend, Chris Worth, is the one guy she can depend on- and sexy! He's an all-American good guy, and they've been through thick and thin together. But now he’s thinking about being with her—naked.

A Valentine’s Day pact and a few drinks too many find the friends spending a night together neither one can forget. Hannah wants to pretend it didn't happen. Chris doesn’t.

Chris is determined to break through the cracks he’s put in Hannah’s walls to give them a shot at romance. She’s resistant to all his efforts.

But when Hannah thinks Chris has betrayed her in the worst way, will she run or can she give their new passion for each other a chance?


THE PROMISE OF STEEL by Lilith Duvalier

The Promise Series, 3

After years of watching uniformed men bring bad news to her neighbors' doorsteps, and fearing the day they might come to hers, Harriet’s husband Joshua has been returned to her. He’s not whole, still haunted by the trenches and recovering from mental and physical injuries, but he’s home.

To help ease the lingering effects of shellshock, Harriet brings Joshua to her sister’s seaside cottage. The trip doesn’t seem to be having the desired effect on his ravaged soul—until Harriet finally coaxes her husband into divulging a close-guarded secret and proposes a thoroughly unorthodox solution.


TURN ME ON by Faye Avalon

Brighton Heat, 3

Recognizing the groom and best man as men she once enjoyed a ménage, Lissa Delaney’s attempts to avoid them during the wedding drive her straight into the arms of the groom’s cousin. Getting involved with Reed Fitzgerald is bad news, especially since the two men dislike each other, but the attraction is too powerful and soon Lissa is sharing Reed’s bed.

With an ex-lover determined to hold him to a drunken promise, Reed Fitzgerald thinks Lissa might well be his out-clause, especially since she’s up to her pretty neck in debt. His unlikely proposition will solve both their problems and, considering the explosive sex they enjoy, promises to provide plenty of recreational benefits along the way.

But what started as a temporary agreement soon develops into something more meaningful, until a chance meeting sends Reed into a jealous rage and threatens to destroy what they have been building.


And releasing June 18th....

PERFECT STRANGER by Kerri M. Patterson

Left at the alter and crushed, Chloe Burgesse only thought her life was complicated before she embarked on her should-have-been honeymoon, alone. She had no idea how much worse it could get when a Special Forces soldier takes a leap onto her car. She didn’t see the Pandora's box she'd opened for herself by offering aid. She didn’t see the attraction to Jericho coming, nor did she intend to fall in love with a perfect stranger. 

Master Sergeant Jericho Eden is in Brazil doing recognizance work on a suspected terrorist compound when his team becomes scattered. On his way to his execution, a woman unwittingly offers aid. Together they are thrust into a world of duplicity and danger. Nothing new for Jericho, but Chloe's only chance of survival relies on his instincts, skill, and discipline—something he is having a hard time getting a grip on with his new distraction.


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  1. Welcome authors and super congrats on your new releases!!!

    Please stop in and tell us more about yourselves and about your new releases. And be sure to let us know how we can learn more about you and your work.

    I'd love to know how all of you came up with the idea for your new books.

    I see that some of these releases are already on the bestseller lists - YEAH!! CONGRATS

    I wish you all many, many sales and I hope you enjoy your day in the AuthorIsland spotlight!

    1. Hello everyone!!!
      I would like to thank AuthorIsland for spotlighting me here :) If anyone would like to see the trailer for Perfect Stranger you can visit the Cyber Launch Party page on Facebook at
      I hope you enjoy Chloe and Jericho's dangerous adventure. Please visit me at or on Twitter @KerriMPatterson

  2. These all sound like great books.. I am putting them on my tbr list..

  3. Not fair. My TBR runneth over. There are just too many sexy fun reads.

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  4. How will you be celebrating?
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  5. Thank you Author Island for spotlighting my new release. Turn Me On is Reed and Lissa's story, and is the third book in the Brighton Heat series. The series explores what happens to three characters who once enjoyed a menage. Each character has their own story which focuses on how that one night comes back to haunt them when they each meet the love of their lives.

    You can find me at my website or on Facebook at or Twitter @Faye_Avalon

  6. Congrats to Donna - you're our winner for this month's Evernight Cyber Launch Party!

    Be on the lookout for your $10 Evernight Gift Certificate coming from Evernight Publishing.