Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrating Two Sweet And Spicy Romances From Mickie Sherwood

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating TWO sweet and spicy IR Romances from Mickie Sherwood!

Mickie Sherwood is an author and novice photographer who takes nature pictures right in her own backyard. She loves to engage in her favorite pastime which also incites her creativity. Combine that aspect of her life with the enjoyment of spending time with her family, and cruising vacations, and the development of interesting characters who encounter intriguing circumstances is not very far behind.

Mickie also likes a good laugh. Enjoy the humorous stories she tells about life at her blog - Mickie's Mutterings.

NICKED HEARTS by Mickie Sherwood

~~Sweet, spicy romance a heartbeat away~~

Valentine’s Day surgery trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey? OVER HER DEAD BODY!

Rambunctious runaway K.C. Montreaux - thirtyish and coddled - crashes the men's room at Bush Intercontinental and straight into Nick Hart. His clear eyes x-ray through her while she hovers with a facetious grin on a lovely caramel face. A ruckus launches her to an empty stall and forces him into defense mode. Drafted actions cloak Nick's deceit - from the mainland to Maui - as he helps outwit her pursuer.

Will K.C. snuff out their combustible emotions like hushed Haleakala or forgive Nick's misguided lies?

Dare his nicked heart dream?


LOUISIANA HOT SAUCE by Mickie Sherwood

Reclusive Mesha Rayburn's safe haven disintegrated when athletic Jack Connolly raced into her life. He was like an uninvited guest to her pity party. Yet, his brashness stoked her dormant emotions and injected spunk into her veins with every bated word. And--calling the cinnamon-skinned Black woman "biggety" didn't help matters.

Mechanic Jack Connolly thought the trip down South to patch up and retrieve the bullet-ridden helicopter would be a pain. He never imagined the rhetoric becoming reality. But, thanks to Mesha's panicked outcry, it had. The pain radiating in his palm bothered him less than the one in his rear. Bold and beautiful, he had to know why she hid out in the boonies. As her transient tenant, he intended to find out at the risk of feeling the sting of her Louisiana Hot Sauce temper.


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  1. Good morning, happy Saturday and super congrats on your two releases Mickie!!

    You're a new author for me, so please tell us all about yourself and your work. These two stories you have sound like wonderful love stories, I can't wait to read them!

    And I noticed you have a free read on your website - which sounds fantastic - can you tell us how we can get it?

    Hope you enjoy your party and hope your books are huge bestsellers for you!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Congrats on both of your releases :)

  3. Congrats on your releases. I love the photos. Have you ever considered submitted some for use in magazines?
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. Authorisland,

    What happens when the celebrant stays up all night in anticipation of the next day's event? She has to come running in in high heels and skid to a stop. That's me!

    I've been writing for quite a while. Finally, worked up the nerves to submit my stories because I found my niche.

    I'm a lover of different genres. But, my observations told me sweet IR/MC romances needed another voice. Now, just because they're sweet doesn't mean they can't have a little spice.

    My area of the state is known for its spicy culture. So, I'm proud to introduce your readers to Louisiana Ladies unafraid of loving outside-of-the-box in Nicked Hearts and Louisiana Hot Sauce.

    I also have a sweet paranormal African-American story just in time for Halloween. She's also an LL.

    Guess what? I wanted to give something back to my readers. So, Azure Apparition is No Cost 2 Read and located right at Mickie's Manor Louisiana Lady.

    Find the "key" and enter to "enjoy".

    It's fun already! Keep the questions coming.

    Thanks, ya'll.

  5. Regina,

    It's good to have you here. Thanks for coming.


  6. Hi, Debbie,

    Actually, I've not thought of that. If you've visited my blog you've seen that it seems I can't stand at the stove without my camera.

    I just love snapping pictures.

    Now, you've given me a new venture to think about.

    Thanks for coming and for the question.


  7. Oh I love finding new authors!

    My grandmother was from the south and I love the tough stock these women are made of. And it sounds like your heroines are tough and sassy.

    Are these you're first two books?

    Thanks for the free read. I can't think of a better way to check out a new author.

  8. Hi, Katie,

    Yes. Louisiana Hot Sauce was released in 2010. Nicked Hearts was released in 2011.

    My heroines, Mesha and K.C., are women of conviction when it comes to love. But, sometimes with conviction comes conflict. Yet, love wins in the end.

    My No Cost 2 Read read is my first paranormal romance. It's my pleasure to give something back to readers.

    Thank you for taking time to drop by.

    Don't forget to visit my blog for some good Southern eats.

    Gumbo, anyone?


  9. Congrats on your books. They sound wonderful. Did it take you awhile to get published?
    Sue B

  10. When writing do you find it easier to get into the hero or the heroine's head?

  11. Congrats on your new releases! I love your sense of humor in your response to AuthorsIsland! It's great that you are excited about your party day. I love these blog parties because I get introduced to lots of new to me authors! Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Katsrus, Hi,

    I'm glad you stopped by. What took the longest time was pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone. I've had my share of rejection letters. But, hey, where would I be if I didn't even try?

    From acceptance to published date for Louisiana Hot Sauce was about 8 months. Man, did I learn a few things.

    It wasn't nearly as long for Nicked Hearts.

    And of course, I'm always working on something else. I like tricked out big rig trucks and Bayou country. Right now, they're two different stories.

    Hmmm. There might be a change in plan.

    Don't forget to visit my blog for some good "eats".

    Thanks for your time.

  13. Hi, Leni,

    Now, that's a great question. One I've never thought about.

    Well, if you'd have asked me that before Azure Apparition, I would have said getting into the heroine's head is easier. Somehow, Frank Hickman was stuck up there this last go round. And I had to get him out.

    I guess the answer is: it just depends on my mood.

    Visit Mickie's Mutterings. I've been cooking, again.

    Hopefully, before the weekend's over there'll be some new smells over there.


  14. Debby,

    Don't flog me, please. My apologies for misspelling your name.


  15. Jen B.,

    I'm glad to have the opportunity to do a giveaway. I've been wanting to do one for a long time. You know that comfort zone thingy I mentioned earlier. It got in the way. Then, along came Authorisland.

    Fished me right out of the sea of uncertainty. Cast me onto solid ground.

    And here I am. Not floundering, either.

    I appreciate your visit.


  16. Hi, Mickie! Congrats on not one, but TWO releases! YAY! Are you doing anything special to commemorate these? And what's next for you? :)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  17. Oh, I'm going to head over to your blog. I love me some southern cookin'! I love jomblia (have no idea how to spell it, but I love it)lol

    Your books look like great love stories and fun heroines. Are they both IR and are the books you're working on IR? Is the IR aspect of the story a big part of it or is it just simply the way it is. Did my question make sense?

  18. Good morning, Flchen1,

    This was my big "do"! What's next? I have a couple WIPs. Plus, I hope to hear positive news on another Mickie sweet read.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

    Thanks for visiting.

  19. LOL,Sharon,

    Yes, your questions make sense.

    Both of those are IR romances. The difference in cultures is back story to overcome conflict and move the story to a loving end.

    The characters have issues more important than those differences.
    If there are problems with them being together, it's not their problem.

    Now, for the jambalaya. :)

    That's another love dish. You gotta really "luv" standing over the stove to do that dish justice.

    I'll put that on my list.

    Keep visiting Mickie's Manor and Mickie's Mutterings.