Saturday, October 29, 2011

Celebrating New Halloween Releases For Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Today at our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating new Halloween releases for Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy!

Lee Ann is a Missouri native. Although she emerged from the old neighborhood in her hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri to make her home in the rugged Missouri Ozarks long ago, she retains nostalgia for the hometown.

Her first novel, Wolfe’s Lady, debuted from Evernight Publishing in December 2010 and her second, Love Tattoo, came out in March 2011 from the same publisher. She has three other novels due out in 2011 and two confirmed for 2012. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Paranormal Authors Guild, Missouri Writers Guild, and the Ozark Writers League.

She now lives with her husband, three children, and one feisty Jack Russell terrier in what passes for the suburbs in a small town.


WORLD WITHOUT END, AMEN by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Judith answers the doorbell, to her past: Eamon O'Hara. There is no question as she leaves everything--kids, husband--to return with him to Ireland. Things, however, aren't quite as they seem as Judith adjusts to her new reality.

When Judith Richardson answers the doorbell one October morning, she finds her past love--and husband--Eamon O'Hara at her door. His unexpected return challenges her complacent life, revokes her marriage, changes everything. Their love remains alive and powerful. After an intimate reunion, Judith realizes that she's willing to walk away from her family responsibilities and the life she's built to be with the love of her life. Everything changes as she leaves to go home with him to Northern Ireland, but she's happier than she's been in years.

As they arrive on Irish soil, she begins to realize that things may not be quite what she thought they were. Once they return to his native Derry, Eamon tells her a truth that will shatter everything she's believed, and threatens their happiness--unless she can accept the new reality.


MIDNIGHT SEDUCTION - A 13 Author Anthology From Evernight Publishing

No matter what your fantasy, these sinfully naughty tales are certain to keep you reading late into the night...

Midnight Seduction is an exclusive collection of erotically charged stories by thirteen talented authors. From dark angels and vampires, to ghosts and kelpies, this anthology is sure to please paranormal romance lovers everywhere. Fulfill your wanton desires and escape into a world where anything is possible.

Stories include: Salem by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, Going Berserk by Alexandra O'Hurley, Bad Things by Luxie Ryder, The Yearning by Emma Shortt, Trixie's Treats by Kelly Yeakle, Ghost of a Chance by Carolyn Rosewood, Shadows of Desire by Pepper Anthony, Midnight Masquerade by D. F. Krieger, Kissing Darkness by Fionn Jameson, Crimson Sin by London Saint James, Soul Reaver by Kastil Eavenshade, Deal With the Devil by Anna Keraleigh, and Last Call for Love by Lila Shaw,


JACK-O'- SPEC A Multi-Author Halloween Anthology

Jack-o'-Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy features the many faces of science fiction, fantasy, and horror Halloweens: steampunk Halloweens, post-apocalyptic Halloweens, alternate history Halloweens, outer space Halloweens, and noir Halloweens, not to mention new speculative takes on Halloween perennials, such as haunted houses, witches, ghosts, vampires, and, of course, jack-o'-lanterns. Twenty-six authors have contributed short stories, flash fiction, and poetry to the anthology, transporting us to the mysterious realm of the Pumpkin King, introducing the trick-or-treating Norse gods, or describing a lover's visit on a brief reprieve from Purgatory.

If there is a holiday ripe for exploration, speculation and new myths, it is Halloween. Come and celebrate this night of nights with us.

Praise for Jack-o'-Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy: Reading Jack-o'-Spec is like stepping into a Halloween party that's been going on for 2,000 years. There's something delightfully pagan about these stories and poems, something that captures Halloween's dark, autumn atmosphere. Whether it's a mad scientist invoking Halloween ghosts on Mars, boys trapped in not one but two haunted houses, or a rich evocation of poetic seasonal spirits, Jack-o'-Spec has something for all Halloween lovers. -- Lisa Morton, Author, The Halloween Encyclopedia

Includes: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, "Forty-Eight Hours a Year," Jude-Marie Green, "Defying Gravity," Jill M. Riga, "Bad Reputation," Leslie Brown, "Incursion," Kendall Evans, "Deceiving the Dead," Gregory L. Norris, "The Two Houses," Michael M. Jones, "Who Killed the Pumpkin King?" Bruce Boston, "Halloween Hunchback," Elissa Malcohn, "Visitations," Shannon Connor Winward, "All Souls' Day," Paul L. Bates, "Unwanted Children," Geoffrey A. Landis, "Monsters," Cliff Winnig, "The Experiment," Robert Borski, "Halloween (The Planet)," Samantha Henderson, "Sugar Skulls," Nancy Ellis Taylor, "Dia de los Muertos/LA," John F.D. Taff, "The Lacquered Box," Alexandra Seidel, "Tricks and Treats," James S. Dorr, "The Leaves," Lyn C. A. Gardner, "The Chant of the Black Cats," Joe Nazare, "The Day after Halloween," Alexandra Seidel, "Lanterns," Marge Simon, "Traditions," Daniel R. Robichaud II, "Autumn Jitters," Karen A. Romanko, "Death in a Harlequin Suit," Jason S. Ridler, "The Night Ol' Jack Came Back."

WIN - Leave Lee Ann a question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a copy of her new book WORLD WITHOUT END, AMEN and a copy of MIDNIGHT SEDUCTION! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good Luck!


  1. WOW - Three new Halloween release this season - that's fantastic!

    Congrats on your new short - love the cover and the story sounds so interesting - can't wait to read it and find out what Judith got herself into!

    And congrats on being included in two new anthologies! That's fantastic and they both seem like wonderful ways to sample a lot of different authors.

    Tell us a bit about everything you got going on now - you're one of the busiest authors I know!

    Hope the new releases are all big hits for you and have fun today at your cyber launch!

  2. Congrats on the new releases.The book and both stories in the anthologies sound good.

    Since Halloween is Monday,what's your favorite scary movie?


  3. Hi there Lee Ann. Congratulations on your wonderful halloween stories!

    It's perfect halloween weather here and lots to do with the family, but I alwasy like to check it to see what new books are available. I'll be checking out the excerpts when I have more time.

    Best of luck with the release and enjoy your Halloween.

  4. Wow three books done. GREAT I have to ask a big question..are you well organized to be able to find time for writing and getting everything done? I USED to be more organized then I am now. I retired due to health issues and know now that I should had learnt to be more organized years ago. What used to take me an hour to takes me three as I can not do it unless I sit down several times. It is okay I guess but something I am not used to. Happy Halloween. susan Leech

  5. Lee Ann Sontheimer MurphyOctober 29, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    Thanks Katie and Susan -
    Well, I am more organized than I used to be - mostly because I have to be or I'd never get anything done. About two years ago, I decided to treat my writing like a "real" job, give it priority, stick to a schedule and when I did that, things began to happen. I signed my first book contract the next July so I guess it works. In addition to all the writing and promo I also have a family - three kids, a husband and a very spoiled Jack Russell terrier. To make it all work, I get up very early and often stay up late. In between I keep to my self imposed schedule and thank my Army dad for teaching me self discipline!

  6. Lee Ann Sontheimer MurphyOctober 29, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    While I'm here I thought I'd tell about what's up next for me once we get through this wonderful Halloween season with all my new releases. October has been a wild and busy month for me.

    Next up - giving me some breathing room for once - is my first ever Christmas release out December 3 from Rebel Ink Press. "Sing We Now of Christmas" is a story so close to my heart, a very poignant love story. You can check my website for the blurb and cover at or my main blog, A Page In The Life

    Book 4 of my Love Covenant series from Evernight, "Love Shadows" will be out in December too and I'm in the Evernight Christmas antho too, "Stockings and Suspenders".

    And for far I have a Valentine's Day release from Rebel Ink Press, "A Patient Heart" on Feb 3, a time travel/ghost/contemporary love story "In Love's Own Time", Feb 17, "Miss Good Samaritan", a sweet romance with lots of action April 3, and my 1920's romance, "Guy's Angel" June 3, all from Rebel Ink.

    I also have a Champagne Books release, "Long Live The King" (Elvis) coming out in May.

    My current WIP is "War Bonds", a WWII era historical romance and I've got lots more in the works, two more Love Covenant books to complete the series and more!

  7. Wow! Congrats on your releases! How awesome! Happy Halloween! What are your plans for the weekend?

  8. Dang lady, you make me tired just reading about what you have going on.

    You've had one heck of a first year!

  9. Many congrats on the releases.
    Happy Halloween!

    skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

  10. Congratulations!! How has the e-book revolution changed your world?


  11. What is your favorite scary Halloween movie??

  12. Thanks so much for featuring JACK-O'SPEC! I was so happy to be included in the anthology. My story, "The Two Houses," originated in an eerie dream I had that involved lost characters arguing in a music room. Three of the characters resembled actors from ALL MY CHILDREN, circa 1986. The dream played out perfectly as I wrote the story, and Karen Romanko was kind enough to accept it for the anthology. There are some fantastic authors and offerings -- it's the perfect read, and not only for Halloween. Happy Samhain!

  13. Boy, what a busy year for you, Lee Ann! Hats off to you! What's your favorite indulgence (not that you've much time to indulge!)?

    Congrats, and best wishes!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  14. I love this time of year with all the creepy great reads. I'll be checking out all the books, love anthologies, such a great way to discover new authors to love.

    Tell me Lee Ann, is your World Without End story part of a series?