Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrating Logical Lust's New Erotic Anthology

Logical-Lust Publications announces their latest anthology SPANK! edited by noted erotica author and editor D. L. King.

SPANK! is a collection of twenty erotic tales about the most intimate ofcorporal punishments - spanking. Some of the best authors of erotic storieshave contributed to the anthology. Famous New York City disciplinarian andcorporal consultant Ms. Cassandra Park provides the introduction to theanthology aptly titled "It's a spanking - it's supposed to hurt!"

As King says, "Spank! is quality fantasy fodder from the adorably sexycover to the engaging, clever, smutty, funny, spanking-good erotica you'llfind inside, all the way to the adorably sexy back cover (if you purchasea print edition). How could I go wrong with the likes of Lisabet Sarai,Kathleen Bradean, Donna George Storey, A.D.R. Forte, Cervo, Anna Black,Sean Meriwether, Beth Wylde, Sacchi Green, J. Z. Sharpe, Jessica Lennox,Allison Wonderland, Jean Roberta, Lee Ash, Maggie Morton, Tara S. Nichols,Sommer Marsden, Roxy Katt, and Evan Mora?"

D. L. King is the editor of the Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Where theGirls Are. Violet Blue gave King's bestselling vampire anthology, TheSweetest Kiss, the number two position in her top ten Hottest Sex Books of2009.

SPANK! is available in print and several ebook formats.

A blog tour featuring thecontributors is in progress. See D. L. King's blog for the full tourschedule.


WIN - Leave a message or comment today for D.L. King and/or the authors and your name goes in the hat for your choice of a print copy or eBook of SPANK! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good Luck!


  1. Welcome D. L. King and authors of SPANK! What a fun cover and great collection of erotica!

    Super congrats on the new release and we wish you the very best of luck with it.

    Please drop in and let us know a little bit about yourselves and your story.

    Have a great time and let the fun begin!

  2. congrats! sounds like a great book.


  3. congradultions I love the cover
    Sandy Butler

  4. If you like the front cover, you'll enjoy the back cover with the His 'n' Her image! LOL

    And the stuff in between the covers is nice too. You really get a variety of stories and moods--from dramatic to comedic--but they all work together very well.

  5. Spanking stories are very hot right now. I'd like to read this book and see what other authors are writing.

  6. Hi All,

    I'm really excited to be here with you today for the Spank! Release party. I'm so proud of the book and the writers whose stories you'll find inside.

    Sorry I'm a bit late checking in but I'm at my day job (ah, the glamorous life of an erotica writer...) and I got caught up in work.

    This is my third foray into editing, my two previous efforts, Where the Girls Are and The Sweetest Kiss, being for Cleis Press. Spank! Is my first book for Logical Lust and, may I say, they've been really great to work with! This book is top notch.

    Hey, Sandy, you're right, the cover is to die for!

    I'm really looking forward to your questions and will be checking back as often as I can to answer them. But I will definitely but all my effort into the party when I finally make it home this evening, so please stay tuned.

  7. I'm dying to see the back cover. I'm dying to get my hands on the book :D. As it stands, all I know is Sugar and that's because I wrote it! Congrats, D.L., glad to be on board.


  8. Whooo hooo I made it, wasn't sure i would be able to, Damn firewalls at the day job often interfere but the bills have to be paid some way right? ^_^

    I have one of the lesbian erotica offerings in the book. Now writing lesbian themed stories is not a new thing for me but in this story I was also working out some inner demons too. (You can check out my Spank! blog post all about that here:

    Anyway in case any of you are interested in hearing me read from Spank! then you need to visit my Literary Foreplay event on Sept. 24th at Cecelia Tan's FFF event. 8-9PM I'll be showcasing Spank! for my reading. For more details you can email me
    And i had the amazing priviledge of hosting a vendor's table on this past Saturday with DL King in DC at The Crucible. She helped keep me grounded which is a tough job, take my word for it. ^_^
    I can't wait to hold my copy of Spank! in my hands. Party on everyone.
    Erotica Unrestricted by Genre or Pairing

  9. Ooooh, congrats on the release, looks like a spanking good book!! Hehe!!!


  10. Congrats to all the authors! It looks great! can't wait to read!

  11. Authors - be sure to friend me at facebook and goodreads as soon as you can - I'd like to send you my congrats on your new release!

  12. Now I want to see the back cover
    congrats on the release. I enjoy reading anthologies,I find so many new authors this way.

  13. Hi Sommer,

    You'll get to see it soon. The book will be creeping its way along to you beginning Saturday!

    Beth, can anyone really ground you? All I can say is it was a very fun day and I wouldn't want to change you--ever.

    D. L.

  14. Awww DL you sweet talker. Oh I can be grounded but it would probably take a ritalin salt lick to accomplish it, that or some heavy home drama. ^_^

    I had a blast as always and can't wait to do it again. Next time without the trip to the ER for the migraine meds, which is why you had your work cut out for you with me on Sat. LOL

    If I get a table in March you want to come back with me? Oh the fun we have.

  15. @Beth, maybe, we'll see.

    I just wanted to mention that those are my fingers holding the paddle (on the cover). What a fun day that was. The co er was shot in a friend's apartment (who also happens to be one of the authors). I have to say, those lights are hot. I don't know how the fashion models keep their col. But it was a great time and we got a Lo of super shots--a few of which would never be allowed to grace the cover of a book sold in public. Lucky me--I get to keep them all to myself!

    Oh yes, and by the way, the red handprints on the cover model's butt? ThTs 100% real. She jumped about a foot when that hand came down.

  16. I'm having the worst time with my phone, trying to get these comments up. That last was supposed to be, We had lots of fun and, that handprint on the model's butt is 100% real!

  17. *Drools just a little....* I think I want. :) (Okay, scratch that. I know.)


  18. Did any of the authors find themselves with unanswered questions about their characters and decide to write more about them in another story?

  19. His 'n' Her image on the back cover? Now I'm very curious to see the print edition! I'm also looking forward to the read, just following the excerpts posted in the blog tour.

    Tara S. Nichols

  20. Leni, what a great question! I hope other authors will weigh in on this because I'd like to know too.

    My story is (shh...) based on a real incident, so I didn't really have questions about the character. But I do sometimes use him as fodder for other stories--only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

  21. What a great line up of authors!

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  22. Leni, my story did just the opposite; it answered a question about a character I'd written about in before-and-after stories. In fact, I expect I'll violate her privacy on future occasions, as well.

    Sacchi Green

  23. Authors - please tell us what is it about spanking that is so interesting, so arousing?

    And is it better to give or to receive? :)

  24. Thanks for asking that question, Zetta. Anybody who knows me knows where I stand on is it better to give or to receive. My goodness, everyone knows it is far better to give than to receive, right? Isn't that what they always say at gift-giving holidays? Why, it warms the heart, doesn't it?

    It certainly warms my heart, knowing I've given some naughty guy or gal a gift they not only want, but deserve. And it warms them, too, maybe in other ways, but it certainly warms them...

    Yes, I definitely enjoy giving a good spanking! Why? I don't really know. I think I do like seeing the pleasure derived, even in the pain, by the spankee. But most of all, I think I'm just made that way.

  25. I'd like to know what the readers think is so interesting and arousing about spanking, and whether they prefer to see it from the viewpoint of the hand, or the butt. I suppose, though, that it often comes down to how interesting we can make it feel.

  26. Congratulations to all the authors on this release. It looks like a very interesting book.

  27. Leni, I don't think I have any unanswered questions about my characters, at least, not at this point. You never know down the road, but in my imagination my middle-aged couple have finally found that comfort zone where I feel satisfied that they will stay together and stay kinky.

    As for what I find so interesting about spanking... well, I like the sting. ;) I like that it is somewhat, (to some) taboo. It's naughty enough to be a dirty secret, (which in my opinion), makes a great writing topic.

  28. What a fun party! And Diane, that's YOUR hand? Somehow it makes the cover all the more special :-). I'm on the fence on giving versus receiving. I'm guess I'm a selfish little brat in that I get the attention and sensation when I receive--my preferred intensity is just enough to warm and tingle. But seeing and feeling how the other partner reacts is also very pleasurable. I also like the naughtiness of taking an action that's supposed to be a punishment for the naughty and transforming it into something that is a reward for bad behavior. Spanking as social revolution....

  29. Hi Donna. I was just going to mention that I was a truly generous soul and didn't have a selfish bone in my body but you had to go and drag politics into it! Well, I guess a social revolution isn't "the" revolution. And now I'm just showing my age...

    Welcome to the party!

    I hope everyone likes the book, with this crowd of writers, you know it's got to be killer. And, hey, I'd love to hear what folks think after they've read it.

  30. Spank! sounds like a great anthology. I absolutely love the cover. It's so kinky. ;)


  31. I'm honored to share space with so many talented writers! (Here's hoping this post goes through.)
    - Jean Roberta (who can only post here as Anonymous)

  32. what an awesome antho ithinka lot of people look down on certain asspects of what is the norm for them and what is kink i love that writers step out of the box and write things that ar ehot so thank you for that you all rock and i would love to read this count me in please n ty