Saturday, September 11, 2010

Barbara Miller's Powerful Self-Help Book For Women

NOTE - Since we were having issues with are blog yesterday - Barbara's Cyber Launch Party has been extended!

Today we're celebrating a very powerful self-help book written by Barbara Miller.

Barbara, an author and motivational speaker, is the founder of Barbara and Company International, Inc. Barbara is a licensed medical esthetician and has worked with Plastic Surgeons, performing pre and post follow up skin care for plastic surgery patients. Barbara studied at the International Dermal Institute in Manuel Lymphatic Drainage, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion. She trained in permanent makeup at the Los Angeles Institute for Permanent Makeup. Barbara and Company was founded in 1993 when Barbara created her own natural botanical skin care line, "Skin Reverence".

Barbara is the author of, You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life, How to Create the Life You Want Your Way, a self-help book for women. She also authored, You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life, Positive Thoughts Journal, to accompany her book. Barbara is a sought after speaker for woman's clubs and seminars. Her main goal is to empower women to lead their best life yet by overcoming negative thoughts and habits carried over from childhood. Barbara believes that we have the power within to live life as a winner and not as a victim.

Barbara embraces laughter as one of life's key ingredients to help us through some of our greatest challenges and struggles. She teaches that we all deserve healthy loving relationships and to live our life in happiness and joy. This, she says, is attainable and can be accomplished by creating balance in our lives mentally, physically, social-emotionally and spiritually.



How to Create the Life You Want - Your Way! A Self-help book by Barbara Miller.

This is a story not unlike many women who have trusted and believed in the person they have committed their life to, only to have their faith shattered and life set on an unknown journey. The courage to find yourself, return to the core of your inner spirit, and learn to trust again will be the challenge. Barbara Miller will help you accomplish your goals with ways to take control of your life and gain a new sense of power as you enter your best life yet!

Learn to change behavior that sets you up for failed marriages and toxic relationships. Learn to cope with feelings of rage, anger, resentment and hate as you trust in your Higher Power to heal your soul.

Rid yourself of negative inner thoughts carried over from childhood that cripple personal growth and rob you of your joy. Enhance your self-image as you create balance and happiness in your life, mentally, physically, social-emotionally, and spiritually.

The freedom to grow, reach out, and be all you want to be is within your power! Take charge and find the confidence to live your life your way!

You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life is a special message to women who have experienced the shock of losing their marriage and their lifestyle. You will learn to make right choices in order to create the life you want and so richly deserve-your way!


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  1. Welcome Barbara and congrats on the fabulous book!

    I think it's such an inspiration when someone turns a horrible personal experience into something life-changing (for the better!) and helps other to survive, as well.

    I can't imagine how difficult it was to put your painful experiences onto paper, but certainly, ever single one of us knows someone who could benefit from the teachings in this book, so for that I'm thankful you were able to write this book.

    It must be a great feeling when you hear from readers telling you your book helped them get through a difficult time.



  3. Can't wait to read your book. Congratulations!

    Ali D.

  4. Barbara, tell us a bit about the Positive Thoughts Journal you have that works along side your book.

  5. I haven't been divorced but i have spent a lifetime blaming myself due to things that happened as a child. This books seems like something that could inspire me and help me find myself.

  6. gigi
    enter my name in your contest.