Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrating A New Release And A New Series For Tianna Xander And Viola Grace

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of RUBY DARE, Book One in Tianna Xander's  brand new D.A.R.E. Project Series co-authored with Viola Grace!

Tianna is the author of several paranormal, time-travel and science fiction romance novels. She loves reading everything from romance novels, murder mysteries and encyclopedias, to handbooks on solar energy. Tianna is the first to admit she spends far too much time surfing the internet and chatting with her online friends and critique groups. Having written several novels and working on at least one more at any given time -- Tianna still finds time for her family, friends and her many pets. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband, two children, three cats, two big dogs and one occasionally terrorized Netherland Dwarf bunny. Her life is anything but boring.

RUBY DARE - Book One in the D.A.R.E Project Series by Tianna Xander and Viola Grace

Born of two dragons but raised in a lab, Ruby has lived a life of quiet regulation, waiting until the project proposed decades earlier can be started. When Dimensional Arrest, Retrieval and Extraction gets underway, her innate ability to jump dimensions puts her on the front lines with her sisters, retrieving people from earth whose presence is tearing their home world apart. Each assignment takes Ruby to another world to retrieve scholars, criminals, researchers, and escapees. The freedom she feels on the new worlds is cruelly taken away when she has to return to earth over and over again.

Meeting one of her own kind is a shock, but his determination to help her gain her freedom is even more of a stunning revelation. He offers her a life without walls, in the sun, and wind in her hair. What dragon could resist?


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  1. Good morning Tianna!!! So excited to be celebrating your new release RUBY DARE with you today!

    I noticed that is was number one over at DEVINE DESTINIES - that's so awesome. It sounds really good and I can't wait to read more.

    This is the first book in a new series for you and Viola - can you guys tell us all about the new series and how many books you plan for it and how they will fit together?

    Looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Best of luck with the release and enjoy your Cyber Launch celebration!

  2. Ruby D.A.R.E. is the first of 20 books in the series. Without giving too much away, their matriarch has determined that earth will be the jumping point from which her children gain a form of independence not available if their father were there. Their mother is a seer who saw all of this happening when humans started to rip holes in surrounding dimensions. Enter the Dimensional Arrest Retrieval and Extraction team.

  3. You are new authors to me - I would love to have a copy of the start of a new series. I love dragons!

  4. Sounds like a good book! I'm always surprised to see 2 authors writing a book - how do you split the work/go about writing a book like this?

    smaccall @

  5. Hello, Ladies.

    This book does sound great; I look forward in reading it.

    The book cover is wonderful. How did you decide on its final creation?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  6. For the 2 author is kind of strange, but I simply write until I reach the end of a scene and then hand it over. Tianna does the same and with less than five passes, we have a book.

  7. As for the book cover, We have an amazing cover artist at Devine Destinies. We explained what we were looking for, and how many book covers would belong to the series, and she took it from there.

  8. Congrats Tianna and Viola! Sounds like an awesome book and series. The cover is so good. How did you guys decide to write the book together? have you written together before?

    jessangil at gmail dot com

  9. I dunno how it came about. I don't usually write with someone. (Only once before this)
    Writing with Tianna was a first for me. While we have both been authors at the same publisher for years, circumstances just nudged us together for this project.
    Consider the DARE books collector's items. :)

  10. Congrats on the new book!

    What made you decide to write about dragons?

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  11. Thank you,

    Both Tianna and I have put dragons into our stories before. It seemed that putting dragons into the series would give it the best chance at life.
    A good line of commonality.

    The first story I ever showed to the public was a dragon story and it was nice to revisit them.

  12. An interesting premise for a series. Will each deal with dragons or will you be going with different creatures each book? How much world building is involved and how do you keep track of it?

  13. Each will deal with dragons. This series is a 'one trick pony' in that manner.
    As for world building, the home lab is a base structure with a society of doctors, handlers, techs, politicians and our dragonettes.
    The retrieval worlds are all different and each visited only once for the purpose of acquiring the problem personnel.
    Once I work with a world, I remember the rules.

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  15. DeNita,

    Thank you for your kind comments! I also wanted to say thank you for having us. As always, I love joining you here for any reason, a cyber release even more so. :-)

  16. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone joined us today. Viola answered the questions very well in my absence and for that I thank her as well. :-)

    I think writing with Viola is awesome and she is a very nice lady. I may change that opinion after we meet in Ohio at the Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together, but who knows. (Just kidding. lol) I'm sure we'll hit it off as well in person as we have online.

    The D.A.R.E series is a first for me as well, in that it is a bit more sci-fi than I usually write. I love sci-fi and I love writing this series with Viola and with 19 more books to go, our dragon swans are going to visit a lot more interesting worlds.

  17. Congratulations on your new release. I love the cover and I was wondering how much input you have on what the final cover is?

  18. Frankly, I have more input than average, but I have been working with the artist for 5 years now. I know what to ask and where to go for ideas.
    Tianna was good with whatever was created, so Martine Jardin and I went nuts.
    My favourite bit was that the whites of the eyes are black.

  19. Wow! I have never read a dragon shifter book. I've also never heard of this publisher before. Did Tianna say 20 books in this series??? WOW, now that's a project!

    How will the stories connect and will they be stand alone stories or will they need to be read in order? And how hot are they?

    Best of luck with the series.

  20. I just wanted to say I've been a long-time fan of both authors and was delighted to see them combine their talent. I've read Ruby DARE and I loved it! My question is what happens in real life that inspires the idea for a paranormal story?

  21. The stories will be linear, each of the 20 sisters has different assignments and they will go from stumbling across other dragons, to being actively sought out.

    As for the publisher, Devine Destinies has been in operation for over 2 years as the mainstream branch of Extasy Books.
    It gives erotica authors (and standard romance and mainstream authors) an outlet for books that focus more on the characters without fretting about where to put a sex scene.

    I have a series there with stellar superheroes that has been a joy and pleasure to write.

  22. Hiya Missy!

    Well, the magic and fascination in life is just below the surface. Unexplained things happen every day.
    When we were kicking plot ideas around it struck me...Where did the dragons go? Here are creatures prevalent in almost every mythology on earth, but we don't have any proof of them. They must have gone somewhere else. That started me thinking and thinking is dangerous...