Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating EC's Wedding Belles Series And The Last Release

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the Ellora's Cave release of SOMETHING BLUE by Desiree Holt, Cerise DeLand and Allie Standifer, book 4 in the Wedding Belles Series.

Book 4 in the Wedding Belles Series.

Clay Holbrook was still recovering from his wedding eve threesome with the bride and groom, depressed that he might never find the happiness Zoe and Brad did. But when bridesmaid Kristen Jayne sidles up to him at the bar every hormone in his body screams to get her naked and close as fast as he can.

During the long hours of the night they indulge in an endless, hot, erotic adventure, each using the wild, monkey sex to cloak their inner sadness. But with daylight comes reality. Can they take what they’ve found past the rumpled bed sheets and into a life together?

Book 3 in the Wedding Belles Series.

Zoe Fortunato was getting married to the man of her dreams. Right? Wasn’t Brad everything she’d ever wanted? Then why did she invite her old boyfriend to the wedding and daydream about threesomes she’d had in the past?

When Brad McCoy, the hunky groom, asks her why she’s so edgy the night before the wedding, she digs up the courage to tell him. She wants one last fling with Clay. And him. Both of them bringing her to orgasm every way possible. But will Clay agree to be “borrowed”?

The Wedding Belles Series

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  1. Well, I must be living under a rock to have missed this series!

    I love these authors so I know I'll enjoye these books.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Tracey. Thanks for coming to the party. These stories were fun to write and I promise you it's a wedding like no other.

  3. Hey Tracey, I had such a good time planning & writing these books with Desiree & Cerise. I'm hoping to talk them into another one :)

  4. Hi Desiree!!! These are books I have not read yet!! So I was wondering do these stories talk about the same Characters from story to story or are they seperate stories but with a common theme?

    Love ya, Christine

    I want that book bag of yours too! ;)

  5. Hi Desiree, I have to be honest that I have not read the series either but I was wondering if you are going to do another series with the same authors.


  6. Wow, totally missed this series. Looks really good. To be honest all of you are actually new to me authors. Do you find it more difficult or easy writing a story with others?

  7. I have them all but haven't read them yet. Sorry. My question to yall is, how many books have yall either written together, as a series, or as a collaboration?

  8. Great stories-HOT HOT HOT keep up the great writing ladies and have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

  9. Thanks and hi! to everyone. I'll try to answer all the question.
    1. We find it really easy to write together. For the first three books we each wrote one and for the last book we each wrote one chapter.Our styles really blend well together. We hashed out the plots first and then began to write. And yes, they are all built around the same basic characters although each book has a different h/h and the others are secondary characters.

    Allie and I have a series out Turn Up the Heat which has four stories so far and two more to go, and Cerise and I have an ongoing series Nemesis. Book Two is out the 25th of this month.

    I hope if you haven't read us you will visit our web sites and find something to tease your reader's palate.

  10. Oh, and BIG hug to my special pal, Christine.

    What Desiree did not tell you was that she, Allie and I cooked this series up over 4th of July weekend, dining and drinking wine and coffee and OVEReating! Of course, that called for images of weddings. And BLUE, the last in the series, is really the one I chuckled over as I wrote it because how many times when you are/were single did you go to a wedding and HATE that you were the bridesmaid and/or there without a love interest???
    OH, boy.
    Let me count those bridesmaids dresses. ugh.
    Yellow with a big bow at the back, on the head.
    GREEN with pink flowers.
    Purple, well, really that one was not so the time. Today, I'd look like an eggplant.

  12. I am so tickled that quite a few of you here have not read the series yet! And some are new to us as authors.
    WOW, do we 3 hope you sample our wares and LOVE US!
    Danger Zone Ahead: we are getting together again SOON, so cooking another series may be in your future!

  13. Hey, Des.. I totally Need that tote bag.. No, really I need it.. well, how else will I be able to carry all those e-books I want to read..

  14. This is a new series to me.
    Congrats on the latest release.

    Are there anymore books planned for this series?

  15. Hi Sherry! I know! I know! In the meantime, here's a big hug for you, the one and only The Sherry.

  16. Hi Elaine.
    No just the four books, to go with the theme-Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

    But we'll have more new series coming out.

  17. Hello Desiree,

    I don't know what to ask because all my questions got answered so I will just say that I really want that tote bag. I have a bag fetish and I collect them all :) Hope I win!!! I love your books, keep it up!

  18. This is so on my must-read list!! I'm familiar with you all but have not read this series.

    My question:
    Have you ever had to wear an awful bridesmaid dress?


  19. Well, Leagh you have made my day! And I hope you win the tote, too!

    Okay the awful bridesmaid dress. Still have nightmares. Pepto Bismol pink with a tight satin bodice and so many yards of tulle and netting I could have wrapped the state of Texas.It pinched in all the wrong places and was exactly the wrong shade of pink for everyone except the bride-who of course wasn't wearing it. I took great pleasure out of burning it when the wedding was over.

  20. "Wild, Monkey Sex" made me sit up and take notice. I will carry that thought with me throughout the day. A new series for me. Can't wait!!

  21. Thanks, Marybelle! Hope you enjoy it!

  22. Congratulations on your new release. This certainly sounds like a wedding eve to remember. I can't wait to read this one.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  23. Oh wow! Like some of the other commenters, I didn't know about this series! Yowza! Glad to find out so I can get all caught up!

    Hoping you all enjoy some time together soon that inspiration can strike again ;)

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  24. So, all the books revolve around Brad and Zoe's wedding?
    Does the ceremony span the whole 4 books or do the first books deal with pre-wedding planning?


  25. Wow these sound amazing :)

    Regina Ross

  26. What difficulties did you have combining your writing talents in the fourth book since you wrote the first three books individually? What is the process of group writing?

  27. Okay, here goes. All the books take place in the twenty four hours surrounding the wedding. Actually beginning the afternoon before the wedding although the last book, Something Blue, ends a couple of weeks after the wedding. But the wedding environment is the main environment.
    We hashed out a lot of stuff after we came up with the idea, like who wanted to write which story and where it should fall in the list. We all shared in character development and even swapped some dialogue for continuity. But we all trust each other's writing style and we're all open to critiquing so its works really well.
    When we got to the fourth book we pulled outline together so we knew exactly what would happen in each chapter and then we each took a chapter. I wonlt tell you who wrote which one *snicker*. SEe if you can figure it out after you read the other books. (Hint: we all have little phrases we tend to use).

  28. A special Hi to my buddy Fedora, who I hope will come and see me at RT in LA in April.

  29. Wow, love the interest & the tote obsession. I have to say writing with Cerise & Desiree is never like work. Of course that might have something to do with the all the wine we drink :) These two ladies are amazingly talented & I feel privileged anytime I get to work with them. That said, as Desiree mentioned we're getting together again shortly & I'm sure there will be another series plotted out through wine hazed ramblings.
    Good luck to everyone!