Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celebrating A New Release And A Birthday For Missy Martine

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog, we're celebrating the release of CATCH HER WHEN SHE FALLS, Missy Martine's sequel to her award-winning TABLE FOR THREE.
Missy Martine is an erotic novelist who began her new career late in life, after she had retired from nursing. She’s written contemporary ménage, paranormal erotic romance and is the author of the Wolfen Heritage books, a trilogy of wolf shapeshifter romantic thrillers.



Serena Dammler is recovering from a savage beating and needs protection. Cowboys and lovers Marc Weller and Tony Estabon are taking jobs as bounty-hunters, and their newest assignment is to capture her attacker and return him to Texas. They take one look at Serena's fragile beauty and decide she'd be the perfect third to their family.

Serena's always dreamed of catching herself a rich man, and she'd do just about anything to make that dream come true. She's not going to allow herself to fall in love with her two cowboy protectors, no matter how sexy they are.

Marc and Tony want Serena as their third, but they want her love to be real and not based on their bank accounts. So what will it hurt if they take her to a little cabin on their ranch and pretend to be simple cowboys?


WIN - See Missy's Cyber Launch/Birthday Party Contest info below!

Special Hello From Missy Martine:

Hello Everyone!!!  Today I'm celebrating two special events. First is the release of my new book, "Catch Her When She Falls" which is the sequel to my best-selling book "Table for Three." Second, I'm celebrating my birthday! Unfortunately, my birthday is making me sad. :( The docs have me on a strict diet and I can't have the birthday party with cake and ice cream that I want so badly. So, I thought maybe you'd like to help me out.

I'm having a contest today and the winner is going to receive a box of goodies to have a small birthday party in my honor! You'll receive a Wilshire & Simon Orange Pumpkin Spice Cake Mix (my very favorite - yum!) a Betty Crocker Vanilla Whipped Cream Frosting, A package of "Happy Birthday" party hats with one special "Birthday Girl" hat, A package of multi-colored balloons (you have to blow the little suckers up) A package of fancy fringed serpentine party horns, and 24 multi-colored birthday candles (believe me, it's enough - if you put my age on there you'd need a fire permit)

As a special gift to you I'm including one of my special T-shirts and a signed copy of "Table for Three" - where the story began. All you have to do to win is answer the 3 questions below. The answers can be found on my website at

Question 1. What does Cass do to make herself feel sexy and feminine?
Question 2. What does David use to temp Cass to take a bite?
Question 3. What award did Table for Three win?

Email your answers to AuthorIsland at, along with your mailing address - you don't need to comment today to be entered, but Missy would appreciate the company and the birthday wishes!  And as an extra bonus - head over to to check out the other fantastic prize she has up for grabs on the contest page!!!


  1. Happy Early Birthday Missy!!! And congrats on the new release - what a way to celebrate!!!

    What a super fun prize you have up for grabs today! LOVE IT!

    Tell us about the new book and how it fits in with the first book TABLE FOR THREE.

    And tell us what you're working on now, I know you've got a busy year planned!

  2. Hi Missy 8D
    Happy Birthday and many, many more!
    I love your book, Table for Three (finally a more experienced heroine

    Mindy :)

  3. Hope you have a SUPER Birthday :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Missy! I hope you get a little treat of some kind. Congratulations on the new release too.

  5. Happy Birthday Missy!! I hope that it's a special one (even tho you can't have cake and ice cream:( ). It's very nice of you to give someone else the pleasure. I hope that you still do something special! I loved reading Table for Three!

  6. Happy Birthday and Release Day :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your latest release.

  8. Hello Everyone, I'm so sorry I'm late posting. I had an appointment with the eye doc this morning and he dialated my eyes! I'm just now getting where I can see to type!

    Thanks so much, Author Island, for hosting this party for me. I'm really excited about my new book, Catch Her When She Falls. It's my first effort for a M/M/F romance, and I wrote it in response to so many readers that wanted to know what happend when Serena made that malicious call to Cass's ex-husband in Table for Three. I have to admit I never expected so many people to identify with Serena's character and it made me feel really good that everyone wanted to know what happened to her after that call.

    Catch Her When She Falls is Serena's story, a woman who is obsessed with catching herself a rich husband, or two :) Her schemes backfire and she's hurt. That brings my cowboy bounty hunters into her life. They're going to protect her no matter what she says. They want her for a third in their relationship but she'n not about to settle for a pair of poor cowboys. You'll have to buy a copy to learn more than that:)

    Right now I'm working on several things. One is a 10 part series titled Galactic Nuptials, there are 2 more books coming in the Wolfen Heritage series, a time travel back to the old west and another M/M/F menage titled His First. It's going to be a really busy year for me.

    Mindy - thanks for the birthday wishes and I'm glad you liked Table for Three.

    Regina - thanks for the kind birthday wishes

    Anne - thanks for the good wishes. My husband has some kind of special treat planned as a surprise for Saturday so we'll have to see just how good a birthday it is.

    Jessica - I'm glad you like Table for Three

    Leni - thanks for the kind wishes

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to stop by my cyber party today and good luck with the contest. I hope whoever wins is willing to take some pics of the party they have in my honor :)

    Missy Martine

  9. Thanks so much for stopping by Jean P, and for the kind congrats!

    Missy Martine

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  11. Thanks so much, Sherry and thanks for stopping by today.

    Missy Martine

  12. Happy Birthday Missy, may all your wishes come true!:D

  13. Thank you so much, Rose and thanks for stopping by today.

    Missy Martine

  14. Happy Birthday, Missy! Though you can't have cake and ice cream, I'm sure you'll enjoy your day with family and friends!

    I read Table for Three and loved it. I'm thrilled to see there is a sequel, which I'll buy this weekend!


  15. Hi Tracey, and thank you - I'm so happy you liked Table for Three - I hope you like Catch Her When She Falls just as much - or better :) Drop me aline after you read it and let me know what you think. And thanks for the birthday wishes - we're having a dinner party - an authentic Hot Pot for some friends. Should be interesting! Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Missy Martine

  16. Congrats on the new release Missy
    Happy Birthday!!!!

  17. Thanks so much, elaing8 - I'm so happy you could stop by today.

    Missy Martine

  18. Congratulations & Happy Birthday!!

  19. Thanks so much, Marybelle and thanks for stopping by.

    Missy Martine