Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebrating A New Paperback Anthology From Ellora's Cave And Marie Treanor

Today we're celebrating a new paperback anthology containing three of Marie Treanor's Psychic Seductions novellas.

Marie was born and bred in Scotland, but for some years moved around the UK working and studying. Now she's back home and happily married with three young children.
Having grown bored with city life, her family lives in a picturesque village by the sea where, instead of working for a living, Marie is lucky enough to be able to enjoy herself writing stories of romance and fantasy.

She draws the inspiration for her books mainly from the people around her and from Scotland's rich history and culture - with, of course, large helpings of fun and imagination!


SEDUCING SCOTS - Marie Treanor's three Psychic Seductions novellas Now in Paperback from Ellora's Cave - Contains Hunting Karoly, Guitar Man and Freeing Al.

You're not meant to fall for the bad guy, are you? Not the vampire, nor the possessed, nor the ex-con...

Reluctant Scottish psychic Jenny discovers her true talent is hunting vampires. Yet when that vampire is the evil, sexy gorgeous Karoly, in his quite inappropriate antique kilt, will she be able to fulfill her potential?

Ellie is a strong psychic with a messy personal life. When she decides to clean up the latter, the last person she needs to encounter is carefree Scottish busker Chris, the best ever one night stand from her naughty past. Especially when something evil within him threatens them both.

When the vampiress Draguta, Karoly's ex, comes to the Scottish Highlands with a social mission, she's distracted by local pub landlord, Al MacNab - a large, sexy man with a dubious past, a lot of secrets, and some alluring bondage gadgetry in his cellar.


WIN - Leave Marie a question today at her Cyber Launch Party and your name goes in the hat for a download of your choice from her three Psychic Seductions novellas - HUNTING KAROLY, GUITAR MAN or FREEING AL. Please leave your email address and your choice of novellas so we can get you out your prize in case you are today's winner - Good Luck!


  1. Happy Release Day Marie!!! Congrats on the new release - you know how much I loved all three of the books in this series - it's great to see them released in paperback!

    Are you planning more books in this series?

    And tell us all about this new blog you started!

  2. Happy Release, Marie! Love your work and look foward to lots more books from you in the future!

  3. Thanks, DeNita, I'm glad you enjoyed them! They were certainly among the most fun to write. Karoly was also my first vampire, so I have a special soft spot for him :)

    I haven't actually planned more books in the series, but I do think about it from time to time. I certainly wouldn't rule it out because I do love the characters!

    And yes, the new blog! It's called Marie Treanor's Romantic Theme Party, and the plan is to have a week-long party each month (well, five days, probably!)celebrating a particular sub-genre of romance. Our first party will be 24th to 28th Jan, on the theme of the ever-popular Scottish Romance. And our guests will be Julianne MacLean, Kimberly Killion, Donna Grant, Toni Anderson and Marta Acosta. How exciting is that?

    Also, there's a pre-party contest going on. If you sign up as a follower before 21st Jan, you'll be entered in the drawing for two paperbacks and an ebook :). HEre's the link:


  4. Aw thanks, Lizzie! And you know I return that ompliment with bells on :)


  5. Congrats on the release of your Psychic Seductions novellas in paperback. All the stories sound really good. I would love to read Hunting Karoly.

    Do you have a favorite in the trilogy?


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  8. Congrats on the new release im sure it will be as great as all your other books :)

  9. Congrats on the new release im sure it will be as great as all your other books :)

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  11. Congrat on the new release. Where was your favorite place to live?
    greenduckie13 at gmail dot com

  12. Hi Annalisa, and thank you! Favourites are difficult, because my favourite is generally the one I'm writing! Possibly I had most fun with Hunting Karoly because Jenny is so Glasgow (my home city:)). But then I do love Chris from Guitar Man, and big Al too...

    Thanks, Elizabeth! What a nice thing to say :).

    Hello Greenduckie :). My favourite palce to live is probably where I am now - a village on the east coast of Scotland. But I've also been happy in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, and even in London which is a very exciting place to live although I don't think I could ever have settled there!


  13. OH this is awesome, please please count me in!!! Please!!!

  14. Hello, Marie.

    I read The Devil and Via and loved it. I look forward in reading more of your works.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  15. Congrats on your paperback release!

    Are vampires your favorite characters to write?

    Would love to read Hunting Karoly.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  16. :) Of course you're in, Cecile! Thank you!

    Hi Tracey! Glad you liked that one!

    Thanks, Estella! They're certainly ONE of my favourites. I love writing about vampires. On the other hand, I wouldn't like never to write anything else. I'm still a genre hopper :)


  17. Congrats on the release Marie.
    I like this cover..Is there anything you don't like about it or would change? :)


  18. Congrats on the new release and the Launch Party!

    So, was it hard writing an "evil" side to the "hero" of your stories this time? And having the girls fall for a truely BAD guy?

    thanks for having the giveaway!


  19. Hi Elaing8! Glad you like the cover! I think it's eyecatching and sexy. I'm not really artistic, so I don;t think I would change anything - unless it was to use one of the characters from the ebook covers. But I'm, happy with it as is :)

    Thanks. Angela - and thanks for coming by!

    Hello, Vicky! Thanks for the congrats. No, it wasn't really hard writing about bad guys in this series, mainly because Karoly's really the only one who IS actually bad and he's a vampire, so we have to make allowances :). And he has his charming, loyal and loving sides too. Besides, he's funny :).

    The others, Chris in GUITAR MAN and Al in FREEING AL, only seem like a bad investment on the surface. Chris has always been a no-strings bloke, but aside from the inconvenient possession thing, he's not afraid to enter a deeper relationship. And Al - well Al's been a very bad boy in his youth and gone to prison for it, but deep down he's a good guy. It's Draguta you've got to watch out for :)


  20. I read one of these and it was great!!
    Congrats ont hem releasing together
    debby236 at att dot net

  21. Thanks, Debby! Glad you liked it and hope you get to read ther est now :)


  22. Sounds like some very good stories please count me in.
    If I win I would love to have Hunting Karoly in PDF.

  23. Thanks, Sherry!

    Good luck, everyone :)