Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating Charisma Knight's Hot New Menage

Today on our Cyber Launch Party Blog,we're celebrating the release of MENAGE UNCHAINED, a hot new IR Menage Romance from Charisma Knight!

Charisma lives in the Maryland area with her darling daughters and her overactive imagination. Her love for vampires prompted her to pursue writing in March 2009.Vampires are her first love. Werewolves, ghosts, and dragons follow close behind. She writes of old or "cursed" souls who are reincarnated over the sands of time. Quite often these souls must atone for past sins they care not to remember before fulfilling their destinies.Her stories contain an erotic wild edge with a little fantasy sprinkled within. On occasion, one will discover some stories deal with real life situations. There are certain trials and tribulations everyone faces while walking down that cobblestone road called life. Charisma enjoys writing about how her characters triumph over the hurdles in their existence.


MENAGE UNCHAINED by Charisma Knight

Friends Steve Guidotti and Jerry Frigaard know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. In an effort to win back their old flame Siobhan, they use the skills that made them the successful businessmen they are and concoct a plan. While they both enjoy Siobhan's spice, one man is madly in love with her. Of course, he won't admit it.

Siobhan Anderson knows what she wants in life, in business...and in bed. In life, she wants happiness. In business, she wants to be the boss. In bed, she wants it all. Having not one, but two alpha males sharing her bed, Siobhan has more than she needs, but she has fun...and the love marks to prove it.

Or she had fun...until she kicked both men out of her bed. Though she knows it was the right thing to do, she reluctantly admits (to herself) that she misses Jerry and Steve. No one else ever rocked her body like those two. Accepting their apologies and the two men back in her life, she soon discovers that not only are they rocking her world, but one of them has obtained a little piece of her heart as well.

Can Siobhan continue to withhold her true feelings, or will she accept them, and choose the man who holds the key to her heart?


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  1. Congrats on the new release Charisma and thanks for the free reads!!! How fun!

    Is MENAGE UNCHAINED your first Menage story?? Tell us what you love about writing menage romance and what poses the biggest problems for you in the genre?

    You have another release coming soon, can you give us a little insider info on it??

    Loved the excerpts for MENAGE UNCHAINED - hope it's another bestseller for you!!!

  2. Congrats on the release, I'm sure it will be a bestseller! It sounds down right naughty and we just love that ;).

    Where do you get your ideas from? Do you have a bunch of ideas for books already and just write them or are you asked to write a certain type of book?

  3. Hey DeNita! Thanks so much. About the free reads, you're welcome!! I enjoyed writing each and every one of them. I hope you enjoy.

    Yes, Menage Unchained is my first menage. I enjoy the fantasy of having two extremely sexy alpha males lusting after me. : ) Ha Ha! Every step of the way I was in Siobhan's head. I was there when those hot males were ravishing her body. You know, sometimes four hands are better than two. he he he.

    The biggest problem I experienced writing this book was taking a liking to Jerry over Steve. Jerry outshadowed his buddy in the first couple of drafts. The editing and proofing process solved that problem. LOL Anyway, readers will discover there is a slight twist in this story and see that Steve will have his own story eventually.

    My next book is Dark Hearts of Charm City and will be released in mid February. This story is the sequel to The Beast Within, which can be found at Sugar and Spice Press.

    Dark Hearts picks up after Julian has claimed Diana who is determined she's going to do what she wants, when she wants. In the story, she gets involved with a very powerful Ancient. (No, she does not sleep with this vampire) Let's just say Diana discovers where her heart truly lies, despite Julian's betrayal. The ending is happy, and sets the stage for book three which takes place in The City of Angels. I've already completed the first chapter of the third book.

    Neither book is your ordinary erotic romance book. Even reviewer Acquanetta Ferguson over at the Examiner mentioned that when she reviewed The Beast Within. I like going against the grain when it comes to my writing. I also enjoy writing on the dark side, especially when it comes to vampires. Readers will see I've written about vamps on different levels. Some are dark, funny, and sensitive.

    Glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and thank you so much!!

  4. Hi Mary!! Thank you! Oh yeah, total naughtiness, especially the elevator scene. * ahem * LOL

    Many of my ideas are concocted via dreams and fantasies. I won't lie. LOL With my paranormals, certain things come to me when I meditate.

    Yes, I do have over forty-some story ideas on my hard drive. Some are a few pages, some are several chapters, some are just rough drafts. I go with the flow for each and every one of them. Only thing is, I 've put many on the back burner which has come in handy for anthologies. Sometimes I'll take bits and pieces from my story ideas and mesh it together for an anthology. Some are also dirty stories I've written for my boyfriend that have just been sitting around.

    Also, readers have chimed in to ask me to write certain books. I love that too, so if you have a story idea in mind, let me know, and I'll write it. I love to hear readers voice their wants involving story lines, plot, characters, etc.

    Take care and thank you!!

    Oh, please email me at I have a question for you.

    Thanks Mary!


  5. Congratulations, Charisma. You're a first class lady, a first-class author who despite having a solid fan base does not rest on your laurels. The many weeks (or was it months...grin) of hard work you put in to make Menage Unchained the book it is proves your dedication to your craft and the respect you have for your readers. Thank you for that. And thank you for being part of the BTP family. Jeanie and Jayha

  6. Wow, this sounds amazing. Can't wait to get ahold of it and see what happens :) If we are new to your work, what do you recommend we start with? Do you have a reading order?


  7. Ladies!! Thanks so much. I must admit, the editing process kicked my ass. Yes it was hard work, like boot camp when you join the military, or an intense work out regimen you huff and puff through to get your bod back into shape. LMAO!

    Yes, it definitely pays of when looking at the finished product you can oooh and ahhh over. Thank you both for your kind words and inviting me to write for you fab publishing company. Also, thanks for your patience as I transitioned into BTP's unique editing process. I now know what you expect of me as I'm writing Steve's story. You ladies are awesome and totally ROCK! Big hugs to you both!!

    Hey Jolene! Thanks so much. I sure hope you enjoy.

    While all my stories are close to my heart, I would recommend Spiritwalker, My Serbian Wolf, and Revealing Thorn. Why? Well because my writing skills are sharpened more than when I first entered the industry. I'm not saying my earlier books aren't good. They're awesome stories. A lot of my readers love my earlier books.

    However, as someone who is still learning the art of writing, I look over them and criticize myself. There is so much I would change with my earlier works. Writing is a never ending learning process and readers will see the change starting with my first book to Menage Unchained and Dark Hearts of Charm City. Also, I must say, the learning process of writing has been fun!

    Her Dark Desires was my first published story, and I must say it is total erotica/raunch, however you want to label it. There are some instances of romance, but the majority of the story is raw, intense carnal pleasures between a human and a vampire. Some readers dislike it because of the harsh name calling. This book is not for the faint hearted, and yeah, I wrote it to my liking. LOL I've had readers say it was geared more towards a man, and some have said how much they loved it and wished it were longer.

    In my stories, you will find sensually sweet to total carnal knock down drag out SEX laced with some BDSM, shackles cuffs, etc. When it comes to sex/lovemaking, I enjoy writing on various levels. Now, that being said, totally not into the pain thingy. LOL

    Thanks so much for your comment.

  8. Oh, Jolene. Don't forget to take a peek at all my free reads. Every story is different, providing the reader with more diversity.

    Free reads will invite you to sexy dark-haired Navarre in Forever Yours with those intense icy blue eyes. Yum. Then you have Alain, my vengeful domineering nineteenth century vampire who is hell bent on scaring the beejezbus (sorry made it up) out of Deborah, the one who he believes is his soul mate. Then there is Ulhulrikas, my sexy Greek vamp who will stop at nothing to claim slayer, Kiara for his own. Then, there is Ethan and Diane who meet in a coffee shop in Baltimore. Ethan is blind, knows what he wants (Diane) and goes after it. His senses are heightened because he's been blind since birth. He admired Diane each time she entered the little coffee shop. He could recognize her even among a crowd by the way she walked, her scent, etc. All these free reads will eventually be turned into novellas and novels.

  9. Hi CK, I have most of your stories and this one sounds HOT. I'll be getting it soon.

    So far, most of your stories have been pretty short, do you have any plans for something longer..... of even a series.

  10. Hey, Charisma!

    Congrats on your release day! I am so in love with your cover :). You are an awesome author with awesome reads and I am happy to have you as my sister. Love you much.

    Much Love and Success!

  11. Hi Allie, how are you doing? I'm so glad you're enjoying the old and new stories! Thank you!

    Yes, I know. Many of my stories range from 20,000 to 26,000. There is a version of Soul Seduction that is over 40,000 words I've been tweaking in my spare time. I'll be subbing that to Eirelander as soon as I have a chance.

    Series, yes. I'm working on finishing up the last few details of a wolf/vamp menage. I'll release the title of that book once it has been subbed to my publisher. This story is a three part series. You'll be drawn into a world of dampyres, gargoyles, cheetah shifters, and he he zombies. Cute zombies, not the slow walking brain eating zombies. LOL They do have a bluish tone to their skins. Did I mention they are cute? LOL

    The Beast Within is a three part series. Dark Hearts of Charm City is the second in the series, and I'm working on book 3 that will conclude this series. Now, you have all my books, I'd love to know your thoughts on The Beast Within.

    Thank you for your comments!

  12. Lady Se, thank you. I think of you as a sister too. I'm so glad our paths have crossed. You're good people, and I enjoy our chats. Likewise, with the awesome reads, sister dear. Oh, and yeah, waiting on that vampire story you have coming out!! You know I NEED my vamps girl!! LOL

    Hugs sweetie!

  13. Congratulations!!! I love the title MENAGE UNCHAINED. I get the feeling I am in for quite a ride.

  14. Congratulations on your first menage! How do the dynamics of a menage story change when the heroine decides to choose one of the men over the other? Can the power of a menage really be equal between all three partners?

  15. Marybelle~ Thank you much! Oh yeah, you're definitely in for one hell of a ride. he he. Siobhan gets the ride of her life in the elevator. he he

    She ~ how are you? Thank you

    Well, when i started writing this menage, I truly meant to keep it a menage, but my characters and muse had other ideas. LOL I kind of found myself falling for Jerry in the first few drafts of the story too. LOL The pub & editors and I came to an agreement, which you will see towards the end. Steve will be getting his own story.

    The dynamics did change because while all three were absolutely hot together, Siobhan's heart pointed at Jerry.

    Readers still have the awesome menage going on because I dwelve into their relationship from the beginning, what it was like before she kicked them out of her bed, and all the things going through her mind when they come to her office for a meeting. Readers will get the best of both worlds in this menage, and another story will develop from it.

    To answer your question, yes, the power of menage can definitely be equal among all three partners. I have three more menages, two of which are vamp/wolf. All three parties stay in the menage until the very end! LOL Like I said, my muse and the characters ganged up and totally overpowered me!! LOL

    Thank you so much for commenting, I hope you'll enjoy this story!!

  16. This sounds like my kind of story!!! I do enjoy a menage!


    So, what does a normal writing day look like??

    in Germany

  17. Hi, Charisma.

    MENAGE UNCHAINED sounds great; I look forward in reading it.

    Your book covers are wonderful. Do you work with one particular artist?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  18. Hi Val ~ Well, I work a full time office job. So, after ensuring all is taken care of at work, I'll start to write. I also write some when I home.

    Hey Booklover ~ The majority of my books from amira & sugar and spice press are created by Anastasia Rabiyah. Les Byerley was the talented fellow who created the Menage cover. He works with BTP. So basically, we don't choose who we work with, we work with whoever is on the publishers' payroll. Im blessed to have such awesome covers!!