Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Celebrating A New Erotic Horror Thriller In The Blood Companion Series

Today we're celebrating the release of THE LIGHTHOUSE, a new erotic horror thriller in Jason Daniel Kowalczyk in his Blood Companion Series written by Jason and Liliana West.

Jason was born in Lorain, Ohio, to Jeanne Furci (now Wysocki) and Stanley John Kowalczyk (1942-2009), grew up in Lehigh Acres, Florida, then Long Beach, California, and returned to Florida to finish High School. He currently resides in Moberly, Missouri with his fiance, Melissa, and her son from a previous relationship, Alex..

For thirty years he lived in Florida, writing as a hobby until he moved to Missouri. His first book, "The Blood Companion," was finally finished in 2007. He later slammed into overdrive and belted out several within the next three years.

Jason has been a writer for almost his entire life. He writes his tales as if he were sitting on the couch together with his readers, having a conversation. Writing the way he does has opened him up to a lot of criticism in his chosen career, but whenever he begins to think about changing his style, he'll get a phone call or an email from a reader telling him how much he or she loved his work and wondering when the next book will be along.

So no matter what happens or how small or large his fan base becomes, Jason will always be grateful for the fans he has and will strive to entertain them every chance he gets.

"Jay is one of the best story-tellers I know. He has a way of painting a picture with his words that really draws you in. He has a vivid imagination and is an open person who always wears his heart on his sleeve."-Melissa Tetreault-


THE LIGHTHOUSE by Jason Daniel Kowalczyk and Liliana West

"Jason Daniel Kowalczyk brings in Liliana West to help stain your nightmares with The Lighthouse."

For Volume 6 of the Blood Companion, Liliana West and Jason Daniel Kowalczyk come together to tell the horrifying tale of the Lighthouse that haunted the pages of "The Blood Companion" series. From the beginning, where Jullien Froste sells his soul in order to feed his family, to the truth of the very end. Definitely not for readers who are not mature or easily offended.


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  1. Morning Jason!!! Welcome and super congrats on the new release - love the cover and the trailer!

    Your work is new to me so tell us a bit out your Blood Companion Series and how this book fits into the series. I'd also like to know if the books are best read in a certain order and how did the idea for this series come to you.

    Hope the new release is a huge seller for you and that we'll see many more releases from you in the near future!

    Enjoy your special day!

  2. Hello, All.

    This is certainly a series right up my alley; I look forward in reading it.

    I enjoyed the book trailer. How long did it take to create?

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

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  4. I started writing the series in early 1997. I have always been a big fan of Vampires so I thought that I would try it. It all just came out like turning on a faucet. The first book took several years because I wrestled with the ending. Once I decided on the ending the other books came rather quickly. The lighthouse itself looms over "The Blood Companion" and becomes a major player in "One Vampire's Demons." The new book fills in the blanks when it comes to the origins of the story itself. Plenty of twists, turns, and dirty details.

  5. Congrats bro! Great trailer. Best wishes. Love ya!

  6. Working on this project with you has been a blast. I loved brain-storming ideas with you for some scenes. It went by so fast!

    Best of luck to you,
    Liliana West

  7. I think this is one of your best books. Some of it was so creepy, but fun to read. I want to read more of Nicolae!

  8. Sounds dark and creepy. I love the erotic element in your horror stories. Is that in all your work or just the blood companion ones?