Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrating Jean Hart Stewart's New Historical Romance

Today we're celebrating the release of Jean Hart Stewart's new historical romance, FOR LOVE IS NEW

Jean feels she’s very much a Californian although she was born in Ohio. California has been home for a good many years. Life changed drastically for her when she was six and her father died incredibly from an errant golf ball. A dishonest insurance agent forced her sheltered mother to seek work, and she became a teacher. Her hours required Jean to be alone in the house in the afternoon, and since she was forbidden to leave till her mother got home, she became an avid reader. The local library supplied most of the books and she developed early her two of main interests, Jane Austen and King Arthur.

Reading is still one of her favorite activities, although she sometimes has to push it aside to make room for her enduring love of writing. Her journalism degree was used infrequently until recently. Marriage and raising two children pleasantly got in the way. After twenty years of being a real estate broker and with the kids raised she finally could devote her time to writing, her first love.

Jean's enchantment with the lore and legends of Druids and, therefore, delving into their history led to fascinating research that inspired her popular
Garland of Druids Series for Cerridwen Press. She's now enjoying writing stories filled with magic and romance for her Songs of the Mages Series, also for Cerridwen Press.

Few things in her life have been so satisfying, especially when all her books have a happy ending. Wonderful to make happen. It only gets more interesting when a secondary character demands his very own book. Who would want to deny him? Not Jean!


FOR LOVE IS NEW by Jean Hart Stewart - Book Two in her Historical Romance Series

Lord Christian Cherne leaves the army after being wounded. Obligated to offer his protection to Lady Juliet Sloan he calls on her, only to find Captain Gullis sitting and smirking in her parlor. Since Christian knows of Gullis' cruelty, and suspects him of being a spy, he's alarmed.

Juliet tests them both and comes to treasure Christian. But being spurned elicits the sadistic side of Gullis.

Soon Christain finds his whole world in danger. He must protect Juliet from cruelty and also expose Gullis as a spy for Napoleon. Juliet and Christian face a monster out to destroy the world.

Can even love triumph over malicious evil?


WIN - Leave Jean a question today about her new book and your name goes in the hat for a free ebook of her new story FOR LOVE IS NEW!! Please leave your email address so we can contact you if you are today's winner - Good Luck!


  1. Morning Jean!!!

    Super congrats on the new release!!! Love the cover and really enjoyed the excerpt - love that your publisher has chapter one posted on it's site!!!

    Tell us about your new book and are the books in your Historical Romance Series related or stand-alone?

    Hope the new book is a huge seller for you!

  2. This series sounds good; I need to check it out.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  3. Congrats on your new release! Sounds like a wonderful story.


  4. Sounds wonderful and I was just wondering how much research time you lend to your books?

  5. Sorry, forgot to leave my address:

  6. DeNita, thanks for the great send-off. For Love is New is dear to my heart. Lots of derring-do and lots of romance...Jean

  7. Hi, Joanne. You got the key word here, research. I did more for this book than any other I've written. The text is interspersed with what Napoleon is doing at the same time. His efforts to escape Elba fascinated me, and I put a lot in this book. Thanks for commenting.Jean

  8. Tracey and Virginia, thanks for commenting..I think you'd like my very honorable hero.....Jean

  9. Wow, your new book sounds like it could be a great movie. If it were to be made into a movie, who would you like to play Christian, Juliet and Gullis?

    I'm heading over to read the excerpt now, best of luck with the book

  10. Your new book sounds great!
    Is there a dog in the story like on the cover?

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  11. Katie, you made me think with that one. Definitely Colin Firth for Christian. Gullis, maybe Johnny Depp at his most sinister. Juliet? I just don't know. Who do you think? Jean

  12. Estella, another good question. The dog is Boney, named for Marleybone Park, not Napoleon and he figures quite a bit in the plot. He's a big mongrel dog filled with love. Jean

  13. Enjoyed the excerpt, will have to
    look into this series.

    Thanks for the information about
    Boney. I was wondering about the
    dog myself.

    Pat Cochran

  14. Thanks, Pat. You'll love Boney. He's a lovable big mutt. Jean

  15. DeNita, thanks for the great launch party. I had fun and hope everyone did. And thanks to all who entered. I'll keep checking to see how long everybody stays awake. Jean

  16. Sounds like an interesting premise! Since you mentioned your hero being wounded in war, any chance we're going to get to read some hot injury-fetish related steaminess?

    Don't answer that, I want to read the book!!


  17. Minday, you're cute. No fetish stuff, but some of it's hot. Not erotic,but a little steamy. Had trouble getting my hero over being too honorable, though. Thanks for commenting...Jean